Billund is the place to be if you are looking to be childish and playful. The city is home to Legoland – a plastic paradise – something for everybody, composed of over 50 million bricks.

Legoland, if you didnt know, is home to the infamous lego bricks. Enjoyed by children for generations. Idyllically situated in Billund in South Jutland Legoland draws millions of tourists annually to the relatively small place. Most of the tourists come from Denmark itself, or neighboring countries like Norwegians and Swedes, but for other tourists this is a real gem.

Something for everybody in Legoland-Billund

Legoland is not just an experience there and then, but a transmigration heading back to the never-lost childhood. Whether you are old or young, everybody finds joy. Everyone get the chance to explore their creative boundaries and their urge to create.

Mini Land

Mini-Land is certainly worth a visit. Here you can see unbelieveable copies of world famous buildings and urban environments made in lego. A unique and special sight. For the smallest Duplo Land is the most suitable place, and its rides and mini train adapted to their age group is a must.

But Legoland offers more. Here you have the Imagination Zone – computer games, interactive lego building and 4-dimensional cinema, Legoredo town – the cowboy country with gold mining and carousels, Knights Kingdom / adventure land – medieval-inspired action-packed activities and a roller coaster for older kids, Pirate Land –A boat-trip through the rock cave and past the pirates’ party and Lego city – where the whole family can play and firefighters extinguish fires.

How it Started

The Lego adventure started with Ole Kirk Christiansen who began to make wooden toys in 1932. After World War II a suitable plastic material was invented, and the son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen invented the later coupling system that has made Lego bricks world famous and loved.

But Billund actually has other things to offer as well. It is a relatively quiet place, especially in the evening and on weekends, and you can get the feeling of having the city for yourself, but there’s plenty to do.

The location is especially good, and in the area you will find some of Denmark’s best cycle routes and fishponds. The possibilities for making bargains here are also present because the city have shops for most purposes. If you, however, is a real shopper, it is recommended to go to Vejle or Kolding. Billund is also known for its many roundabouts and for using artwork decorations in their city center.


Many travel agencies offer package , and it can often be wise for your wallet to join in such a tour. Billund Airport is also a recognized airport with a lot of traffic and connects to most of European cities. The city has many accommodations such as hotels, youth hostels, holiday apartments, motel and camping, so there is something for all tastes and budgets. It is best to check a bit in advance to obtain the best price. Legoland also has its own hotel, Hotel Legoland, which is an adventure inspired and playful place well worth a visit. Zleep hotel is also worth the try- its just a short ride away from Legoland and the city center. (more information here)

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