Child Support Money in Denmark

It is no longer news that Denmark ranks among the happiest countries globally. It has also played host to so many immigrants from across the world in the recent past. Some of these immigrants come as complete, broken or single parent families . It would be helpful to understand what Denmark has for helping children who mean a lot for its happiness and a country.

One of the reasons making Denmark a darling for many internationals is how children are highly regarded. Actually, parents who come to Denmark with their children may find it rough handling their children within the Danish system. The Danish system appears to promote a culture in which children are nurtured and treated with soft gloves. This culture is what internationals in Denmark find difficult to embrace.

Denmark registers a very highly stable economy with a correspondingly stable political environment. The country has continuously been among the list of countries registering the best quality of life globally. But honestly, this is looked at from a general perspective. 

It is fair to note that the overall stability in Denmark has not taken away the uncertainties of everyday life. There is always a lingering that possibility of losing a job, inability to meet daily needs, and injury at work. But the worst of them all could be the inability of someone to take care of their children. 

To take off burden of children from parents, Denmark has a structured system of child help. The system ensures that at least every individual is able to meet their daily needs. The enduring and robust social security system in Denmark is the hallmark of the country’s success story. This social protection takes many faces including but not limited to government intervention in child care and upbringing. 

One thing about Denmark is that every working adult pays a fair share of taxes. The government which is the real big brother in Denmark then uses such taxes prudently. These taxes are directed at taking care of social needs of adults and children alike. An expatriate will surely be surprised with how the social system takes away so much financial burden from the direct shoulder of parents. To a narrow minded person, it may appear that the government pays people for having children, which isn’t the case. 

Beneficiaries of the Danish child support scheme must meet certain strict criteria. As a starting point, one must have a  specified status of being recognized as a legal resident. If you have ever wondered what social security could mean in Denmark, particularly child support, then this article will enlighten you.

Danish Authorities’ Consideration of the Family Help

In matters of the family, numerous social security schemes have been made available in Denmark. Alongside the maternity benefits, there are the schemes of childcare and child benefits. Others include the child benefits and family child family allowance given the age of the child and your income as a parent. 

However, there are certain criteria set aside by the Danish government to ensure that child benefits are properly allocated. If the parents are divorced or separated, such criteria is given very strict attention.

With childcare, a child is guaranteed day care availability and the Danish government ensures all children are enrolled in the facilities. It will be well taken care of until the child attains a school age. 

Child Support Scheme in Denmark

As a parent, you have an obligation to support your children. This is applicable regardless of whether you as a parent are married and who of the parents has the custody of the child in Denmark. Even when the parents don’t live together, the parent with whom the child does not live still is supposed to support their child.

Sometimes considered to be child maintenance. Child support is an ongoing periodic payment from a parent towards the financial benefit of their child. But on some occasions, even a caregiver, guardian, can submit a child support payment. This happens in a case where a marriage or a similar relationship has come to an end. 

Child support in Denmark is either submitted directly or indirectly by the obligor to oblige for the care and support needed. When we say the obligator, this mostly would refer to the parent without the custody of the child. Whereas the obligation is in most cases the parent with the custody of the child, a caregiver, or even a guardian.

Child support comes in together as an arrangement part of a divorce, separation, annulment, and in the determination of parentage. The Danish government has strict measures to ensure that the right to child support and the responsibilities of parents towards such are followed.

How you can Apply for Child Support

Parents are usually advised to come to an agreement on how to go about the issue of child support. However, there are some scenarios when parents are unable to reach an agreement on the amount to be submitted monthly for support. This is where the Agency of Family Law sets in.

The decision on the amount of support to be contributed will therefore be decided by the Agency of Family Law. By any chance you wish to apply for the services of this agency in Denmark then you would submit your application online. Possibly through the Agency of Family Law website.

In some situations, the agency will forward your application to the family court who has to come up with a decision. It is then that the decision on your entitlement for support from the obligor is looked into. Remember that this decision is what either proves your entitlement to the support or that you must pay for it. 

In Denmark, it is only possible that the child support money can only come to you if you have custody. Besides, you can also receive support if you are providing for the child in any other ways. It is obvious though that the obligor must pay the child support and as parents you sign an agreement concerning the support terms. 

Specific Details about Child Support Money in Denmark

Well, if you come to an agreement regarding child support, then an agreement on the amount to contribute monthly must be reached too. It is very clear however, that when making such agreements, it is proper to do it in writing. 

Moreover, establishing the circumstances under which the support could be amended is also very clear. But regardless of the decisions made by the Agency of Family Law or family court, the support rates must be based on certain rates. In Denmark, child support comprises of three major parts;

  • The set basic amount
  • Fixed supplement
  • Additional supplement

But all these will be decided upon by the gross income of the obligor and the number of children he has to pay for. Otherwise, an ordinary child support money in Denmark, comprises the set basic amount and a fixed supplement.

This year 2022, the monthly child support rate is from DKK 1.460 to annual DKK 17.520. From this, the set basic amount is DKK 15.516 with a fixed supplement of DKK 2.004 every year. It corresponds to a monthly contribution of DKK 1.293 and DKK 167 respectively.