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Finding a Job in Sweden

Getting a job in Sweden is a very critical thing for you as a foreigner on a long term residence. With a job in Sweden, you will be able to get funds for meting your daily needs as well as get an opportunity to experience the nature and dynamics of the labour market there. Although companies and employers in Sweden may require proficiency in Swedish, this requirement is not strict and largely depends on the nature of work you  are applying for. Jobs that require frequent contact with the Swedish clients may emphasise on Swedish as a requirement. Again, there are various jobs in different sectors in Sweden where you can easily fit with a proficiency in English. So you only need to be upbeat, ,make contacts and aggressively explore possible employment opportunities. Assuredly, you will always get a job in the skilled, semi-skilled or skilled markets. 

As a newcomer in Sweden though, you must be prepared that it may take months to land your dream job. The fact for this long time is that employers in Sweden focus on getting someone with the skills and abilities that match the specific job. Therefore, they subject potential candidates for jobs to a several rounds of the recruitment process. 

General Job Search Engines and Classifieds in Sweden

It is always good to cast your job search net wider and avoid the mistake of focusing on just a few opportunities. In fact, you need to send your resume to multiple employers so that at the time of response, you can be spoilt for choices. However, you need to be sensitive to the sites you send your c.v. some of the site that respond to C.Vs at a 0.5 to 1.0% response rate include:

  • ArbetsformedlingenThe Swedish Public Employment Service.
  • Swedish Yellow Pages: Gives you access to jobs advertised by Swedish companies.
  • Career Jet: Theis site has job search options for Sweden.
  • Indeed
  • Learn 4 Good: Most of the jobs are  for teaching opportunities, but you can still find jobs in other sectors as well.
  • EURES:  This website is useful for searching employments available in Europe. 

You can also be bold enough to directly present your C.V and supporting documents to possible employers through random office visits or during events such as career fair organized by different agencies or institutions. 

Certain informal/low skill requiring jobs may require that you directly contact the employer. 

If you are interested in working as a bike messenger, handyman, cleaner, or local guide then you can find such job openings at The jobs in will show you vacancies in different cities within Sweden such as StockholmGothenburg or Malmö.

Getting a job in Sweden after Graduation 

Studying in Sweden makes you a step ahead in getting an extension of residence as well as securing a job in the labour market there. The only thing you need to do is aggressively make networks which will be helpful in getting referrals from people who already have connections in the labour space. 

Typically, as a graduate you can always apply for a 6 months extension of residence permit as you search for a job or start a company. In case you are lucky to get a job offer which meet the required conditions within these 6 months then you just apply for a work permit. 

You must be tactful to get a job after studies. But because you are already in the country, got training there and experienced the culture, you can easily  turn to the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), to a Swedish recruitment company or directly to the company you wish to work for. 

Job Opportunities in Sweden for Expats

Sweden is know to release a job shortages list every year. Most of these jobs often target skilled wrkers in fileds such as engineering, teaching, and the IT industry. As an foreigner intending to get employment in Sweden, it is important that you keep an eye for this crucial list of jobs. You need to translate the jobs to suit your langusgae since they are published in Swedish. In 2019 the job shortages list included:

  • pharmacist
  • senior high school teacher
  • civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • chemists
  • vocational teachers
  • software and system developers
  • dentists, doctors, and nurses
  • university professors

Interview Tips for a Job in Sweden. 

Despite the fact that Sweden promotes informal culture, this is not the same situation with job interviews. This is the time you need to show utmost seriousness and formality which will earn you a place in the employers’ payroll. Typically, you will find employees within the firm you are taking an interview wearing unofficial attire. This should not deceive you to present yourself in the same way on the day of the interview,. You do not want to make any mistakes as an expat so you just have to dress in business attire. Again, you should always be in time for your interviews because being late or too early for a job interview in Sweden is considered rude. As a practice, you also need to carry with you all documents which you think may just give you some extra points at the interview. For instance, carry a copy of your CV, cover letter, and any extra supporting documents 

Self-Employment and Benefits in Sweden

While it may be your hope to get an employment in Sweden, it may not always be the case that you get a job. Therefore, you can think about self-employment which still has so many advantages. One thing you need to do as a self-employed person is make regular payments to the Swedish social security. These contributions to the Swedish social Security allows you some benefits just like people in the formal employment. For instance you will get; 

  • sick-leave;
  • retirement pension;
  • survivor’s pension;
  • healthcare;
  • occupational injury insurance;
  • parental insurance;
  • unemployment insurance.

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