Insurance in Sweden

Insurance in Sweden is not something to be taken lightly. Anyone who has travelled or lived in different laces understands that there are many risks that may occur. When such risks happen, it may drain your financials unless you have an insurance cover in force. When visiting Sweden, someone may …

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Insurance in Norway

Just like the rest of Scandinavia, socio-political stability high in Norway that someone may be forgiven for thinking that there are no risks in the country whatsoever. This assumption is far from the truth because insecurity and risks are two different things. There isn’t any second guessing about the fact …

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social security lifeguard sweden

Social Security in Sweden explained

As a foreigner in Sweden, you are highly sensitive to how the system operates, your duties, responsibilities and rights within this new society. What makes Sweden attractive and liveable for most immigrants is its well developed and functional social security system. The social system in Sweden ensures that every person …

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social security in sweden

Social Security in Sweden

Sweden is the land of beautiful landscapes, picturesque lakes, and thousands of coastal islands. This Scandinavian nation is known for its high employment rate and favorable social security benefits that make the quality of life here better than elsewhere. Sweden, like other countries in that area, is considered stable, strong, …

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Healthcare Denmark

Danish Healthcare System

Whichever part of the world you’re residing in, healthcare is an essential concern. The state of Denmark realizes the importance of healthcare, and hence, provides free public healthcare for all its citizens and residents. The central government supervises the healthcare system. However, the responsibility of the provision of services falls …

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