Esbjerg, Denmark

In Southern Denmark lies the city of Esbjerg which opens up to the North Sea. Something that makes Esbjerg stand out is its port and the many institutions of higher learning around which make it more or less a student city.

Nothing can be said about Esbjerg without the mention of its signature statues of Man meets the sea. The city is also home to some attractions including Wadden Sea National Park, Ribe Viking Museum, and Henne Strand.

The port city faces the North sea and the Wadden Seas which makes it an ideal for lovers of soothing blue water. The city is how to more than one hundred thousand inhabitants which comprises of regular workers, families, students and port operators. It is the fifth largest city in Denmark.

Man meets the sea (Mennesket ved Havet), Esbjerg

Today when you see the great mix of architectural designs that define Esbjerg, it may be difficult to imagine that it was largely undeveloped until the establishment of the port in 1868. The city neighbours another small one called Ribe which is the oldest town in Denmark.

The town of Ribe in Esbjerg Municipality  charms visitors with its amazing cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses. Ribe was elected the most beautiful town in Europe in 2014. 

Why one needs to visit Esbjerg City

As already hinted, Esbjerg has many attractions ranging from museum, sandy beaches, sculptures, public park and many more which always leave newcomers astounded. The gem that define this port city provides a good way through which any new person links the city’ s past and the present.

Together,They give tales of a city bubbling with magnificent heritage. If you are an adventure seeker, then you will never find life in Esbjerg boring for you. Its attractions will surely reconnect you with nature, sooth you and bring out the best in yourself. 

Port of Esbjerg

Generally, Esbjerg has various sandy beaches which team with people especially during Summer. A walk along the Wadden seashore lets you forget the miseries of life as the cool breeze blow onward the open beach.

During high tides, you can try your skills in swimming or just admire the rising and falling tides. Actually, the great energy with which the waves break at the shore may be therapeutic to you. At the very least, the port of Esbjerg will give you all the reasons to smile.

The beaches of Hjerting and Sjelborg  also have calm waters thata re very friendly if you have to have your children accompanying you to swimming.

Going to school in Esbjerg

Esbjerg city is home to various educational institutions including colleges, universities, high schools, primary schools and kindergarten. You are literally spoilt for choices on where to get your child admitted or which institution to register yourself into. Education has a very high premium in the city and most people there are literate. You can be sure to have a resourceful pool of academically averse friends. 

The primary schools in Esbjerg 

Esbjerg municipality has the following private and free schools;

Esbjerg International School
Esbjerg Realskole
Bramming Free School
St. Mark’s School
Riberhus Private School
St. Nikolaj School

Secondary schools in Esbjerg city

Esbjerg Gymnasium

Rybners Tekniske Gymnasium

Handelsgymnasiet Ribe



Ribe Katedralskole

Colleges and Universities in Esbjerg

Sct. Georgs-Kollegiet

Professionshøjskolen University College Vest


Esbjerg Gymnasium & Hf

Sydvestjysk Folkeuniversitet

Esbjerg Statsskole

Aalborg Universitet

University College Syddanmark

Syddansk Universitet-University Of Southern Denmark

Erhvervsakademi Sydvest

International Schools in Esbjerg 

Esbjerg international school

Daycare in Esbjerg 

Any relevant information about your childcare and support by the municipality you an find here. 

Basically, if you are eligible for government support despite being an an expairtae in Esbjerg, the municipality of Esbjerg will as a minimum pay 75% for the costs for child day care, leaving you to pay up to 25%. You will receive a sibling discount if you have more than one child. You only pay half price for your second child.

Working in Esbjerg

Just like in any part of Denmark, you need to work either part time or full time to meet your needs in Esbjerg. From the first day, you will realize that the city is a dynamic one with people always busy trying their hands in various jobs, some even taking multiple jobs to increase their income. Depending on you how much time you are allowed to work as expatriate, you can always build up a convincing curriculum vita and approach relevant employers or upload on the job searching portals. Some of the relevant places include;

Energy Metropolis

Career opportunities in Southern Denmark

The local job centre



The windmill industry at the Port of Esbjerg and the maritime industry is a good employment if you have expertise in any of the segments within the two industry. But as usual, you must aggressively fend for the jobs and pitch yourself well to gain a leverage above other applicants.

Employers having their businesses in the city of Esbjerg practice ethics in recruitment. At the very least, the employers consider the skills and competence of job applicants to decide whether they are perfect fit for the job or not.The employers always seek for, employ, develop and retain the best human resource in the market so you must always strive to be one.   

Working in Esbjerg, English-speakers with professional qualifications might be able to find a job without additional language requirements. However, speaking Danish, German, or other Scandinavian languages is an asset.

Shopping, drinking and eating in Esbjerg

Art of Hair

B.Young Broen Shopping

Bahne Broen Shopping

Bailine / Bodylicious

Blend Broen Shopping

Live Better Body

Burger King Broen Shopping

City Liquor Store

Creme Fraiche Broen Shopping

The Ninth

Esprit Broen Shopping



Milano Pizza Bar

Pioneer Bar Esbjerg

Portland’s Coffee And Wine

Resturant Flammen Esbjerg