Where to find a job in the Nordic countries

Find a job in the nordics

Looking for work can be a time consuming job in itself, especially when you are looking for that dream position in a new country. To simplify this operation you can find a list here over free job portals in the various Nordic countries. First and foremost: many websites will probably list EURES (a EU work … Read more

Knowing important Danish immigration agencies

Once you get a residence permit in Denmark focus normally shift to searching for oportunities and possibility to live longer in the country. Nobody wants to just gleefully pack up and leave a ocuntry that has one of the best social security systems and a working public service. But even if your don’t have a … Read more

Tips when relocating from the United States to Scandinavia

Moving to Scandinavia may not be as simple as well traveled people may make it look. Truth be told, those who’ve lived in Scandinavia would suggest that one gets proper tips on survival tactics, rules, culture and so many more about Scandinavia. Like some complicated machine that comes with a manufacturer’s manual, life in Scandinavia … Read more

Su-lån and SU grant for students in Denmark

Many students from across Europe choose to study in Denmark not only because of its world class universities that rank tops in cutting edge research but also due to the state study grant popularly known as SU. While citizens from the EU and the EEA who choose to study in Denmark don’t need to pay … Read more

End of an era as Queen Margrethe II abdicates; hands over reign to King Frederik X

Denmark got a combo of refrehing experience as the new year not only ushered a clean slate but also a new King at Amalienborg. As is tradition, expected the new year address from Queen Margrethe II but in the 2024, she chose to also announace her departure from the throne. Immediately, Danes could not help … Read more

Good salaries alone shouldn’t attract to Scandinavia

So many would not think twice about getting an opportunity to live and work in Scandinavia. The news out there glorifies how Scandinavian countries rank so high in many aspects such as healthcare, job security, social protection and more. Actually, you may know one or two people who moved to Scandinavia and whatever they say … Read more

Which Online Casinos Do Norwegian Players Choose?

Online casino gambling is still popular as 2023 draws to a close. Players in Norway want the best experiences, and they have no plans of settling for the bare minimum. If you fall within this category, you’re in the right place. We’ll be discussing the top casinos suitable for avid Norwegian players. This popularity is … Read more

The Best Online Casinos Available in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian region is often associated with forward thinking on digital innovations, so it’s no wonder it has a thriving e-casino industry. There are so many sites to select from that it might be hard for players to settle on the top ones. The best online casino platforms in Scandinavia (assessed based on game selection, … Read more

The Amazing taste and feel of Norwegian port cities

At the mention of the name Norway, what quickly comes to mind is the magical city of Oslo and the country’s exquisite nature. But over and above the popular meeting and conference facilities that define Norway, revelers and adventure seekers can always find it to be home of dripping bliss. The country’s port cities teem … Read more

The most significant differences between the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries, namely Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, share some common traits, such as similar language, mentality, and climate. These nations are renowned for their unique cultural contributions and lifestyles, from Finland’s saunas to Iceland’s incredible nature. Among these, Sweden stands out for its contribution to the entertainment industry. Not only has Sweden … Read more

Danish foods to check out this festive season

Tick tick tick- another Christmas Day beckons. And its yet another time to get ready for eating, drinking and decorations. Most people get to set and decorate ttheir houses well ahead of time. Candles have been lit and the countdown to Christmas 2023 remain on top gear. A newly arrived person will easily get the … Read more

8 Christmas Gifts ideas for family and friends in Scandinavia

Christmas is around the corner and almost everything happening around keeps reminding us of the Christmas tree, decorations, parties and every frenzy that comes with the season. Probably you\ve landed in Scandinavia recently and are really trying to adjust to what Christmas festivities mean in the region. Here we give insights on what Christmas gifts … Read more

A Look at Gambling in Various Scandinavian Countries

A Look at Gambling in Various Scandinavian Countries

Gambling has been around since the oldest human civilizations. Throughout history, it has endured through regulations, illegalization, and acceptance. And while there are still countries trying to ban gambling in some way, the hobby endures among those that enjoy it. Scandinavians, for example, certainly do enjoy gambling. Each of the countries that make up the … Read more

