Residence Permit Norway

Residence permit Norway

Changing and Extending Residence Permits in Norway After living in Norway on a student permit, work permit, short stay visa or any form of temporary status, you are likely to get interested on trying to get longer stay there. However, you must know that the possibility of getting permanent residence, citizenship or residence permit extension … Read more

Residence permit Denmark

Residence permit Denmark

Permanent Residence, Danish Citizenship, Establishment card and Extension of Danish residence permit. Countries in the Scandinavia offers some of the best opportunities in education, work, social support, research and development and virtually every aspect of human welfare. These factors make Scandinavian countries be the priority list for  people to seek permanent resident, citizenship or extension … Read more

Hints & Tips Scandinavia

DID YOU Remember Everything?-Hints & Tips Scandinavia Checklist for World Travellers Valid passport, proper vaccination and insurance can determine whether the holiday is a success. There are many little things to watch out for in connection with a journey, both before, during and after. Otherwise, the journey quickly become an experience of the unpleasant kind. … Read more