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Just like the rest of Scandinavia, socio-political stability high in Norway that someone may be forgiven for thinking that there are no risks in the country whatsoever. This assumption is far from the truth because insecurity and risks are two different things.

There isn’t any second guessing about the fact that life is random and unpredictable. As a response to this reality of life randomness, Norway is no exception.

You never know when you can become a victim of car crash, fire gutting your home or business sinking. As an example, check out available motor vehicle/car insurances for you.

It is actually naive for anyone in Norway to feel excessively secure to the extent of ignoring the need for insurance.

Car crush; a car insurance cover may be helpful in such cases

For those who are highly religious, you probably have read the story of Horatio Spafford who lost almost everything he owned and got the inspiration to compose the song, “It Is Well With My Soul”. 

While Horatio Spafford could have had enough grace to face the tribulations which was visited on him by acts of God, not so many are strong enough to stand up in such moments of great loss.

To make matters worse, you are never sure that friends or relatives will be there to stand by your side until you rise again.

So, how do you secure your investments and valuable possessions in Norway? Insurance! insurance! insurance!

Why you need  insurance in Norway 

Some people may have this false impression that the social system in Norway protects every interest, investment and possessions of people who live in the country. This assumption is not true because the social system will basically give someone the general  basic protections which does not include private property, and belongings. 

The Norwegian insurance companies comes in handy to plug the gap left in securing the property, wealth and businesses of private entities against any potential risks.

Because we live in a world where extreme things, even unexpected can happen at the unlikeliest time, having an insurance gives some level of confidence of a fall back.

Take for instance that your home is razed down by fire, your car is damaged, you are disabled and lost income. Whichever the risk may be, insurance companies in Norway act as your trusted caring partners.

The insurers do not just love it when you pay premiums but they have your back at the critical hour of need when maybe the people you would expect to come in handy have deserted you. 

As an expatriate in Norway, you have various ideas on how to create wealth in anticipation that at some time, you may be able to sell them and repatriate the income home. Better still, you have something so precious that you really want to buy.

After years of toil, hard work and self-deprivation, you get enough money to buy it; this is a great achievement. But think about this now; it is possible that out of the ordinary, what you really saved for a lifetime to get can turn into nothingness when a risk sets it. A  storm, strong winds, fire or anything may shatter your wealth.

In Norway, you will obviously be tempted to buy niceties and expensive stuff. A hard working expatriate in Norway can always buy whatever it is they want or invest in anything of interest. Unless you insure such great interests, they may go down the drain right before your eyes. 

Benefits of Insurance in Norway

In most cases, people moving to Norway may feel reluctant to take insurance on their property or businesses due to negative past experiences with the insurers at home.

Probably you have been a victim of delayed compensation or completely lost insurance and now don’t want to hear anything with insurance when you get to Norway. This is understandable because people are largely made by their experiences.

As much as you may be slow to take insurance in Norway, there is something good about the insurers in the country. Insurance system in Norway is highly streamlined and are focused in helping the insured strictly as provided in the policy document.

An insurance company in Norway will not engage in some monkey business to avoid compensating you. They are very prompt in responding to the distraught call from their customers.

The insurance companies in Norway have well trained personnel who go beyond the call of duty as custodians of the customer protection to empathise with them when a risk occurs. 

It does not matter how much premium you have paid at the time that your insured interest is lost out of an insured risk. As long as the risk loss is assessed and traced to have been a result of the insured risk, the insurer will indemnify you without further delay.

insurance companies in Norway understand that the loss of property is already burdensome and do not want to take you in any circus following your claim. 

What you can insure in Norway

It is possible that you are really interested in having an insurance but wonder whether really the things you are interested in protecting are insurable.

As a customer in Norway, the insurer does not expect you to have comprehensive knowledge about what is insurable or not. Today, insurance companies have an extensive portfolio of insurable risks and interests which means that yours may also be in the long list. 

In simple terms, anything that on considers valuable is insurable somehow. But as a rational customer, you do not need to take insurance on something you can easily access even when you lose the first one.

Characteristically, insurance companies in Norway will expect that whatever interests you insure has a high monetary value attached to it.

It only makes sense for you to insure something like life, home, business, car, expensive jewellery , job or any other that can result in great losses in case a risk sets in. 

An insurance in Norway covers you and your family

The best way forward if you want to be sure whether whatever things you want to insure in Norway are actually insurable is to contact the companies of your choice.

Norway being a highly digitally aware country, companies have their profiles and contact details on the internet from where you will get quick assistance from the next available customer support.

You can easily make a call to them and they will promptly give a response. Remember, they need a big pool of customers to keep afloat that is why any potential customers invaluable. 

How to get insurance in Norway

Just like any other service providers, insurance companies in Norway are located in various major cities across the country. You will find an insurer in Bergen, Kristiansand, Oslo or any other big city.

In fact, some of the companies have branches across the country from where they operate as subsidiaries.

It may also intrigue you to know that in Norway, more than 95% of the insured people got insurance and claims processed without necessarily making physical visits to the insurer’s premises.

The operations of the insurance companies is so optimized that you will not need to go personally to the offices to bang a table or quarrel with them to have your claim processes.

Likewise, you can simply make a mobile phone call and sign an insurance agreement with the insurer just like that. 

A quick search on the internet about insurers in Norway will give back tremendous amount of relevant links. Try it out today and be amazed at how many insurance companies are in Norway and their extensive list of insurable risks. 

What you need to get insurance in Norway 

As a rule of the thumb, any insurance company will be sure to first ascertain what relationship you have with the insured property or interest.

It must be clear that you own the property or stand to lose some monetary value in the event that a risk occurs. 

You must also be a legal resident in Norway at the time of taking the insurance. The insurer will ask for your civil registration and identification details. From there, they will quickly create a profile for you in their database and you can be ready to pay your first premium in a few weeks afterwards. 

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