Insights for a successful integration in Denmark

It’s easy for someone to just believe that Denmark is in tune with the broader idea of making the world a global village. This would ordinarily mean that immigrating to and integrating in Denmark is so easy. Shock on you, the country has some of the most restrictive immigration policies that give it an impression … Read more

Essential Insights for Expats Moving to Finland

It goes without saying that moving to a new country can be an exciting yet challenging experience, especially for expatriates. Finland, known for its high quality of life and breathtaking landscapes, has become a super popular choice for many seeking adventure and opportunities. However, before packing your bags, there are a few crucial things you … Read more

Exciting journey aboard Fynshav to Bøjden ferry

We’ve all travelled for different reasons and to multibe destinations but there’s always a unique expectation when it comes to crossing over to a new country. The feeling isn’t any different for those making a return visit to or coming to Denmark for the first time. Top of the list for many is the keeness … Read more

Comwell Roskilde good for new and returning guests

Denmark amazes just as it excites in so many ways. An adventure seeker, reveller or leisure traveller in Denmark always finds something worth the time and money. In fact, even those who’ve lived in the country can always take some time off their busy schedules to travel the whole expanse of the country to enjoy … Read more

Dental insurance to save your day in Scandinavia

Anyone who has lived in any Scandinavian country and offers to give an honest review will not miss mentioning the staggering cost of services there. As much as the countries work with social security where the least fortunate in the community feels catered for, situations that require out of pocket payments can really drive one … Read more

Quick tips Ukrainian refugees can use to get a job in Scandinavia

Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, a lot has happened but one thing that stands out is that so many Ukrainians have had to leave what they consider their home. Professional Ukrainians, ordinary civilians, helpless retirees and children as well as women have fled Ukraine to seek refuge in Scandinavia. While the international community … Read more

Easy tell-tale signs that it’s time to visit the dentist

Tooth Care or generally oral hygiene is one area that so many of us, including the most informed sometimes fall short. Out of our busy schedules, we quickly rush to brushing our teeth or sometimes just guggling water and that’s all. But the honest truth remains that once your teeth get bad in whatever way, … Read more

Create memorable guest experiences at the Feggesund Kro

Everyday is a good time to just step back from busy life and spoil yourself. In Denmark, just like the rest of Euorope, life can get so busy that when an opportunity presents itself to split a vacation or getaway, take your guest experience at the Feggesund Kro for eats, bites and drinks that thrill.  … Read more

Landmark Nykøbing Falster Sygehus for all medicare under one huge roof

One area that Denmark wins as a great destination for those looking to start life abroad is its advanced and responsive healthcare system. In fact, the public health system is adapted to evolve seamlessly with the changing needs of the society. You’ll realise from the word go that both in patient, outpatient and emergency care … Read more

Winning tricks to get perfect car insurance deals in Scandinavia

Across the different countries of Scandinavia, car ownership counts among the priory things especially for the convenience it brings. With the correct driving licence, it’s possible to get driving in Scandinavia but then to own one in your name comes with the need of a car insurance.  Anyone in Scandinavia already or has broadly read … Read more

Incredible sauna culture in Finland

Everybody adores Finland for it’s a place exhibiting some of the greatest values of peace, justice, equality, environmental class and other values to the human race. Finland is a dream come true to many people particularly most immigrants who look forward to finding their forever home of long desired peace. Other than ranking top on … Read more

Making Restaurant Vita your go to joint for everything perfect

Copenhagen city never stops amazing first timers just as residents with its exciting facilities, transport, waterfront and state of art infrastructure. In fact most people who’ve visited Denmark remember more of Copenhagen than other places in the country. But to create even memorable experiences one can check in at restaurant Vita and enjoy luxurious menu … Read more

Scandinavian royals

So many expatriates enter Scandinavia and get so taken aback by the high level of political stability experienced there. In any case, Ukrainians still flee and try to find new homes in Scandinavia. Similarly. victims of war, political turmoil keep running away from Lebanon, Syria and West Africa to seek refuge in Scandinavia. So at … Read more

No monarch in Finland; but why?

