Working in Norway

By: Awino Fredrick

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Working in Norway

Working in Norway could be a dream for anyone seeking job satisfaction. Testimonies from those who have worked in Norway there show a great level of career progression as well. So, if by any chance you land an opportunity to live and wok in Norway, thats a great jackpot.

Norway is a country that offers everyone good labour protections and attractive salaries. All that someone moving to Norway needs to do is be committed to take a vocation, be committed and really to contribute their fair share.

Fact Check about Work in Norway

Many people will shun seeking employment in Norway out of the scare of extreme weather conditions. But in life, it is not easy to get everything the way one needs them. At least, it is a balancing act where when the benefits are more than the risks, go for it…

At the very least, you just have to weigh opportunities that moving to Norway presents to you. For instance, the weather in Norway is extreme, that is true but you can always wear something warm.

On the other hand, where you are currently working, the job satisfaction is too low, wages unsatisfactory and labour protections at the very low. It is out of such considerations that you will really find reasons to move to Norway. 

What makes Norway for expatriates seeking jobs is that you will take a job which you like as opposed to only being focused on the paycheck.

The structure of Norway’s economy is in such that anyone who has an ability and willingness to participate in the job market gets the chance and commensurate living income.

At the end of the day, such a conducive working environment makes it easy for all employees to actually pursue their passions, interests and become more productive at work. 

Why you need to work in Norway 

For anyone who has not been in Norway, maybe the most known thing about the country is its extreme weather and thriving petroleum sector. The cities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim are probably some of the most known in the country.  

It would be so interesting as an expatriate to venture out to Norway and explore the country beyond hearsay. Go to Norway and see how dedicated workers from all walks of life and across the world wake up every dawn to their work and return with smiley faces in the evening after doing the jobs they like. 

As a newcomer in Norway with a particular interest to work, you will never miss what to do in the country as its highly diverse economy has something to offer for all.

The country’s economy is thriving with very low rates of unemployment. This low unemployment alone tells that you will not idle with nothing to do once in Norway. 

As much as having a reasonable understanding of Norwegian language is a good start for a newcomer, it is not a must to get a foot hold of the job market.

English is well spoken in Norway which means that somehow, you will manoeuvre your way around the country. 

Working in teams

With good hourly wages and possibility of taking up multiple jobs, Norway opens boundless opportunities for the working class to make use of their active years. It is possible to make your money early, take a retirement and engage in low activity tasks. 

Worker Protections in Norway

There are active and strong labour protections in Norway which means that at no one time will the employer try to swindle your hard earned money or manipulate your rights whatsoever.

Your savings during your working years will be well protected so that when you eventually retire from work, there is something for you to live on. Every deduction made from your income will be returned back to you at appropriate time without any delays. 

The unemployment benefits in Norway also protects people from lacking an income.

Provided that you register with an unemployment insurance during your working period, they will take over to pay part or whole of your income for the period between losing a job and getting a new one. Doesn’t that sound comforting especially if you are worried about losing a job in a foreign country? I think it does.  

How to get a job in Norway 

After reading the first bit of this writing, you have now probably made an informed decision about searching for a job in Norway. Your decision is guided by pure information and self-evaluation. So the next important question is how do I get the job especially if not a citizen from EU or EEA country?

The answer to this is simple and straightforward. This world today has become a small global village where it is not necessarily about where you come from but what you really have to offer.

Your ability to contribute to the society and economies stand up beyond where you come from. So, there is always a way to move to Norway as a worker. 

Job-seeking tactics in Norway

To get a job in Norway, you must embrace active networking. There are various platforms for networking including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook pages, company websites et cetera. Do not feel shy to do cold pitching after reading the profile and activities that a potential employer does.

Sometimes the firm is missing just someone like you even though they have not out an advert already. Showcase your ability at the slightest opportunity.

In conferences, meetings or any form of engagements with entities from Norway, express your interest to work there. Maybe someone in the room is having a keen eye on you. Just feel free to visit Arbeidsplassen,

JobbDirekte and The Local Norway. Alternatively, just search jobs in Norway and it will amaze you how many matches come to your screen. 

Again, to get a feel of which jobs that you stand a chance of easily getting in Norway especially the professional ones, check which sectors have a shortage or workers. Such jobs may vary from time to time but always include building and construction, engineering, health and nursing, hospitality, information technology and tourism.

Jobs to expect in Norway 

Although being a specialist in your field is a good thing, it is advisable that you become flexible and diverse in your thinking as a way of entering Norway.

I bet you, your specialisation will be relevant  immediately or later but this should not deter you from moving to Norway. After all, education and training is supposed to make people more adaptive and knowledgeable. 

It is recommended that if you do not find a perfect match for your training or job interest in Norway, just get the closest match to start with and over time, you will find a jig saw fit job for your specialization. 

Jobs in Norwegian Service sector

Over the years, the service sector drives the Norwegian economy with major industries being agriculture, chemical manufacturing, food processing, petroleum and gas, shipping and textiles.

You will probably get jobs advertisements from companies such as Aker Solutions, ExxonMobil, NorgesGruppen, Norsk Hydro,Telenor Group,Total E&P Norge. 

The graduate jobs in Norway are in the construction, health, IT, Oil and gas and Tourism.