Dental insurance to save your day in Scandinavia

Anyone who has lived in any Scandinavian country and offers to give an honest review will not miss mentioning the staggering cost of services there. As much as the countries work with social security where the least fortunate in the community feels catered for, situations that require out of pocket payments can really drive one into financial distress. For something as critical as dental health, it won’t look smart to rely on taking out loans when expensive procedures come calling. Instead, dental insurance makes you ready for any eventuality which in itself comes with so much freedom. 

If there’s any one part of the body that creates a pricking pain so much that no one can ever ignore then it’s the teeth. The stinging pain that comes out of a bad tooth won’t let even the boldest of us keep calm. So, the case doesn’t change in Scandinavia where each country offers fully free dental care for underage children but only partial subsidies to adults. In fact, the balance that one has to cater for from their own coffers can be so high if it’s a high end dental procedure that has to be performed. 

Most expensive dental procedures in Scandinavia for which insurance is necessary

  1. Dental implants
  2. Dental veneers
  3. Oral surgery

These include; 

  • Removal of impacted or non impacted wisdom tooth 
  • Sinus lift surgery.
  • augmentation of the jawbone
  • Removal of a cyst or tumour 
  • Repair of the cleft palate or lip.
  • Dental implant installation.
  1. Orthodontics which includes but not limited to setting of aligners and braces
  2. Dental crowns

You need dental care as a matter of health priority

Matters of personal health ought to be priorities. In Scandinavia, residents and visitors alike get encouraged to keep regular visits to ordinary and specialist health practitioners just so that they don\t get surprised when their condition has worsened beyond correction.

So, it’s never possible to over emphasise that those planning a trip to Scandinavia include dental cover as part of their travel insurance package. You never know when your tooth will begin to hurt. Maybe just a change of weather or food alone can trigger an extremely bad tooth problem. 

Keep routine visits to the dentist for own wellbeing

Monthly, biannually or annually, it’s a great idea as a person that you have a clear overview of your dental schedule. Visiting the dentist counts a big deal in sorting out tooth issues before they become full blown. 

Whether you belong to the category of people who hate regular dental visits or feel totally safe, regular trips to the dentists matters. Even so, have it in mind that such visits may sometimes be very expensive. It’s for this reason that smart individuals see the financial risks ahead of time and rush for dental insurance. 

Whether you are going for a general examination, clean-up, or treatment, dental work is quite costly. Even those dental services considered to be very basic, will definitely cost you a very significant amount and this is why you will surely need a dental insurance cover. Once you are able to scoop a comprehensive dental cover then you are able to access your regular dental care comfortably. 

Basic dental insurance for you

Whatever insurance package one settles for really depends on a case by case basis. If you perceive high chances of needing expensive dental procedures in future and have the money for it, the best option should be one that gives comprehensive care. However, the basic options can also save the day for you. Whichever the case, it helps a big deal. 

Dental insurance policies help you pay for your various dental procedures which would normally cause a painful pinch on your finances. But the type of policy you get will be the determining factor of whether your dental care is partly or fully covered by your insurer. By dental care we basically consider the routine cleaning, planting of implants, treatment, and also X-rays. But a common understanding is that dental insurance policies are characterised by lower premiums than we have for health insurance.

Common aspects of a basic dental insurance

A basic dental insurance will mostly take the shape of a 50/80/100 coverage structure but must put into consideration all the preventive care procedures. In addition, your basic dental care will constitute an 80% coverage of your most basic procedures like fillings, extractions, and root canals. But for procedures like bridging, crowns, implants and gum-disease treatment, your basic insurance cover takes on a 50% coverage structure. 

Lest we forget that  some procedures don’t fall within those covered by your basic dental insurance policies. The reason why such instances may exist is because most providers will not consider such procedures as medically necessary treatments. However, the benefits of dental care will mostly depend upon individual factors. Older persons likely benefit the most from dental care policies as they access more of the preventive dental care procedures.

What a typical dental insurance plan has for you

Just like the other healthcare insurance covers, a dental plan benefit for you will vary by plan and also by the specific insurance company. You must always ensure to check on your plan benefits documents keenly for the plan you’re looking forward to taking for wider details on coverage. 

It’s a clear fact that there is actually no dental care visit that is considered cheap because all the services are very expensive. This explains the main reason as to why most people would usually opt for a comprehensive dental health insurance cover. 

Mark you, the dental health insurance cover is often purchased separately from your usual health insurance because it doesn’t always cover dental services. Therefore, with that in mind, your typical dental health insurance plan is usually broken down into three categories;

  • Preventive care
  • Basic services
  • Major procedures

1. Preventive care procedures

These types of dental services have been designed to specifically take care of and help in the prevention of oral health issues and all connect to your general wellness. In many instances, the dental plans will be inclusive of the highest level of coverage for any preventive services. 

Maintenance of healthy gums and teeth automatically lowers your risk to most expensive healthcare services in the future. Your preventive dental health insurance plan will cover for the following tooth care procedures;

  • Your Regular Check-ups and Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Semi-annual exams
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Sealants

These services offered by our dentist are often fully covered for by your dental insurance without any deductibles. What this plainly means is that your dental insurance will cover for every cost without you paying anything more or less.

2. Basic dental care services 

The basic dental health coverage will pay for the costs of all your routinely non-preventive dentalcare service. Most dental health insurers have their plans structured to cover for about 80% of basic dental care procedures. In this case, you will be required to cover for your deductible and any other amount if you surpass your annual maximum in the process of basic care services. This plan mainly covers for basic dental services for instance;

  • Your tooth extractions
  • Tooth fillings
  • Root canals

3. Major dental procedures 

Such a service will mainly depend on your dental plan and will be applicable if your dental healthcare insurance plan covers major procedures. However, expect to pay for higher copayments for such major dental services. 

Many dental care plans cover utmost 50% of the total cost of major procedures but sometimes you will have to wait for a longer time before a major procedure is finalised. The major dental procedures are;

  • Dentures
  • Oral surgery
  • Implants
  • Dentures 

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