Perfect Time for Sex, How to Track Ovulation & Fertility – Complete Guide

Happy soon to be parents

The fertility rate in the Scandinavian countries is low – so low that we feel obliged to educate you new expats in the art of making babies, so you can make an effort contributing to the Scandinavian gene pool. People from all around the world are traveling to Denmark for fertility treatments. Thousands of women … Read more

Moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark as an expat

Denmark is full of opportunities for people of all ages. The country has a sound healthcare system and excellent education. Bustling cities and thriving industries make Denmark the perfect place for anyone to immigrate to. Not to mention the EU benefits you’d get after you gain residency and the superior work-life balance that Denmark offers.  … Read more

Moving to Norway

Moving to Norway: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

The epic coastline, rich history, and vibrant outdoors make Norway the perfect country for immigration. Particularly for the younger population looking to build a successful career. If you want to move there, you are not alone. Setting roots in Norway has always been a popular choice.  In fact, 4.3% of the total Norwegian population comprises … Read more

Social Security in Norway

Social security in Norway

When we think of Norway, the images of beautiful fjords come to mind immediately. Indeed, Norway is a stunning Scandinavian country and one of the best places to live in the world. Like Denmark and Sweden, Norway is among the nations with the best quality of life. Their social security is more organized than in … Read more

The Swedish Healthcare System

Healthcare Sweden

If you’re heading to Sweden any time soon, there are some things you must know about Swedish healthcare. The country’s healthcare facilities and resources are centred mainly around the concept of sustainability and equal access for all.  The country’s healthcare system is outstanding and usually ranks good due to its viable and affordable policies. Here’s … Read more

Norwegian Healthcare System

Healthcare Norway

Norway is part of Europe, which is noted to have the best healthcare systems collectively in the world. Its hospitals are funded by taxation, and healthcare is founded upon the principle of Universal Healthcare. The system is run by a set of four Regional Health Authorities (RHA), which are carefully monitored by the Ministry of … Read more