Residence permit Norway

Residence Permit Norway

Changing and Extending Residence Permits in Norway

After living in Norway on a student permit, work permit, short stay visa or any form of temporary status, you are likely to get interested on trying to get longer stay there. However, you must know that the possibility of getting permanent residence, citizenship or residence permit extension in Sweden is based on various considerations. It is unlikely that the agencies responsible for processing such stay will vary the laid out requirements to fit your circumstances. Therefore what do you need to get a longer stay in Norway?

Getting longer stay in Norway as a foreign student

As a student in Norway, it is important that you apply for the renewal of your residence permit in good time as the only way of retaining full rights. Making an application after an initial permit elapses may cause you unprecedented challenges with the authorities.

After completion of your study, the Norwegian Directorate of immigration can extend your residence permit for one year upon request for such. To do this, you must document that you have adequate financial requirements to support your stay. The one year period is for you to try find a job relevant to your graduate degree. After the one year, you can apply for further extension only if you get a relevant placement otherwise you will have to leave the country.

It is important to note that as a foreign graduate can make applications for work in any other Nordic country during the one year legal extension of residence permit and is likely to get placement. Having studies in Norway gives you a foothold in the job market in the Nordic region.

Getting a permanent residence or citizenship in Norway

There are a few variations on the requirements for you to qualify for longer stay in Norway. Some of these variations include the type of residence you hold in Norway before making an application, your original nationality, personal conduct and other things that can be different from one person to the next. However, in a nutshell, the length of time you have lived in Norway and your mastery of Norwegian language are uncompromisable considerations to get permanent residence or citizenship of Norway.

If you have soon held a residence permit in Norway for three years, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit. Sometimes, the requirement is that in the past ten years, you must have lived in Norway for at least seven years to qualify for longer residence permit. On the aspect of language, you must have finished between 200 and 300 hours of approved tuition in Norwegian language.

You are required to document sufficient skills in Norwegian or Sami languages when making an application for permanent residence or citizenship. To apply for Norwegian citizenship or residence permit, you must fill in the correct forms and provide sufficient details.

Extending a short stay Visa

Short stay visa in Norway is granted for a maximum of 90 days. However, if for any reasons you have to stay longer than the required period, an application for extension must be made. The short stay visa for Norway cannot be valid for more than 90 days.

When making the decision to apply for longer stay in Norway, it would be a great thing to consider talking to an immigration lawyer. It may cost you a a few bucks to consult a lawyer on your chances of getting to stay more in Norway but the help will go a long way.

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