Den Glade Gris; Your plug Restaurant in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a popular destination for many tourists each year. It offers everything amazing including lively neighbourhoods and friendly locals. It is also a good place for architecture and design enthusiasts. You can explore the innovative architecture as you take a stroll across the lively hoods.  Furthermore, other than the world-class museums, Oslo will give you a new appreciation for food and drinks. It has several hip bars and heavenly eateries that will sweep you off your feet.

A snapshot of Den Glade Gris

There is something enchanting about great food and getting the value for your money when you visit a restaurant. One such place in Oslo is the Den Glade Gris restaurant. It is more of a  hip pub where you can find gourmet comfort food over a beer or two. Therefore, it is worth exploring if you are looking to celebrate that long awaited promotion. This is also a good place to visit with your friends, colleagues or partner to get over a long day at work. 

Den Glade Gris is also known to the locals as “The Happy Pig”. It attracts both foreigners and locals alike thanks to its reputation. The restaurant offers a casual environment where people can enjoy homemade food and a wide variety of drinks. Whether you prefer dining inside or outside while watching other people go about their day, you can get it here. Let’s explore some interesting things about this gastro pub

Overview of Den Glade Gris Restaurant

Den Glade Gris is located directly under the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. This location is very convenient because it is also just a five minutes’ walk from the National Theatre. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting the theatre then getting a drink or food from the pub. Besides, visiting the pub in your own car is easy because there are adequate parking spaces nearby.

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Moreover, you don’t need a lot of money to visit this famous attraction. This is because you can still order a drink or two or go all out and order a big meal. Pork lovers might love the place even more since the kitchen specializes in pork dishes. If not then you can still go for the braised beef, poached cod or other dishes offered here. At the end of your meal, Den Glade Gris offers exquisite desserts. So, ensure you save some room for one! 

Den Glade Gris Services 

The restaurant serves an impressive selection of Norwegian ale. It is the one place where you can find beer brands that are hard to find from all corners of Norway. The restaurant’s mission is to expand their beer selection and become the biggest in Norwegian beer. Hence, they cooperate with Norwegian breweries to offer a huge selection of beer.

Den Glade Gris is a unique restaurant because of their cooking methods and ingredients. They use the entire animal from nose to tail in cooking their meals. They are also focused on the environment and it is evident in their policies and procedures. For instance, they use the surplus ingredients from the previous day to prepare two lunch soups. 

Legendary steak and other dishes at Den Glade Gris

Their legendary steak has been lauded by many, including foreigners. It is prepared over several days by marinating and long-roasting. The process gives it more flavour while also making the meat more tender. So, if you are in the market for some delicious Norwegian food, then you might like Den Glade Gris. 

The restaurant also prepares other dishes including a wide variety of vegetarian food. So, there is still room for vegetarians and those who don’t fancy pork. However, if you love good old-fashioned pork presented in a rustic way then you will definitely love the place. Furthermore, the prices are mid-range, thus affordable for most people even when traveling on a budget.  

Décor and Norwegian Traditional Meals 

Once in a while you might want to try out traditional Norwegian dishes when visiting the country. Luckily for you, Den Glade Gris will give you this opportunity and much more. Aside from the rustic and  humorous  services, it also comes with a quaintly rustic and very wooden décor. It gives the restaurant a cozy atmosphere that is essential for a good meal. 

Here, you can try the popular traditional Norwegian lapskaus. The lapskaus served at Den Glade Gris is relatively different from the Lapskaus from other restaurants and countries like Germany. Norwegian lapskaus is a blend between a stew and a hot-pot, containing proper chunks of meat instead of corned beef.

Making a booking at Den Glade Gris

Being a popular attraction and all, it pays to book a day or two in advance when planning to visit Den Glade Gris. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay any deposit when booking this restaurant. While some people might find the prices a bit on the higher side, the food guarantees your money’s worth.

Similarly, you might want to visit this restaurant for its popular chocolate mousse, crème brûlée and strawberry dessert. Don’t worry about bringing your kids along because the restaurant has a separate menu for kids. You can all enjoy the meal then wash it down with delicious stout, wine or pale ale. They also have good espresso and lemonade for those who don’t drink alcohol.