Odense could be one of the de la creme cities of Denmark which anyone in Denmark cannot miss to visit. Just to note, Whenever people talk about Funen, the name Odense city quickly comes to mind. So as a matter of curiosity, visiting Odense city should be a priority. The city which is located  centrally in the  Funen Islands is the third largest in Denmark. The city is a social, educational and economic hub which makes it attract so many Danes as well as foreigners. 

There is always something for everyone in Odense. Whether one wants to eat, dance, sleep or skate, Odense will always be that place of call.The atmosphere is so good that one simply cannot resist. Odense is widely known for its cultural past, which includes the fostering of HC Andersen. And he will be not pulled away when you’re there, thanks to features such as a full-grown tin soldier statue that stands freely sight and lets you reminisce back to fairy tales safe world, H. C Andersen.

The great writer grew up in Odense and the city knows how to appreciate him as to outline the city’s streets with one of his popular paper clip symbols. Odense is best known for HC Andersen. Walk in his footsteps and discover the adventure Denmark. It is also one of the reasons why many call Odense for children’s city. A truth, when you also consider the playhouse Fyrtøiet, where they can freely express themselves in wanton play.

The people and attractions in Odense

There are about 200,000 people here and the city is far ahead when it comes to research. But that’s not why you should want to come here, for there are more exciting things to explore.

The place is like a mix of village and metropolis. There are lovely green areas with coated cobblestone streets which takes you through the narrow streets with half-timbered houses located at Sidna. There is also a large selection of restaurants and cafes here.

The Outdoor Museum, Fyn Village, where you can experience how a Danish village looked in the 1600s, is very exciting. If you want more modern culture impressions you should take a trip to the Art Hall Brandts, the museum of photographic art and Denmark’s Media Museum. It is highly recognised for its contemporary art.

Odense Zoo is also an exciting attraction with animal and bird species from around the world. As mentioned earlier no getting away from HC Andersen once you’re here, and a visit to his childhood home is a smart move.

In H. C Andersens Hus, you may study the sketches, drawings and original book manuscript. An exciting specialisation in the life of a very intriguing man. “Castle” is also worth seeing itself. It is located approximately in the middle of the city. Originally, it was used to house royals who was visiting Odense, but these days it is the politicians who govern it.

Slightly off centre is also one of Denmark’s finest castles, Egeskov castle that is open for walks and picnic. The garden is idyllic and beautiful, and several museums peps up your feelings.

Shopping in Odense

Shopping in the pedestrian Vintapperstræde is a good tip, and once you’ve done that you might as well add a visit to one of the two, or both, shopping centres here. This is also Denmark’s largest shopping center, Rosengårdcentret, and not least, the Nordic region’s largest indoor bazar, Bazar Fyn, with around 7,000 square meters of exotic and exciting products.

On Sortebrodre peat, there is also food in focus, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when there is a market here. Then it is bursting in delicious Danish goods, such as meat and cheese.

One can easily take the ferry to one of the other Danish towns and drive on from there. Or grab a flight to Bilund or Copenhagen and move on from there either by car or public transport. In the Centre of Odense walking and bicycling is a good alternative. There are many hotels in different price ranges. Spend some time in advance, so you can find accommodation that combines both the reasonable price and good standard.

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