Moving to another country from Denmark

Denmark is a pretty good country for immigrants to live in. But that be as it may, some immigrants only come to stay in Denmark for a short time before moving to other countries.

The reasons for immigrant  moving from Denmark may vary from person to person but  often include search for better opportunities, job transfers, inability to cope with learning Danish and integrating into the culture among others.

But, whatever the reasons that motivate a person to leave Denmark, one thing will always stand out to those who have lived there; they are easily accepted in other countries. Somehow, having lived in Denmark magically rubs off on everyone some tinge of good fortunes.

Advantages of Relocating  to another country from Denmark

To avoid confusion, it is possible for people to move to any part of the world to any other country provided they have the correct documents in their  possession. However, the processes involved, background checks and considerations made about applicants for immigration are often based on where they have lived successfully before.

Anyone who has travelled the world has often met the question, “which other country have you lived in before?” or a variant of the same question. The answer to this question is used to assess how socialized you are and which societies have managed to nurture you as a person.

It is obvious that Denmark ranks so high in the community of global nations. The country has set itself apart as not only nurturing successful social system in which people respect the law, behave in a civil manner and work hard. It is the Danish social system that makes it work.

The moment you mention to the immigration authorities that you have lived in Denmark; they already start passing positive judgements about your ability to live in the country to which you are moving.

Even upon arriving in the destination country from Denmark, the locals will treat you better if you disclose to them that you have lived in Denmark. I know this is creepy but it is the reality. The name Denmark carries with it some premium brand which eases ones’ life as an immigrant.

Aboard a flight out of Denmark

Ease of Relocating  from Denmark

Denmark is a country that respects its place in the global community. It allows people who are eligible to move into and out of its borders freely. Therefore, once you live in Denmark, it won’t be any problem relocating to another country.

When planning to leave Denmark to another country, whatever is needed for you to do depends on the specific country you intend to move to. In most cases, it should not be difficult to relocate from Denmark to another country in the EU.

If you intend to get a new home in another country in the EU, you will have skipped the troubles of excessive background checks since all the countries in the union share information about people who have lived there.

Another important thing when moving from Denmark to another country is what status you hold in Denmark at the time of applying to relocate. In short, someone with a citizenship in Denmark will be considered differently from someone who only has a permanent residence, temporary residence or short stay visa in the country.

Denmark is a small country and very few countries have set  their embassies there. This means that when planning to leave Denmark for another country, you will have to travel to a nearest embassy of that country which may be in Germany, Sweden or somewhere else.

The process of Relocating from Denmark

When we say that it is easy and convenient to leave Denmark, it may send a wrong signal that you can just wake up today, pack your stuff and rush to catch the next flight in the nearby airport. No, away from that. There are a couple of things to do prior to leaving Denmark.

Denmark practices a social system with everyone living in the country at any given time having an individualized civil registration number (CPR). This CPR is linked to every aspect of a person’s living in Denmark. As a result, someone immigrating from Denmark must ensure that they exit the civil register and update every aspect related to their CPR.

As long as you have a CPR in Denmark, you always have a responsibility to inform the authorities when you leave the country, except when it is for just a short holiday.

Deregistration when leaving Denmark

You always have a civic duty to provide information about your departure from Denmark in good time so that the authorities can know your whereabouts. As you know, the Danish authorities require that anyone who leave and enter the country is well documented as well as their whereabouts known.

There are set deadlines for you to notify the authorities that you are leaving the country. Anyone who misses to alert the authorities about their relocation from Denmark is liable for a fine of up to DKK 1000 (2020).

You can let the authorities know about your planned relocation from Denmark.

You can:

  • As early as 4 weeks (28 days) before you leave Denmark OR
  • no later than five days after your date of departure  

Conditions under which you must report leaving Denmark

This may sound funny but Denmark is not your ordinary kitchen that you walk in and out as you please. Because of the country’s  social system moving in and out of the country is strictly structured. As a person, you only need to do your bit and nothing will go wrong.

As a law requirement in Denmark, you must report leaving the country in two main situations.

  • If you will be out of the country for over 6 months..
  • you are gone for less than 6 months and you sublet or hire out your residence while you are gone.

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