Travel insurance when visiting Scandinavia

People travel to Scandinavian countries for so many reasons each day. Probably you know a friend, relative or acquaintance who has in recent times traveled over to Denmark, Norway or Sweden? These three countries form the larger Scandinavia and together rank best in the global happiness index. While these countries experience extreme winters, there’s always something to look up to and that explains why the bold dare to relocate and live there or just travel on a short stay tourist visa. 

If you become the lucky one and secure a residence permit in any of the countries, just know that your public health insurance will be registered immediately and your residence documents will be ready upon arrival. The situation for those on a short stay visa is a little different as they need to privately buy comprehensive health insurance that covers the period of stay. But aside from health insurance, one needs to have travel insurance for the financial security that it brings in case of unexpected inconvenience experienced on the journey. 

Travel insurance when visiting Scandinavia allows you to enjoy and worry less

No doubt, Scandinavia has some of the best places any adventure seeker would love to visit. From nature, history, culture, and even modernity, each country has something to offer and a promise of great memories to create. There’s a possibility for you to just plan a visit to this region and enjoy its beauty. 

If for sure Adventures are the best way to learn as ardent travelers put it then being a guest in Scandinavia opens one to a lot of lessons. Generally the region is safe for visitors as serious crimes rarely get reported. However, risks such as cancellation of flights, lost baggage, delays in itinerary and such kinds of stuff may happen from time to time. Its here where travel insurance comes handy; at least those who’ve been in such situations know the frustrations way too well. 

No time to ignore possible risks

Ordinarily, any visitor to Scandinavia whether as a tourist or on other businesses have limited time to do a lot of things. Therefore, time is always of essence and unexpected delays which may last several hours or even a day would really throw your plans into complete chaos. 

Of course, travel agencies and airlines always have their refund policies or claims for inconveniences that travelers experience on transit, making it real takes time. For instance, a claim for flight cancellation or delay may take up to 72 hours to be ready. Sometimes, re-booking  on an alternative flight may come with hefty charges which paying out of pocket can be draining. 

In a few words, having travel insurance if on a short stay in Scandinavia saves one the worries and lets them focus purely on enjoyment and relaxation. Nobody saves and plans a vacation to a destination as Scandinavian only to again spend each moment worrying what would happen in case of an inconvenience of travel.  

Travel insurance gives you comfort and a satisfying sense of security 

Anyone who has traveled especially outside the home country can understand that such trips may come with some challenges. Ordinarily, nobody wishes to be inconvenienced when off on what ought to be a fanciful  journey. Yes, so many things that may happen to us on a trip are obviously out of our control but at least with proper travel insurance, it’s possible to avoid the financial stress that may accompany them. 

As part of your travel plans on a short stay Schengen visa to Scandinavia, there’s always a requirement for insurance. This insurance acts as your security in case of any eventualities that would set one off so much money if paid out of pocket. But anyone looking to really enjoy a stay in Scandinavia ought to do more than just what the travel requirements demand. The demanded travel insurance for visiting Scandinavia is just a basic package but then its upon the individual traveler to choose a package which better takes care of perceived losses should anything happen when out there.

A well packaged travel insurance policy will guarantee you great security just in case your trip may fail to go as planned. For instance, in an experience from an accident, theft, or any other calamity, a travel insurance policy will quickly get you back up on your feet.

Travel Insurance for your trip to Scandinavia  

Today, travel insurance agencies and operators are all over. But as necessary, anyone taking an insurance cover, especially travel insurance ought to be double sure that the selected operator is really reliable. You don’t need to struggle so much to find out which operator is reliable and which one isn’t. The public information in various media can always give dependable lead. 

In most cases, you would be required to have a valid travel insurance before being issued with a Schengen visa. But all these will vary depending on what citizenship you hold and can prove. So, most people decide to buy travel insurance from the insurers in their home country. Nothing entirely wrong with this decision but another perfect alternative would be to contact travel insurance agencies in Scandinavia, tell them about your impending trip then have them issue you with the necessary insurance cover.

Some travelers consider buying travel insurance directly from Scandinavia before they can travel because it is so expensive. They therefore prefer to buy cheaper options from home. But don’t you know that what matters here is the confidence and level of reliability of the insurer? If your agency at home will be handy to address claims when they arise, well and good but then travel insurance agencies in Scandinavia have always proven their reliability when the desperate times hit the insured. 

You need travel insurance when visiting Scandinavia

Cover medical Bills when on a travel 

It is no secret that Nordic countries are the most expensive countries in Europe and there is no way their healthcare system will be different. Yes, the medical care in Scandinavia remains of a high standard. You definitely get to enjoy excellent facilities and equipment within modern hospital settings. This is the true scenario even in the most remote areas across Scandinavia. 

Without a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be next to impossible for you to access free medical care while in the Nordics. This is exactly one of the reasons why you will dearly need a travel insurance policy that packages your medical cover. 

Even if your health feels perfectly fit, it only takes one wrong incident and everything would just blow off. This is especially certain when you are out enjoying the wild landscapes and as you scavenge for the most fun activities that this region has to offer you. However, you don’t always have to be out and about hiking and scavenging for fun to encounter harm because even car accidents happen in the Nordics region.  So, you are very safe with your travel insurance policy but you just have to make sure it has your medical cover package.

Cover for your lost Items when on the travel

Other than just your healthcare coverage, there are plenty of other things that are pretty much important to have cover for. Despite the Nordics being one of the very safe places, there could still be some minimal cases where one can lose their items. In the mix-up across the large cities in Scandinavia you could easily misplace your personal items like phones, wallet, or other important things. All you must do is to grab your travel insurance and make sure that it covers all the items you are carrying with you.

Cover travel cancellations and delays

There are some circumstances beyond your control that may lead to the cancellation of either your flight, travel, or tours arrangements. So, as soon as you book your trip to Scandinavia, ensure that you have your travel insurance already. This will help cover for any cancellations before your travel and can claim back most or at least some of your money. 

At the same time, in an event of travel delay, one is likely to get stuck at the airport. A decent travel insurance policy will cover for your food and even phone calls at such times. Equally, compensations should also be availed in the cases of genuine delays and missed flight appointments.

Considerations when purchasing your travel insurance to Scandinavia 

  • Read every detail of the insurance offer/package
  • Ensure that your personal items are covered to their full value 
  • Opt for a business travel insurance instead for it comes with great benefits
  • Consider buying an annual policy for a frequent traveler over the year
  • Be keen to check on the winter sports exclusions especially when coming to Norway 
  • Check on the areas excluded
  • Consider the companies offering the low excesses 

Examples of travel insurance in Scandinavia

World Nomads 

Heritage Insurance Company

CHUBB travel insurance