A keen observer on how countries run will quickly recognize that the Nordic countries practice an amalgam of systems of administrations. Particularly you will come to realize that the countries practice parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy and a decentralized but unitary state. The case is more or less similar in Denmark, Sweden and Noway. However in … Read more

Flavoured Swedish fish candy

Sweden stands tall as being a  country worth visiting or living in for any expatriate. Nature, cuisine, work environment, education , culture all have a touch of excellence in whatever way one looks at them. But out of them also features the legendary Swedish fish whose mention may confuse someone who’s not yet seen them. … Read more

Clarity about Scandinavia, Schengen and Nordics

For someone having plans to immigrate to Europe, so much may seem clear until when inside that the hidden complexity comes out. Outside there, so many consider Europe as an almost perfect homogenous society, at least on how they do their things. While the continent largely works as a body under the EU commission, there … Read more

Procedure of application to study in the Nordics

So many people applying to study in the Nordics or any country abroad often find themselves trapped in between, unable to complete and submit applications. Many study opportunities get advertised each academic year with generous scholarships accompaniment. But, not so many get to the finish line and enroll for studies. Ignorance counts among the common … Read more

Education mobility programs in the Nordics

No doubt, education by whatever name opens up greater opportunities to anyone who dares go the full hog and acquire the skills plus knowledge it brings. In Europe generally and in particular the Nordics, education has a central place in the society which explains the great investments made in providing necessary support. One outstanding thing … Read more

Getting over language barrier in Scandinavia 

To travel the world is to learn-and visiting or living in Scandinavia could just be another perfect opportunity for anyone who dares to look outwards for opportunities. The region may not be such a popular destination for people planning to live abroad but those who’ve been there will confess that it’s a hidden gem. Possibilities … Read more

Likely bad expat experiences in Scandinavia

Every time diaspora comes to mind, we always have a tendency to only have utopia-kind of imaginations. In the minds of so many, Scandinavia specifically or Europe in general is heaven manifested on earth-this perhaps comes from the branding that the countries and region have invested over the years. Truth be told, they’re so many … Read more

Cigarette brands you won’t miss in Norway

Smoking counts among the generally acceptable lifestyle choices in Scandinavia. While it may come as a surprise for a conservative, Norwegians don’t mind smokers. The only expectation is that a smoker does it responsibly and not affect those who hate the puff. To be honest, both men and women in Norway freely sample their cigarette … Read more

Travel insurance when visiting Scandinavia

People travel to Scandinavian countries for so many reasons each day. Probably you know a friend, relative or acquaintance who has in recent times traveled over to Denmark, Norway or Sweden? These three countries form the larger Scandinavia and together rank best in the global happiness index. While these countries experience extreme winters, there’s always … Read more

Filling tax returns as immigrant in Denmark

So many immigrants make their way to Denmark on Schengen visa each year and end up joining the country’s labor market. Whether one comes as a student, seasonal worker, accompanying family, family reunification or asylum seeker, at some point, working comes in. With working in Denmark comes the question of filling tax returns and law … Read more

Sneak peek of Brundby Hotel

After long periods of cold and rainy seasons, soon it will be Summer again. But even if not about summer, business executives, merry makers and adventure travelers make it to Denmark each day and there’s no better way to feel comfortable than checking into an exotic yet affordable Brundby Hotel. Of course the term affordability … Read more

Common first jobs for most expats in Scandinavia

People from across the world long to travel and experience Scandinavia more so due to its popularity as a peaceful, socially stable and happy region. Indeed so many who get a permanent residence or even citizenship in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark can attest that their welfare has gotten better. But for a perfect experience … Read more

