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Why expats should choose Norway

Since the start of the 1900 the world has steadily become more and more connected. Today, there is not a place you can’t get to if you try hard enough. In a matter of day, you can get to any country on our planet. You can even circle the globe if you want to. The decision to become an expat has therefore never been easier than now. Today we will be going through why you should consider picking Norway as your next base.

It’s in Europe

When you get tired of Asia and bored of America, where do you go? Europe of course! Here you can enjoy a great quality of living, without completely breaking the bank. This is also true for Norway. This amazing country is located in Scandinavia at the top of Europe. Here you can enjoy great winters and wonderful summers. If you are looking for a great time, Norway is the country for you. 

The country of variation

Any place gets boring if you’ve been there long enough. That’s what so great about Norway. No matter where you go, you will find new nature and places to enjoy. The north is a completely different place to the south. There is always something new to discover behind the next curve of the road which is why Norway never gets boring. 


Transportation is often one of the priciest things in your budget. In Norway, this doesn’t have to be the case. They have a really good public transportation network meaning you won’t have to get a car. This will save you a lot in both gas and insurance. You can also get a bike and get around completely free. 

If you have to take a longer journey, Norway has great connection via trains and busses. You can even get to Sweden by train, it only takes four hours between Oslo and Stockholm. That means if you want even more variation, it’s really easy to get it. 

Really cheap travel

Chances are, if set out to be an expat, you have a dream of seeing the world. Norway is a great place while you do that. Set at the top of Europe, this country offers easy access to the rest of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. You can reach all of Europe in a couple of hours and the rest of Scandinavia in even less time. If you want to travel further, the united states are no more than eight hours away over the Atlantic. 

Also, the travel is real cheap. Airlines like Ryanair will take you all over Europe for prices you won’t even believe! There are even options if you don’t enjoy flying. Trains span the entirety of Europe and Norway is well connected to this system. From Norway, you can easily travel down to the southern parts of Sweden. From there you hop on a night train and wake up the next morning in Berlin, Germany

Experience Scandinavia

Until you have survived a Scandinavian winter, you are not a true Scandinavian. The Norwegian winters can be cold and dark but they are also extremely beautiful. The snow combined with the northern lights… There really are nothing quite like it. A true Norwegian winter will also give you a taste of the real Scandinavia. Hopefully you will like what you find and stay for a bit longer. Those who survive their first winter usually stay for more. 

Hopefully we have now gotten you interested in moving to Norway as an Expat (this is a really good blog if you consider Norway). We promise, the winters are not that bad and there are no polar bears in the streets. You will be fine. 

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Author: Ludvig
Ludvig is the owner and driving force behind Scandinavia.life. A native Norwegian with ties to Denmark, Sweden and Finland, he is the perfect guy to guide you through the delights of Scandinavia.