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Changing Residence Status, Getting Swedish Permanent Residence or Citizenship.

Residence in Sweden is definitely an interesting piece of information. As much as you may be a newcomer to Sweden, you will realise that country that ranks amongst the highest in the global happiness index. This happiness will be visible in how people love their jobs, interact with each other, trust their government and many more.

There can never be any better way to take a leap into experiencing Sweden than registering into its school system. As you may expect, Sweden has top notch learning institutions that offer the best training for cognitive development and careers offer excellent prospects for self-advancement. Therefore,  It would not be an exaggeration you to identify with the phrase that “if you have something to offer to Sweden, it always has much to offer in return.”

As a worker, student, or child you are assured of getting basic needs and even more. Due to this striking reality about Sweden, it will not be uncommon for you to repulse the thoughts of extending such stay or even changing your status.

Of course some people who have lived in Sweden before and even live there now have earned longer stay there. But first things first, having the knowledge of what you need to do to get such longer stay while already in Sweden will determine whether you get it or not.

Residence in Sweden as a foreign student

The initial residence permit for a foreign student in Sweden covers strictly the period of the course and a short grace period to organise yourself to leave upon completion. Normally, the initial student residence permit gives six months stay after completion after which you will be required to leave.

For someone in the Swedish higher education and having the intention to extend stay in the country, you must make an application of study permit extension  six months before your current residence expires. Again, after completion of study, you can apply to extend your student residence permit for up to 6 months as you look for job opportunities in Sweden.

If during the six months you get a job offer which fulfil the set out conditions,  meets certain conditions, you can then apply for a work permit. With such extended stay you are sure of accessing postgraduate student opportunities in Sweden.

Permanent residence or citizenship in Sweden.

You may be wondering whether you stand a chance to stay permanently and get Swedish citizenship after an initial period of residence on temporary permit. Yes, this is possible but it comes with a lot of verifications, proofs and often require that you seek the guidance of a lawyer to understand the complicated regulations.

You must have been and habitual resident of Sweden for a period not less than five years preceding application for permanent residence. Again, you must have a Permanent residence permit of Sweden to qualify for Swedish citizenship.

Other ways for getting residence permit in Sweden

But, in case you are married to, cohabiting with or in a legally recognised partnership with a Swedish, you are eligible to apply for Swedish citizenship after three years. For such long term stay, you must fill the required form when you still living in Sweden legally and submit it for consideration.

After being granted permanent residence in Sweden, the Swedish Immigration Board can take it back if you don’t follow their terms and conditions. These requirements may vary depending on your initial status prior to making such an application. For instance, when considering the application for longer stay, the Swedish immigration authority checks whether you entered Sweden as an asylum seeker, accompanying spouse, refugee and the rest.

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