Unforgettable Eurovision Performances

Scandiavian culture

It’s nearing that time of the year again when everyone gathers around the tv set to enjoy watching 40 countries musically battle it out to be crowned the champs. It’s sure to bring laughs, tears and joy as there are some incredible acts. Two things that Eurovision has become known for are some of the … Read more

Scandinavian ice adventure, Stockholm

For anyone visiting Scandinavia from any part of the world but especially the tropical countries, a snow experience counts among the things to look forward to. In fact, you can always feel the excitement among foreigners when they see the first snowfall. To create an even more lasting memory, adventurous expats sometimes even take to … Read more

Mobile payment services in Denmark 

The mention of payment services likely triggers positive feelings in many people since with it comes immediate thoughts about money. In Denmark, like the rest of the world money reigns high and convenience when making and receiving payments becomes a key priority. With the great progress in mobile telephony and internet, Denmark hasn’t dragged behind … Read more

Viking Warrior Paint

Viking Warrior Paint

Viking warriors were known for their fearsome appearance and battlefield ferocity. Part of their look included distinctive paint designs on their faces, which helped to intimidate their enemies and boost morale among their fellow warriors. The paint designs used by Viking warriors varied based on individual preferences, tribal affiliations, and regional customs. Some designs were … Read more

Vikings Clothes

Vikings Clothes

Viking clothing was made from natural materials such as wool, linen, and animal skins. The Vikings lived in a cold climate, so their clothing was designed to keep them warm and dry. They also had a practical and functional approach to clothing, with a focus on durability and ease of movement. Men’s Clothing: Viking men … Read more

Viking Hairstyles

Viking Hairstyles

Viking hairstyles were an important part of the Viking culture, and they varied according to social status, gender, and occupation. Vikings, who lived in the Nordic countries during the Viking Age (8th to 11th century), were known for their fierce reputation and distinctive hairstyles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common … Read more

Scooby-Doo Family Tree

Scooby-Doo Family Tree

Scooby-Doo has been a beloved animated franchise for more than 50 years. The lovable Great Dane and his human friends have been entertaining generations of viewers with their mysteries, humor, and hijinks. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know the gang pretty well, but what about Scooby-Doo’s family? In this article, we’ll explore the Scooby-Doo … Read more

Cigarette brands smoked in Scandinavia

Some may consider it extremely sensitive but one thing that really surprises expats arriving in Scandinavia is the comparatively high rates of smoking among the people there. If you never realize it, people coming from countries where smoking has generally been considered immoral and smokers highly condemned get shocked by how the young, old, women … Read more

Exciting details about Malmö by bike

Scandinavia in general of which the country Sweden is part leads in promoting a healthy lifestyle alongside supporting reduction of fossil fuel use in transport. No wonder you will always see so many electric cars moving around plus people riding their scooters, skateboard, bicycles without giving a damn about what a newcomer may think of … Read more

Tours and travel agencies in Norway

Working with a tours and travel agency on a planned visit to Norway remains a lifetime dream for so many across the world. People may have seen images and videos of the ice covered Norwegian mountains with awe. Those who have probably gotten the rare yet fulfilling chance of skiing in Norway or watching the … Read more

Love for cigarettes among Scandinavians

So many newcomers to Scandinavia may be shocked on their first few days in the country by the smoking habit that cuts gender and age. In fact, it can be first astounding to realize that despite leading in research on some of the effects of addiction to the cigar, Scandinavians will still go for it like it … Read more

Best of ferry services in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is one region known for beauty, historical attractions, bubbly city life, great waterfronts, high-tech infrastructure and most of all excellent transportation systems. Here, you will literally get spoiled for choices on which mode of transport to use for your travels or holidaying. It’s possible to catch the train, board a bus, hop into a … Read more

