Casino in Denmark

Denmark is one of the popular destinations for casinos in Scandinavia. Prior to 2012, the gambling industry was highly restricted but Denmark liberated its market in 2012. Today, you can simply walk into a licenced casino in the cities and play a game of choice without fearing any form of harassment by the authorities. In fact, Denmark today has a thriving casino industry both online and land based. There has been a bulge in the number of legal casinos in Denmark with high turnover rates being recorded since their legalization in 2012.

Regulation of the Casinos in Denmark 

One thing which makes gambling in Denmark attractive to players and investors is the presence of streamlined regulation frameworks. It is clear from the word go what the investor in a casino has to do in order to avoid unnecessary run ins with the authorities. At the moment, gambling activities in Denmark are regulated by the 2010 Danish Act on Gambling. Through various other enabling legislations, the act regularizes the activities of all participants in the gambling ecosystem. The Danish Gambling Authority which was established by the Ministry of Taxation ensures strict adherence to the laid out regulations. The authority supervises gambling operators and monitors all the operations in the gambling industry. 

Types of Gambling in Denmark 

Denmark has two broad categories of gambling; land based gambling and online gambling. Land based gambling have physical premises where players meet up to play while the online ones come as applications which a player can sign up or download to a personal device and play.

Land based Gambling 

The Danish Gambling Act which controls the industry allows casinos and slot halls as the land based gambling ventures.  The act allows casinos to offer roulette, baccarat, punto banco, blackjack, poker and gambling on prize-winning slot machines. However, the casinos are free to make applications for additional licenses to provide extra games.  Restaurants which have license to sell alcoholic drinks can also be allowed to operate gaming machines. The slots and VLTs can be installed in the slot halls. However, there are other regulations which specify what the slot halls can do with the gambling machines and what they cannot do. A violation of such regulations may lead to revocation of licences. 

Online Gambling 

Since 2012, online gambling has been operating in Denmark. Just like land based gambling, the online gambling is also regulated by the Danish Gambling Authority. The licences issued for online casinos include games such as roulette, black jack, baccarat, punto banco, poker, online bingo, and prize-winning slots. The online casinos are required by law to apply for licences in case they intend to offer other gambling activities including betting and lottery. One defining aspect of the online casinos in Denmark is that they all have .dk national top level domain as part of their names. 

Eligibility to play a Casino

Despite the legalization and streamlining of casinos in Denmark, you cannot just decide to play or operate one. Anybody intending to play a casino must be at least 18 years of age and above. This age limitation applies for both citizens and foreigners in Denmark. Before a player enters a land based casino, it is a requirement to provide an identification document. Important details including photos and recordings within the casino are recorded and stored for use in processing complaints in case any arises. However, the privacy of players is guaranteed and the recorded information is only used for complaints that arise within the next three months. After this time, the data is automatically deleted from the casino database. 

Popular Games at Danish Online Casinos

In Denmark, you will have access to a wide range of casino games that meet your expectations. For instance, Danske Spil  will thrill you with its poker, bingo, and lotto. Several big operators including 888 and Ladbrokes now have licences that allow them to offer so many games. You can also be sure to find reputable casinos where to play blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other fan-favorite games.

Land Based Casino Operators in Denmark

The legalization of gambling in Denmark resulted in vibrant gambling operators in the country. Whereas the number of online casinos in Denmark remains exceptionally high for such a small country, land based casinos are only a few. In Denmark, only six casinos are found in populous cities of Aalborg, Aarhus,  Vejle, Copenhagen, Helsingor and Odense. In these cities, you can easily walk into the casinos and play as long as you meet all their requirements listed under the “eligibility to play casino” above. 

The land based casino in Copenhagen is the largest in Denmark with 140 slots and approximately 25 live game tables. The casino offers a variety of games as well as the traditional ones including 

Roulette, Blackjack and Poker.

It is important to note that the casinos in Denmark give players a wide range of experience with heart-warming games and interaction with other gamers. You can always make good use of your evening free times by visiting a casino around you. 

Playing online casinos in Denmark

As expected of any online products, online casinos in Denmark are popular and enjoy wide use due to their high accessibility. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of online casinos in Denmark is the ease of use-you just sign up to the online casino, pass a few steps and boom! you are in the game. 

The online casinos in Denmark were so straightforward to sign up for and use. The casinos are safe and secure. One only needs to read through the specific terms and conditions to ensure that they sign for a casino which meets their expectations. Some of the things that one needs to do is pay attention to age restrictions, management of funds, and games on offer. 

Five important Steps to play online Casinos in Denmark

When you decide to play an online casino, it is important to check out these steps so that the experience becomes interesting. First, check out what bonuses the casino offers. As a starter, check the promotional page of the casino for it bears the critical elements that show its quality. A casino with good bonuses will already show you that you are in for a great adventure. Good bonuses are indicative that the casino has even more good offers inside.  Secondly, look out for the terms and conditions. The terms of conditions will determine the nature of your relationship with the online casino. There may be some unclear information and restrictions which can only be well evident on the terms and conditions section. Having a proper insight into the conditions is a good thing that protects you from disappointments that may come later on as you use the website. Thirdly, make sure that the games on offer in the online casino actually suit your tastes. Fourthly, you need your preferred way to pay for playing the casino. In real sense, playing a casino attracts various payments and transactions which vary from one operator to the next. Therefore, it is good to find yourself a preferred method of depositing and withdrawing funds.  The fifth and last stage is to register for the casino and start playing the games. 

Payment methods for online casinos in Denmark?

The payment methods for casinos in Denmark are largely standard. This means that the same methods of payment accepted by one casino is likely the same for the rest. There are several casinos that accept the Danish Krone as the currency for transactions. Other casinos may use Euro. Debit and credit cards are the most popular ways of paying for casinos in Denmark. Danish players have Dankort which is a unique payment option accessible to the Danes.  

SEPA is another option for the Danish players. SEPA allows users to transfer funds across the European region without attracting any additional fees. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin are also acceptable in Danish casinos.

Bonuses for Online Casinos in Denmark 

All the online casinos in Denmark offer bonuses to the players. However, the Danish gaming law gives some caveats that players should be allowed up to sixty days to clear an offer. There are various types of online casinos bonuses in Denmark. These include no deposit casino bonus, free spins and match bonus. A no deposit casino bonus is where a player gets a small bonus after signing up to the online casino. The sign up bonus can be within the range of 30 DKK and 100 DKK. Free spins are for players who wish to take less risky free spins.  The match bonuses require that the player makes a deposit and the casino will match the amount and give more actual money for use at the casino.