Lawyer in Norway

What comes to your mind when someone tells you about the need to know how to find lawyers in Norway? probably the first impression that it creates is that you may need the legal services sometime in the new country.

Some people may mistakenly think that knowing where to find lawyers in Sweden should only bother criminals who will somehow have run ins with the authorities. But far from it, legal services is for anyone who needs it.

You probably have a plan to move to Norway; rightly so because its a country of so many opportunities. As an immigrant to Norway, knowing where to and how to find a lawyer may not even be part of your priority list. Find more information about moving to Norway here.

Being that you have a clean criminal record and has no chances of engaging in unlawful activities in Norway, you may wilfully dismiss the need to know your lawyers in the country.

At, we are here to remind you that it is damn unfortunate to assume the need to have a legal expert within reach.

Contrary to general thinking that lawyers are only helpful in defending accused persons, there are various challenges you may face a s an expatriate that only a lawyer can help navigate through.

A lawyer helps you to fight for and preserve your rights all the time

Why you need a Lawyer in Norway 

Pose for a moment and think about this. You have finally been granted residence permit in Norway and lived on your permit to the point it needs renewal. Unfortunately, you forget to apply for renewal in time and end up being ordered to live or declared illegally residing in Norway.

Although ignorance or forgetfulness may not be an excuse before a court of law, a lawyer will find a way to defend you. They have been trained over the years to dive right into the fire and save you from such a morass.

Better still, assume you have a smooth sailing with the immigration which means you never see the need to contact an immigration lawyer but wants to establish a business in Norway.

Setting up a business as an expat in Norway is not such a straightforward thing because it has various legal and procedural issues to be met.

The lawyers will help you in putting together all necessary documentation. It is only after such groundwork that your business can stand the test of being a legal entity. 

Based on the two aforementioned cases, hopefully you begin to see the sense why a lawyer should be key in your life as an expatriate.

Sometimes, misfortunes that require their help just come uninvited. The time required for you to respond on legal issues may be too short that going out to randomly shop for a lawyer may be a tall order.

If you are lucky to find one a lawyer in a rush, he may turn out not to be the best person for your case. 

Categories of lawyers in Norway 

Lawyers and law firms in Norway specialise in different areas of legal services. The title lawyer may make you feel like every other person with that title is fit to handle your case. However, you need to be very careful and deliberate in selecting a lawyer who has specialisation in the specific issue at hand.

Lawyers in Norway will at all times be aligned to a specific area of law; be it business, environmental, corporate, immigration, criminal et cetera.

A lawyer or law firm which is specialised in a particular field may not be necessarily well versed with the other. 

When faced with a legal tussle, you do not want to take any chances and priority will be to pick legal service providers that have a track record of winning cases in that field.

Know why you need and where to find a lawyer

Most of the lawyers in Norway always publish the cases that they win on their websites. Furthermore, there are always reviews available on the specific forte that a particular lawyer or law firm deals in. Immigration lawyers in Norway will help you navigate through the complicated legal environment surrounding immigration.

Corporate lawyers will help you establish your organization or business, whichever is the case. They will help you draft important documents including memorandum of association, incorporation papers and many more.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself accused or facing criminal cases, then the lawyers who specialize in criminal law will be very handy. All one needs to do is be upbeat about analysing the profiles of all the lawyers in the market and settle on the best fit. 

Finding a lawyer in Norway

As an expatriate, you may face the daunting challenge of seeking legal services. This problem may even be more when the issue to be addressed is an emergency.

Having adequate information about various lawyers and law firms in Norway improves your chances of getting just the best services for your case. Remember, having a legal representative is not a guarantee that you will win your case but a legal expert with experience in the field will do. 

You do not need to necessarily have a one on one contact with lawyers to know what they can do for you. Most if not all lawyers and law firms have their profiles online which makes it easy for you to assess their specialisations.

Again, you can access multiple lawyers at ago on websites like TjenesteTorget from where you can objectively select the best based on your own informed judgment. 

Some of the websites allow you access multiple lawyers and law firms at ago. In other sites, you can enter the specific issues about your case, a description of sorts then based on the keywords, suggestions will display on the screen.

Alternatively, a legal expert who feels more qualified to handle your case will reach out to you privately. Based on their portfolio of services and demonstrated abilities in past cases, you can decide to go ahead and hire them or seek a new one altogether. 

Immigration lawyers in Norway

As an immigrant in Norway, immigration lawyers may be of great interest to you. The lawyers and their firms specialize in EU and Norwegian specific immigration laws which make them better suited to help you in cases such as rejection of residence, application for family reunification, accompanying spouse, extension of residence, asylum processing and many more. 

The reason why we exclusively focus on immigration lawyers in Norway is because when in a dire situation for immigration legal assistance, the brain is so clouded with uncertainties that only a specialized lawyer can be of help.

Having information about the available  lawyers saves you the hassle when in a crazy situation.

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