A list of all the countries with euros as currency

A list of all the countries with euros as currency

Due to the monetary policies of the European Union, most member states of the EU use the Euro currency. Sometimes referred to as EUR, the currency has the symbol €. Currently there are 20 different countries that have adopted this currency, totaling more than a combined 300 million citizens receiving their paychecks, paying their bills … Read more

An up-close of Jægerspris Castle

Denmark never stops to amaze new visitors and returning ones alike with its rich history. Well, by any standards, the country has moved on to embrace modernity and the changes that comes with it yet even in that, history remains king. You walk through any major cities and see buildings built as per the Viking … Read more

Buying Organic Foods in Denmark

We today live in a world where so many lifestyle diseases and awareness about healthy living have really changed our food choices. Like never before, buyers checking in at stores will not only limit their choices to how much an item costs or its aesthetics. Instead, we have become more particular on looking at production … Read more

Happy new year 2023 from across the Scandinavia

On the eve of  the new year 2023, cities and neighbourhoods across Scandinavia burst into frenzy as residents showed much ecstasy. With the Christmas decorations still renting space along major streets, fireworks were blown to just express the happiness of yet another new year. People defied the piercing winter cold to pour out in their … Read more

Restaurant Kudskehuset shutting down

The fans of Restaurant Kudskehuset  would hate to come to terms with the reality that the facility will be summarily closing shop for its guests as of 1/1 2023. It may sound as an epitaph to write about a restaurant that has announced closure but then what better way to recapitulate over a premise that … Read more

Bork Legeland; the legendary Jutland’s playland

It may obviously take a newcomer some time to really get to identify amazing places in Denmark. In fact, so many may live in Denmark for a long time without even exploring all the gems the country has in store. But, those who well understand that resting and relaxation should ordinarily have its place even … Read more

Løkken Klit Camping for holidayers 

Those who have taken to camping know how relieving the experience can be especially after spending months on end at work. In Summer over Scandinavians, people hop into their caravans and set out for various destinations across the region. It is when camping that one gets to really experience the natural environment at best, witness … Read more

Popular Seafood Restaurants in Sweden

Anyone who knows a thing or two about Scandinavia generally and Denmark specifically knows that seafood is a delicacy. It is Sweden, like the rest of the region where one gets to eat so many types of seafood. In fact if you are so picky on what to eat, it may be difficult to first … Read more

Exciting Places for Holidaying in Sweden

We can all agree that so many of us fall into the trap of being immersed in working to earn for our always pressing needs. A foreigner coming to Sweden has great goals on how to make big money and build mansions back home. But still, there are a good number of us who see … Read more

Den Glade Gris; Your plug Restaurant in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a popular destination for many tourists each year. It offers everything amazing including lively neighbourhoods and friendly locals. It is also a good place for architecture and design enthusiasts. You can explore the innovative architecture as you take a stroll across the lively hoods.  Furthermore, other than the … Read more

Housing Allowance in Denmark and how it Works 

Moving to and living  in Denmark is generally very expensive whether you are a student or employed. At least most of those who have gone through the process can testify to how draining it can be. By the time you finally lay your hand on the NemID, get your CPR and the famous Yellow Card, … Read more

Hints when Applying for a loan in Norway 

To get access to loan services in Norway, all you have to do is send an application to a lender of choice which may be a bank or any of the available creditors. Most lenders will base their decision on your credit worthiness. All financial institutions report your credit history. So, don’t be surprised if that … Read more

Save your hurting budget with Norway Loans 

Norway may not be a favourite place to live in for people who cherish warm tropical weather with only mild cold seasons. In Norway, temperatures can be so low and moving around especially in Winter becomes a nightmare. But despite the agony of bad weather, dark and chilly winters plus rugged ice covered terrains that … Read more

Dentistry and Tooth care Services in Denmark

When traveling to Denmark on a short stay Schengen visa, there is always a general requirement from a category of people to purchase  medical travel insurance. Typically,  non-EU travellers coming to visit Denmark need an insurance cover. The situation is different for someone who secures a residence permit for a longer stay in Denmark. In … Read more

