Copenhagen Expat Quick Guide

The tales and experiences of Denmark cannot be complete without mentioning the beauty, attractiveness, business and diversity which defines its capital city of Copenhagen. Copenhagen being the capital city of Denmark hosts the largest population in the country, has some of the best architectural complexes and a bubbling entrepreneurial class. In fact if you are looking for a city where you are likely to have a perfect balance between studies, work life and socialization  in Denmark then Copenhagen is the city of choice. Copenhagen has a very elaborate administrative system which maintains efficient operations for handling inbound as well as outbound visitors throughout the year.

Attractions in Copenhagen

Every year the city receives the largest number of tourists from the rest of Europe and the world due to its unique harbor and attractions including the Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid and Copenhagen Zoo. As a short stay visitor, student, permanent resident or citizen, Copenhagen has something unique to offer. Just like any other Kommune in Denmark, you need to roister your residence in the city of Copenhagen as a matter of priority depending on which status you hold in Denmark.

Housing, childcare and job search in Copenhagen

As a newly arrived resident of Copenhagen, you must be aware that housing in the city is relatively expensive compared to other cities. Renting a room for a single person in a shared flat cost between DKK 4,000 to DKK 6,000. It means that you will need to be quick in getting necessary housing tips and information in Copenhagen.

If you have a child aged between 0-6 years in Copenhagen then the Danish public childcare system will take care of him or her. However, you may also seek private childcare in Copenhagen which obviously comes with extra cost.

Getting a job in Copenhagen

Whereas you can be lucky to get a job referral in Copenhagen, you will ordinarily require to check the international portal for searching jobs in Denmark which include workindenmark, jobnet and job index. You only need to identify a suitable job which matches your competencies, create a profile and send a C.V. Once employed in Copenhagen, you need to check the employment details and obligations which apply to every worker in Denmark.

Education in Copenhagen

Every child between the age of 6 years and 16 years must get education. However, for you to register a child in school you must have a valid address and residence in Denmark for at least 6 months. As an expatriate living in Copenhagen you can decide to register your child in international schools or the normal Danish public school system.

There are various colleges and universities in Copenhagen plus a community of students from different walks of lives. The academic environment is so diverse in Copenhagen which just fits into its general multisocial status. In fact a student can easily interact with others from neighboring institutions thus making it easy to exchange knowledge, develop networks and collaborate in developing some of the most complicated solutions. In summary, one would say that Copenhagen is a melting pot of academic culture.

Among the rest of universities in the city, the University of Copenhagen towers so high in academics with great research which contribute to knowledge generation and scalable solutions. As a student in Copenhagen, you can also get part time student work such as cleaning, dishwashing, shop keeping and the rest. This will enable you to meet your daily budget.

After a long study and difficult day, as a student, you can always chill out with friends and other members of the public in various designated leisure places in the city

Cheap shopping outlets in Copenhagen city

Depending on what exactly you need to buy, it is necessary to know where it is sold cheaply. Like the rest of Denmark, convenience shops such as at 7/11 shops in train stations are more expensive. In the city of Copenhagen, some of the outlets that offer comparatively cheap but quality products include “Tiger of Copenhagen” and “Søstrene Grene” shops.

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