Social Security in Sweden explained

As a foreigner in Sweden, you are highly sensitive to how the system operates, your duties, responsibilities and rights within this new society. What makes Sweden attractive and liveable for most immigrants is its well developed and functional social security system. The social system in Sweden ensures that every person living in the country is able to meet their basic human needs including housing, healthcare, food and clothing. 

For people who live in Denmark and work in Sweden, special considerations are made to determine where exactly you are eligible for social security. It is important to always be aware of your social benefits as a cross border worker between Sweden and Denmark. 

Social security for cross border workers between Sweden and Denmark 

Sweden and Denmark lie in close proximity with some people living on one side while working on the other. To take care of the special situation of such commuters, a set of social security apply. 

If your social benefits are given by Sweden then you need to always look out for Försäkringskassan which is the public entity tasked with administering social security. On the other hand, social benefits in Denmark  is handled by the specific municipality in which your address is domiciled.  Parental

Social Insurance in Sweden 

Social insurance is a guarantee of security for everyone who works in the Swedish labour market. It comprises various elements that cover situations including illness, having a child or retirement. The rights provided under the social insurance in Sweden exclusively applies to workers meaning that people who have a different status in Sweden such as  students cannot claim such rights. 

Although the social insurance in Sweden provides a safety net for all workers in the country, trade unions also have collective bargaining agreements which allows their members access to additional benefits hence greater security. Naturvetarna is the most known labour organization that gives additional social security to workers in Sweden. It is important to always know which labour organizations are available and ways to join them as a worker. 

Social benefits in Sweden falls into two main classes including those based on residence and work. In case you stay in Sweden as a student, your entitlements to social benefits is restricted to residence only. Even in cases where someone is not insured in Sweden, they are to be given emergency medical care.

Parental Benefits in Sweden

parental welfare sweden

As a parent in Sweden you are entitled to maternity or paternity leave regardless of which type of job you do. Parents in Sweden get parental benefits from the  Social Insurance Agency. For a couple living together in Sweden, they collectively get up to 480 days of parental benefits. It is important to check out the entire array of benefits which accrue to you as a student parent or working parent in Sweden. 

A PhD student in Sweden who is a parent covered b the state parental insurance gets SEK  250 per day as sickness benefit-generating income. There are other benefits which you can always claim depending on your specific parental status in Sweden. 

Parents also get temporary parental benefits for care of ill children. This is a benefit given to parents who have to stay home taking care of their ill children. To claim the temporary benefits, the child must have recovered and you have effectively resumed work. This means that you will not get such benefits when still taking care of the sick child.

Children Allowance in Sweden

It may seem unimaginable that your child gets paid for being a child. In Sweden, children are highly regarded which is why the government invest resources in ensuring that they live a comfortable and fulfilling life. A child who is comfortable is able to be more innovative and impactful in the society. 

As someone with children and living with them in Sweden, you will get financial assistance. Every child you have is given cash payout through you as a parent. To claim or be registered to have children, it is your responsibility to contact the Social Insurance Agency and let them know it. 

Protection when sick in Sweden

Getting sick can be challenging but Sweden ensures that every working person is protected from financial loss due to illness. You will get financial support as provided in the collective agreement. The counting of payout from illness starts on the first day you become sick and unable to report to work which is called qualification day. The employer will pay you 80% of your salary for the period of your sickness up until 14 days. Any days after the 14 days the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) pays sickness benefits which vary depending on the current policies. 

Unemployment benefits in Sweden 

Job security in Sweden is high but this does not mean that people do not loss their jobs. The reasons for losing a job nowthsitanding, you will have to turn to the social security. The unemployment insurance fund will keep you afloat. 

For anyone to benefit from the unemployment insurance, they must be actively contributing monthly to the fund until and including the last day of work. The membership to unemployment insurance funds is not mandatory but recommended. Getting benefits from insurance funds require that you must have been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least 12 months before you lose your.  

Social security for doctorate and postdoc in Sweden

The social benefits in Sweden fall into two categories including those that based on residence and working. As a doctorate student or work as a postdoc, your social security will depend on whether you have a scholarship or employed. Typically, students on scholarship are considered under residence insurance cover. 

Retirement benefits in Sweden

Every employee is always concerned about how life would be after their long years of work. It is human nature to want life to continue in the same way even after retirement. In Sweden, the welfare of the senior citizens who devoted their years to selfless work is protected by the social security. 

The pension arrangement in Sweden has two parts to it. First, the retirement package is income insurance which is paid to you every month after retirement. The second bit is the premium pension which you decide to invest in different finds. You can always trust the  Swedish Pensions Agency to prudently manage your pension in Sweden.