Car renting in Denmark as a Foreigner

Transport in Denmark is probably a topic that is likely of great interest to an expat moving to the country or just visiting for a short time. While the public transport system is well developed to include trains and buses, their route plan may not be so suitable to someone who wants to do everything … Read more

Owning houses in Denmark as a foreigner on a Temporary Residence Permit 

There is nothing as exciting and worth being proud about for a foreigner like owning houses or even a single house in Denmark. You have probably read about or talked to those dollar millionaires giving stories of their apartments in exotic places like Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach in the USA; exclusive neighbourhoods of Christianshavn and … Read more

Divorce issues in Denmark as an expat

Divorce issues can be emotionally and mentally exhausting whether you are initiating the divorce or not. In fact, so many cultures discourage divorce and couples always hope that they will remain true to their wedding vows of “till death do us part”.  But faced with the reality that the marriage is best dissolved and partners … Read more

Get a Freetrailer in Denmark to Move your Stuff

Denmark is an amazing country with so many things for adventure, learn and challenge oneself. Although not so many out there may know that Denmark ranks among the exciting places to work, live, study, research and many more, it actually is. But, there is always the other side of Denmark which often surprises those who … Read more

Buying from Second Hand Shops (Genbrug) in Denmark 

Shopping in Denmark can be such a great experience because one gets to buy some of the best stuff around. Actually, Danes or even foreigners who live in Denmark tend to afford some of the niceties that people would dream of having. In one of our articles, we explained how property and soft loans available … Read more

Drinking, Clubbing and Partying Culture in Denmark 

Generally, Scandinavia is a happy region with people being so trusting of the government. But over and above the issues of governance that make Scandinavia an exciting place for even internationals, merry making, barbecue, parties and clubbing are spices that define life there. In Scandinavia, you are either drinking or smoking but in most cases, … Read more

Best Tricks to Learn Danish Language as a Foreigner

The reality in Denmark which most people will not be willing to tell you or just gloss over is that learning Danish language is a great icebreaker. Any person coming to live in Denmark for a period that runs into a year and more must be willing to learn Danish. Even if you come to … Read more

90/180-day rule for holders of a Schengen Visa

For anyone looking to process immigration to Europe, the Schengen visa is that coveted gateway. After you process your visa and have the itinerary in place, it’s time to know more details about rules that apply in that part of the world. The best travellers of old told us that when you move to Rome, … Read more

Brief Details about the Schengen Visa

Are you planning to visit any or several countries in Europe and wondering the type of Visa you need? A Schengen Visa will allow you to visit all the European countries within the Schengen Area. However, you must provide proof of travel insurance, evidence of financial means, and proof of accommodation in Europe at the … Read more

Costs associated with Owning and using a private car in Denmark 

Denmark is a country where everyone tries to live a decent and convenient life with less struggles. Any foreigner arriving in the country will quickly pick the cue and try as much as possible to own the nice stuff that makes life enjoyable. Key among the important things to own in Denmark as a foreigner … Read more

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom captured headlines and drew world attention to her funeral. The queen was one of the most prominent figures in the UK Monarchy that operates side by side with the elected government. This hybrid system of monarchy and democracy still remains a practice in other … Read more

5 Days in Scandinavia | Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo Itinerary

travel stockholm

Every traveler has dreamt of the perfect Scandinavia trip at some point, and if this is also on your to-do list, you are in the right place! Even if you only have 5 days to explore it, this is plenty of time to hit all the essentials and most important sites. However, for it to … Read more

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airline, the proud Flier that Links Scandinavia

It can never be a point of debate that air transport so far remains the safest and the fastest. Across Scandinavia, transport remains popular with the people unlike in other countries where flying is considered prestige. Moreover, moving from one country in the European Union to another remains hassle free as no extra travel documentation … Read more