Exciting Places for Holidaying in Sweden

We can all agree that so many of us fall into the trap of being immersed in working to earn for our always pressing needs. A foreigner coming to Sweden has great goals on how to make big money and build mansions back home. But still, there are a good number of us who see Sweden as an amazing destination for touring and just having some good time. Indeed Sweden being one of the oldest civilisations in Scandinavia teams with great historical attractions that blend so well with the glamor of modernity plus the natural ambience of beautiful sceneries. Time spent holidaying in Sweden is just as important as that used up working to make big money. At least those who understand the value of taking a vacation in the exotic places in Sweden can relate. 

Best places for vacation in Sweden

Not always about too serious business in Sweden, Holidaying still matters

You must have read about or heard people testify to how Sweden has a great education system, competitive yet rewarding job market, quality healthcare systems and such. All these are fancy stuff to talk about but what if you just want to spend time relaxing, enjoying and easing out? Sweden still has the best hotels around, museums, nature, waterfronts, hiking trails and amusement parks.  From the Arctic tundra of Lapland to the fertile farmlands and sandy beaches of Skåne, Sweden always leaves revellers longing for more. It offers a pristine and diverse nature throughout the country. 

Its also interesting to know about Dream Places to visit in Sweden

Here, you will find every category of fun for you and your family. Keep in mind that it is also the fifth largest country in Europe. This is by no means just empty status as the country surely has a wide area to explore and bring out your inner child. Whether it’s the captivating historical as well as modern cities, picturesque small towns, or intriguing historic sites that tickle your fancy, you will find it here. Let’s see some of the places you visit in Sweden. 

Stockholm; the ultimate call city for holiday lovers

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital city and offers not only a rich history, but also culture and pristine nature. Conveniently located where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, it offers a beautiful host of 14 islands. Therefore, you will have endless sandy beaches to enjoy your summer vacation. 

Likewise, it also offers scenic views, outstanding neighborhoods and plenty of green space to explore. Top on the list of things to do in Stockholm include exploring the winding cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan. You could also take a stroll along the waterfront boulevard Strandvägen or simply take a boat ride to the wondrous archipelago. 

It also has many restaurants and classic cafes where you can stop for a coffee and pastry. Other attractions in the city include City Hall, Royal Palace, Skansen, Fotografiska and Vasamuseet

Gothenburg; An amazing city in the West coast

Göteborg, is the second largest city in Sweden and has a lot to offer despite its laid back vibe. For instance, you might be impressed by the 17th-century canals and their Streetcars. Or maybe it’s the vibrant squares and the wide boulevard Kungsportsavenyn, that might be more your speed.

Picturesque view of Gothenburg city from the city

There is also an incredible city history museum and an art museum where you will find a collection of paintings by Nordic artists. If not then the Maritiman might be the place for you if you love ships. Maritiman offers a historic lightship, a submarine and a destroyer.

Holiday in Sweden-the coastal town Bohuslän 

Bohuslän is a coastal town sandwiched between Göteborg and the Norwegian border.  Here, you can access a blend of incredible coastal scenery, idyllic small towns and rich history. If not, then you can visit the 17th-century Carlsten Fortress in Marstrand island. The region also has other attractions such as the mysterious and ancient petroglyphs near Tanum. It also includes good waterfront neighborhoods such as Smögen, Fjällbacka and Grebbestad.

Cultural city of Dalarna; Sweden 

Dalarna is a crucial part of Sweden thanks to its cultural history and tradition. If you are into folk music, dance and handicrafts then you might love the areas surrounding Lake Siljan. Here you will find the popular wooden Dala horses, and enjoy as the locals curve and paint them by hand at factories in Nusnäs.

An experience of great culture in Sweden

Another tourist attraction here is in Falun, where the now closed down Sweden copper mine is located.  The underground tours offered here are fascinating and offer a learning opportunity. However, there are other attractions such as the homes of Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn and composer Hugo Alfvén. 

Uppsala; A city with many hats

Uppsala is legendary for its spiritual connection throughout the world. It is also a major learning, religion, culture and power canter in Sweden. You can visit the royal burial mounds at Gamla Uppsala, located north of the city centre. There is also a museum with incredible exhibits that will excite history buffs.

Other attractions here include river Fyrisån, and parks, squares and cobbled streets around the oldest university and the largest cathedral in the Nordic countries. At the university, you will find Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, a botanical garden, an orangery and a tropical greenhouse.  

Lapland, Sweden

In Lapland, you will find several attractions to choose from based on your specific interests. However, among the many attractions here include the majestic alpine scenery and wilderness. It also has various national parks and Kungsleden. The highlight however, is the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.  Other places of interest include Abisko National Park , Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Treehotel in Harads, Jokkmokk, Ájtte, and the vibrant annual winter market

Skåne the place Southernmost of Sweden

Skåne is popular because it was originally part of Denmark so it has a rich history. It is also unique thanks to the distinct dialect of its locals. Its medieval cities and towns are characterized by half-timbered houses such as Lund and Ystad. Similarly, it is home to Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city. 

It offers rich history, culture and cutting-edge architecture, including the iconic Turning Torso. In Skåne, you also get to experience an incredible natural beauty, thanks to the white-sand beaches of Österlen and the jagged coastline of Kullaberg. Nature is also evident in the deep forests and golden agricultural landscapes with vast skies, and several castles and palaces such as Sofiero

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