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Bergen Tour Guide

Bergen is home to many different sights, including some of the world’s most beautiful churches and cathedrals, the home of composer Edvard Grieg, and beautiful fjords all around. Bergen tour guides can help ensure that you get the most from your experience here.

Bergen, seen from the viewpoint Floien
Bergen, seen from the viewpoint Floien

Sogn & World Heritage Fjord Tour

This day tour takes place on a boat and gives you access to some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery. It begins at 8:40am with a train ride from Bergen to the city of Myrdal, home of the Flåm Railway. Here, you can enjoy lunch and a tour of the museum before boarding the boat. Then, your Bergen tour guide will provide you with information about the formation of the scenery while you float your way to Gudvangen. From here, you will take a coach to Voss – one of the best winter sports resorts in the country of Norway. Then, you will board a train back to central Bergen to complete your tour. (Click to read about the 7 world heritage sites in Norway – On UNESCOS list)

Waterfall in Hardanger

The Edvard Grieg Tour

Edvard Grieg is one of the most popular and successful composers to come out of Scandinavia, and his home, located in Bergen, is now a museum. A three-hour tour of his home, dubbed “Troldhaugen”, allows you to view the beautiful surroundings as they were when Grieg was alive. You will find a café and souvenir shop on site, as well. The tour includes a trip through the museum as well as the grounds.


The Artful Bergen Tour

If you are a fan of art, an Bergen tour guide can help you discover some of the best places throughout the city to view works by not only local contemporary artists, but also Picasso (check out video from inside the art museum) and even Munch. This tour includes visits to Stenersen’s Collection, Rasmus Meyer’s Collection, and The City Art Collection. You’ll also get to meet some of the city’s best glassblowers and other master craftsmen. Read about the famous painter Edvard munch at


The Hardangerfjord Tour

Although you may have seen some of Norway’s beautiful fjords in pictures, they can’t do the real thing justice. The Hardangerfjord Tour is one of the most scenic tours in the country, and you will want to bring your best camera along. Your Bergen tour guide will show you the steep snow-capped mountains, the beautiful green orchards (depending on the time of year), waterfalls, ravines, and more – all in a breathtaking eight-hour tour packed with photo opportunities and stops at cultural centers of your choice.

Blossom in Hardanger

The Bergen Highlights Tour

If you only have a limited time to spend in the city, your Bergen tour guide can take you on a two-hour tour that focuses on the city’s highlights. You will get an overview of the city’s history and structure, and the visual tour focuses on the downtown area of Bergen as well as the busy harbor. You will have an opportunity to see the wharf, the city’s gorgeous park, and even a variety of museums that you can visit later in your trip.

Bergen is filled with rustic charm and breathtaking mountains that make it seem an entire world away, but at the same time, it offers all of the modernity you would expect. Bergen tour guides can help you customize your trip to your liking and show you all of the culture, art, and nature you could ever want.


Look at that water!


Torgalmenningen in Bergen
Torgalmenningen in Bergen


Sea rafting in Bergen

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