Flavoured Swedish fish candy

Sweden stands tall as being a  country worth visiting or living in for any expatriate. Nature, cuisine, work environment, education , culture all have a touch of excellence in whatever way one looks at them. But out of them also features the legendary Swedish fish whose mention may confuse someone who’s not yet seen them. One may expect fish pulled out of the water and served on plates bu, not at all. This won’t be the case. Swedish fish candy for those who’ve had a chew of them know their matchless fruity and juicy flavours. 

Get a unique taste of Swedish fish candy

Just for emphasis and to bring us all in the loop, Swedish fish isn’t fish from any water. Instead, it’s a brand of fish shaped candy which so many people already have tasted. To clear any questions about why they are called Swedish fish, check out here.  

How candy came to be popularly called Swedish fish

The Swedes have a particular fondness for seafood. Any keen first timer in the country clearly see the many fish specialities on the menu of check in restaurants. In fact, you may be curious to try out the stinky Swedish fish specialty, surstromming.

Based on this great attachment to and liking for fish delicacies, Malaco company drew its inspiration. The company could have focused on using this to endear the Swedish to these candy. Should you be in the company of a clumsy child who wants everything, buy the  fish-shaped fruit flavoured jelly candy. They’ll definitely love it.

For those who care so much about their teeth, of course we all need to care, the candy must be eaten cautiously. This needs to be emphasised especially to the kids. The children run the risk of overeating Swedish fish candy or any other brands. 

Curious to know more about Swedish fish candy?

We all have this tendency to give special attention when eating something for the first time. Even if the food tastes excellent,there’s a mental conversation that often kicks off about how it’s cooked, ingredients and process. That’s human instinct and nothing wrong with it in any way. 

So, Swedish fish candy has a fish-like appearance with different flavors and colors. For over seven decades now, the brand has become a darling of so many. Actually you will love trying them out too. Why not? It may turn out to be the one type of candy that sticks in your memory forever. 

Best tastes of the Swedish fish candy

So many of us may not have grown up with Swedish fish candy. This would mean that we largely try out multiple flavours till one gets slurps perfectly. But did you know that the original colour was red? Maybe you should get to know it now. 

Some people still make different arguments about the colours but that doesn’t in any way change the fact that the candy has a unique identity. In fact, on needs just to say that the Swedish fish candy comes as a mixture of fruity and unforgettable flavours

Know how the Swedish fish candy are made

Not so many of us spare enough time to know exactly the process that leads to whatever delicacies we buy processed by industries. The case would be the same for Swedish fish candies that have earned their reputation for excellent sweetness,juiciness  and acclaimed signature fish shapes.  

Like any popular brands out there, it may not be clear to pinpoint how Swedish fish candy are made. That information isn’t fully available and in any case, having it published all from A to Z would be a breach of copyright. But we know something little about them that can help us piece together what really makes these candy so outstanding in the market. 

These Swedish fish candy contain sugar, glucose and corn syrup, citric acid, corn starch, dye, and flavourings.These mixed ingredients get moulded together into a fish-shape solid candy. To obtain the shiny coating, mineral oil and Carnauba wax are used.

The Swedish Fish are also made in Turkey and the company uses beeswax in place of carnauba wax. This is however not recommended for a vegan. If you are a vegan, make sure to check on the packaging before making any purchases to make sure that it is the ones made from the carnauba wax. Perhaps you can give it a try at home and see what you come up with.

The sugar content of Swedish fish candy that raises eyebrows

In this day and age when health problems have become so many and unpredictable, it won’t be nice to just eat Swedish fish candy without being mindful of our own health. Yes the candy has an approval and no doubt has a liking among many people yet still, they contain a considerable amount of sugars. They don’t have fat though which is something super great about the candy. 

If you’re someone struggling with sugar related health issues or has with you a nagging yet sick child, Swedish fish candy may be the last thing to go for. So in general, you may go for Swedish candy but always remember your health situation as a priority.