The heavenly feeling of BonBon-Land Amusement Park

Denmark ranks second happiest country in the world  which is something related to its unique attractions, public trust in government, work culture and trustworthiness. At first, you may not really feel why Denmark leads the park in happiness until you decide to make good use of your holiday and visit BonBon-Land Amusement Park. You can understand that there are some locations that claim to be amusement destinations but with nothing specific to amuse anyone. BonBon-Land Amusement Park makes a whole difference by offering visitors an array of sights that stretches emotions from extreme imaginations to reality and everything in between. 

For anyone who has always wanted a place that takes care of the mature imaginations of adult visitors while intriguing children as well, BonBon-Land Amusement Park is the real deal. The young kids will marvel at Ormen, Sprutten and Leofarterne. The whole family, it is possible to sample among the many offerings at the park including Bæver rafting, Vandrotten and Søløven. To say the least, the park brings out the fantasies in visitors and literally takes a troubled soul into a wonderland of sorts. 

Unravelling the Beauty of Denmark

The beauty that is evident in Denmark is not an understatement. Denmark is a country that beholds plenty of amazingness to witness. It is not only the happy, joyful, and social people around but also plenty for the see. This is very evident from the presence of majority travellers who visit Copenhagen to have a wonderful time.

Of course, there are plenty of other places outside Copenhagen city but I believe most tourists love it here. Talk of the castle, Odense Hans Christian Andersen, city bike, food, zoo, and the city break tours. It is lovely in Copenhagen, the most popular and scenic city in Denmark.

Just some 50 miles southwest of Copenhagen, on the island of Zealand, lies a magical experience that awaits every family. BonBon Land, a destination filled with amazingness, is only 45-minute drive away from Copenhagen city. It has a vaguely, wacky and whimsical disturbing theme. 

Here you get the chance to see some crazy attractions, for instance, a “farting dog” and even the “skid mark” rollercoaster. Other than the rollercoasters and the log flumes, there are other puzzling features of cartoon animal statues. Not forgetting the murals depicted in seagulls passing through the alligator’s mouths.

A Glimpse into the History Around BonBon Amusement Park

The history that surrounds the BonBon Land dates back to the 80s and 90s as a candy factory in Holme-Olstrup. Michael Spangsberg, a Danish sweets boiler, took up an idea for producing candy brands that exhibited funny names. The ‘mågeklatter’ which means seagull droppings, ’tissebleer’ for pee diapers, and ‘hundeprutter’ the dog farts.

From the onset of things, the candy brands became epic and widely known. What followed thereafter was the fact that every child was dying to experience a visit in Home-Olstrup. It was in their interest to learn and witness how the cheeky delicious pieces of candy were produced.

However, due to the need to fulfil some very rigorous hygiene regulations around production, no more visits were allowed. Therefore, someone had to think outside the box. So, Michael Spangsberg came up with yet another epic idea of opening a small BonBon Land. 

It was in the year 1992 that Denmark’s candy themed park opened its doors to resume visitations. In the beginning, it was just a candy shop with a cinema, four duck boats, and a shop. BonBon Land was not just a candy shop like any other, its products were extravagantly named. 

BonBon Land a Major Theme Park in Denmark

Despite the adult-oriented content and toilet humour all over, BonBon Land remains to be the most popular children’s park. In 2008, it was ranked the 8th most popular tourist’s attraction in Denmark. By the time, BonBon Land was ranked the weirdest park to ever exist. 

Though currently owned by the Spanish entertainment company Parques Reunidos, BonBon Land is the sole idea of Michael Spangsberg. The Spanish entertainment company purchased the park in 2007. Parques Reunidos, now owns a total of 67 theme parks all over the world.

The main focus of BonBon Land is to offer and continue to offer experiences worth of enjoyment by the whole family. And today, there are utmost 60 varied attractions and numerous activities worth on offer. Among these, are the four rollercoasters and the two water rides. In addition, there are a number of playgrounds and also a pirate track.

Over the years, BonBon Land has expanded and the park now lies in an 85,000m2 space. Currently, the park has expanded even further to cover 130,000m2 space. It prides itself on some very expensive amusements like the rafting course, ‘Vildsvinet’, and ‘Hankatten’. Don’t forget to look at the ‘Svend Svingarm’ and the 4D cinema.

Experience the Most Fun Day in BonBon Land

BonBon Land is every child’s love yet the weirdest and craziest park in Denmark. A lot of attractions coupled with funny names is the order of the day. The park experienced immediate success with children. Over the years it also experienced a tremendous growth since many rides and more attractions have been added.

Presently you can have the pleasure of experiencing a brand new family labyrinth. Children and the young at heart all over Denmark and beyond its borders know about BonBon Land and its with a good reason. Many have had their home in Holme Olstrup for close to 27 years. Therefore, it is a major part of many people’s childhood memories.

There is an opportunity to compete against each other and discover who finds the hidden mascots first. Into the spooky universe you also get a chance to experience BonBon Land’s haunted house, the “Dukkethuset”. 

During summer, the small children have an opportunity to experience the summer show. Henry Hundeprut and Age Mageklat are great shows on the children’s scene. Your day is likely to become the most fun day when you get to visit BonBon Land.

Talk of the rafting, Den skøre skildpadde, Vildsvinet, Vandrotten, Svend Svingarm, and many more popular attractions. Children of every age have a chance to experience the most in any of their visits to the BonBon amusement park.

General Admission

Who would dare put a price on taking a ride on the Skid Mark? The experiences at the BonBon Land are fathoming and I don’t think measuring the expected fun to price is necessary. Each and every family who visits and experiences the gravity of this environment will not care about the cost.

Well, during summer, the admission costs close to $40. Once the entrance is purchased, all attractions are majorly free. But children under the height of 90cm are always given a free package. Why not come out and experience the amazingness of BonBon Land. 

Key Fun Facts About BonBon Land

During your current visit, just before you leave the park, it is good that you remember to get a stamp and fill out your next day ticket. This simply allows you to come back the next day and have fun for free. 

There is an amazing offer at BonBon Land of a weather guarantee ticket. If you purchase a ticket for a specific date, you can choose the “Add Weather Ticket”. What this means is that you could use the ticket on any other day of your choosing for free. But this must be within seven days.