Aarhus tour guide

Aarhus Tour Guide

Aarhus is one of Denmark’s most popular tourist destinations, and it offers plenty to see and do. Whether you have a day or a week to spend looking around, Aarhus tour guide can help you make the most of it. In fact, you can arrange for private tours, small group tours, and more.

Create Your Own Tour

Service & Co. is a company located in Aarhus that can give you almost any kind of tour you can imagine. Whether you want a personal tour of the city or you want to bring your entire family along, your Aarhus tour guide can create a custom itinerary that is sure to please everyone. In fact, this company works directly with Aarhus’s official tourism department, and they can even help you plan special events in the city.

Conducted City Walk

There are several conducted city walks going on at any given time. In fact, depending on your Aarhus tour guide, you can take a tour based on the city’s history, its culture, its architecture, or even its culinary scene. The “Food Walk”, for example, is a four-hour guided tour of the best restaurants, bistros, and vendors that the city has to offer. All in all, the foods you get to taste along the way amount to an average-sized meal. For those who want a shorter experience, there is also a two-hour version with sampling that amounts to a light meal.

The Costa Cruise Tour

On the Costa Cruise, you and your family and friends can experience Aarhus in a brand new light. You can sail through the beautiful waters and enjoy many of the different sections of the city. In fact, the guide will take you on a guided tour through the city once the ship ports. The boat itself is massive and offers you luxury amenities such as fine dining, shopping, and more.

Urban Aarhus Tour

Your Aarhus tour guide will take you on a guided bicycle trip that is designed to mimic what the residents of the city see as they navigate the city on their favorite form of transportation. Some of the sights you will see along the way include DOKK1, the city’s main library. Then, you will be on to Mejlgade, where you can see an absolutely stunning vertical garden at Mejlgade Lab+. Here, the city is working to make life greener and more sustainable. You will also view the Latin Quarter, Godsbanen, and Port Aarhus before returning to your starting point.

Aarhus Harbor Bus Tour

With this unique experience, your Aarhus tour guides allow you to get up close and personal with the city’s harbor, which is a hub for activity and economy within the city. You will learn about the variety of businesses found in the area and the variety of activities that take place in the harbor around the clock. What’s more, you can even get some information about the planned harbor expansion.

Aarhus is a city steeped in history and culture, and Aarhus tour guides have the insider information required to make sure you enjoy your stay. Whether you want to cruise around on a luxury ship, tour the harbor by bus, or simply walk around the city and enjoy the architecture or food, there is a tour out there suited perfectly for you.