The City Built on Oil

Stavanger on the west coast is perhaps the most urban of the 4 “large cities” in Norway. In recent years, the cultural life have skyrocketed and it is bursting with exciting festivals and events. Cafes and restaurants have plenty of character and a visit to any of them is a must for a complete experience of the city. While travelling here you have the opportunity to gain from both worlds. The bustling nightlife, cultural activities and the great nature adventures are all within easy reach of this great city on the west coast of Norway.

When writing about the places you should experience and see in Stavanger, it is actually a bit difficult to figure out what one should pull out as most important. Because in this city you find something suitable for all groups of travellers. Here you at least have the goodies in the center of the city, which simply must be experienced.

Archeological Museum

In the Archeological Museum you will find antiquities found around the Rogaland area, from the first people arrived here until the Middle Ages. It is an open museum and hosts can help you arrange a visit here. During the year there are various thematic exhibitions and a large collection of detailed models. There is also a cafe in the museum garden with traditional Norwegian food, library and museum shop and more. Well worth a visit no matter how long you’ll be in town. 10 minutes walking distance from downtown Stavanger.

The Valberg Tower

The Valberg Tower was built in 1658 as a watchtower with clock on Valberg in middle of town. The tower was built as part of the city’s defense preparations, but the clock was also used by fire. It was a real city-police who stood guard here, which served both as police and fire watch. This began in the 1700s and ended in the 1860s. The tower is located right in the heart of the city and provides great views of the city.

Old Stavanger

This part of town is made up of 173 small white wooden buildings in the period 1700s to 1800s. There are also several gallery and handicraft outlets. Here lived craftsmen, sailors and workers. They had to be content with 4-5 square meters gross residential flat pr. person. It could often stay up to 20-25 people in each house. A very charming place, which should be seen. Located right at the pier.

Cultural Offers

  • Folken, Stavanger Student bar, Houses many of Stavanger’s students where one can buy cold drinks for a reasonable price. But it does not stop there. Here are held large and small concerts, exhibitions, and performances throughout the year. Well worth a visit!
  • In the summer you’ll find jazz festivals. Be in Stavanger at this time and you are guaranteed many cool cultural experiences and a vibrant nightlife at its best.
  • The Tou Scene: This is the old Tou brewery that has now become a meeting place for many creative souls, and a stage for art, music and theater. It has undergone extensive rebuilding work and is one of the trendiest places to visit in Stavanger, and also for those who like to meet some alternative people as well.
  • Rogaland Theatre: Many famous actors come here to join in the productions. A fairly small and intimate theater, but the main auditorium of red velvet and gold gives you a breathtaking experience.

Are you hungry when in Stavanger, there are a multitude of fabulous food and beverage outlets. Everything from small intimate places to large gourmet restaurants. In Stavanger it is popular to go out to eat, so be sure to book a table.

The Pulpit Rock

Dont forget this spetacular sight when you are in Stavanger. This plateau that bends over the fjord outside Stavanger offers a panaoramic view of the city and its surroundings. The Pulpit is located a bit outside the city. Read more about it here
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