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By: Ludvig Hoel

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Hints & Tips Scandinavia

DID YOU Remember Everything?-Hints & Tips Scandinavia

Checklist for World Travellers

Valid passport, proper vaccination and insurance can determine whether the holiday is a success.

There are many little things to watch out for in connection with a journey, both before, during and after. Otherwise, the journey quickly become an experience of the unpleasant kind.

Surf for Offers

There are many traps to fall into before the tour next vacation. As buying the first and best ticket and then find a super offer to the same destination shortly after. Use the time well, search for fares on several travel sites and with different airlines, so you ensure the you’ll get the cheapest offer.

The same applies to bookings of hotels all over the web, featuring different prices for the many hotel search engines, and the hotels’ websites.

Be sure to spell your name correctly when you buy your ticket, so you do not get in trouble with quarrelsome check-in personnel, or passport control.

Think Suitcase

To pack your bags is often a problem, because one never manage to choose what to bring, and what should be left at home. Because of the European liquid rules all liquid must be packed in the luggage, or maximum 100 ml containers which are placed in a separate bag, in your hand luggage.

It is also advisable to add a note with the name and phone number inside your luggage. Suitcases disappears and the outer labels easily falls off. Note that TAP Air Portugal, British Airways and KLM are on top when it comes to stow away luggage, according to the Association of European Airlines. Do you wish that your suitcase should be easier to find let it stand out in a crowd, for example with the color or patterns on your suitcase.

In addition, it is important to check airline baggage conditions before your trip, or you may get you some surprises. Terms vary from company to company, and while some charge per bag, others charge for special baggage as fishing rods and strollers. The number of kilos you can pack with you varies. And overweight luggage can be expensive.

Passport and Visa

Are you going to travel far, there is a certain danger that you need visa for the country you are visiting (Check Visa rules for the scandinavian countries here). If you can’t find your destination among the countries on the list, you should contact the embassy for information on how to apply for a visa.

In any case the passport must be valid for at least 6 months ahead of time. And bring your passport even if you are just going shopping.

Before Departure

Should you still get sick, or other mishaps occur, it pays to have obtained travel insurance beforehand. Check conditions with different companies to see how well the coverage is for your needs. Remember that many credit cards offer you insurance automatically if at least half of the journey is paid with that card.

You May Have Rights

Sometimes the flight is delayed, and you are sitting at the airport for several hours. You may be entitled to food coupons, hotel accommodation or compensation by cancellations and delays.

Not all airlines are good at giving passengers what they are entitled to, so demand your rights!