Umea City (Umeå) Tour guide

Umeå City, Sweden is a rather popular place for tourism. Known as the “Town of Birches,” Umeå city offers plenty of modernity, history, nature, city life, and more – all rolled into one fascinating place. There are a number of Umeå city tour guides available to help you see the sights, too.

Aurora Borealis Adventure

Fans of dog sleds will truly appreciate this guided tour for all ages. Not only can you visit the kennels where the dogs are housed, but you’ll also get to sled out through the Swedish countryside and see the sights. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can even learn how to drive the dog sleds yourself! These Umeå tour guides can work with complete beginners and help them feel right at home – even children!

The city of birhes
The City of Birches

Snowmobile Tours

If you’re an adventurer at heart, then the snowmobile trails around Umeå city are for you. Here, you can experience plenty of wildlife and even stop along the way at one of the many barbecue cabins located along the trails. Umeå tour guides can even take you through the Elk Farm (website in Swedish, try google translate) where you can see these majestic creatures up close. These tours depend on the length of the winter season and the cooperation of the weather.

Small Boat Tours at Holmön

You and your family can jump in a boat suited for eight and enjoy one of several unique experience that your Umeå tour guide can offer. For example, you can take a short tour to Fjäderägg (check it out here & other places of interest in Sweden in the walkers guide) or travel directly between Holmön and Norrfjärden. You can even book an overnight stay at Sikskärsgrund complete with boat transport, accommodations in a fishing lodge, and more. Day trips are available, including food if you desire.

Fantastic Nature in Umeå
Fantastic Nature in Umeå

Umeå City Walking Tours

From just about every hotel in the city center, you can join a walking tour. These vary based on your preferences and tastes. For example, your Umeå tour guide may take you on a journey to some of the city’s most unusual restaurants, or you might get to visit some of the more contemporary art galleries in the area. Walking tours last anywhere from two hours to six hours, and they allow you to experience all of the most popular sights in the area.

Cooking in Umeå City

If you love all things culinary and you’re curious about Scandinavian and Swedish dishes, you won’t want to miss Cooking in Umeå. Your Umeå tour guides here are actually accomplished chefs, and you will learn how to cook a three-course meal in a single evening. If you aren’t up for cooking yourself, you can indulge in the chef’s tasting menus and elegantly paired wines. It truly is an evening filled with fun.

Outside the town hall of Umeå
Outside the town hall of Umeå

A Day on the Island

With the “Day on the Island” Umeå tour guide, you can enjoy a full day on the islands of Norrbyskär. During the day, you can participate in a guided trip aboard a tourist train, entry into the beautiful Norrbyskär Museum (and a guided tour, as well) and an “archipelago buffet” for a meal. This is the perfect adventure for couples or for families with children. It takes an entire day to enjoy it all, but it is certainly worth it.

There is much to see and do in this city, and there are plenty of Umeå tour guides who can help you plan your itinerary while ensuring that you see everything that is important to you. From dog sleds to snowmobiles and even day-long walking tours, you can see it all on your vacation.


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