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Getting a Job in Norway

If you want to be an expatriate in Norway, you need a job that earns at least a living income to meet your recurrent expenditure and even save. The Norwegian labor market is very receptive to skilled and exemplary human resource. The receptiveness of the employers notwithstanding, you will still need to build professional networks which will eventually see you get better opportunities with time and even hone your abilities.

Nature of Job market in Norway 

As an English speaking person, you should not be worried that language can be a limiting factor in getting employed since Norwegians also speak good English. The most important thing for you to get a job is your demonstrated skills and ability to continually build networks within your specialty.

Getting in touch with individuals, corporates and other entities within your area of specialization gives you a step ahead since many vacancies are not necessarily publicly advertised. So from day one, you need to identify the key players in your area of focus, pursue them and let them know what value you can contribute. You will not regret having such a robust network in Norway.

Not all jobs need certification 

Understandably, there are certain jobs in Norway which may not necessarily require honed skills but just the ability and willingness to learn as you do it. For instance, distribution of mail, cleaning and working in hotels as a waiter may not require prior experience. However, professional jobs are highly competitive which is the reason you must stand out. 

Some of the dominant professional jobs in Norway include many engineering and construction fields, ICT, Oil and Gas Jobs in Norway, maritime, legal, tourism and research. 

Getting a suitable Job in Norway

There are 5 main ways of getting a job in Norway. These include the internet, media, trade unions, private recruitment agencies and general job applications. 

Most of the jobs in Norway can be found listed on the internet. The job openings in Norway can be found in the NAV job database. Though the advertisements are made in Norwegian, it is always possible for you to find some vacancies in English especially if you have a predefined search. 

Where to look for work in Norway

You can always search for jobs on Arbeidsplassen where you can identify jobs, register your CV and record permanent jobs searches. Though the service is only in Norwegian, you can customize google to translate the page for you. Alternatively, you can search for jobs in Norway available in other languages at Since most companies in Norway also have their fully functioning websites, it is possible for you to search them directly on the on-line Yellow Pages  at Most jobs are also listed on Apart from the internet, you can also get advertisements on the Norwegian newspapers  at

As a means of diversifying your search, it is also advisable that you contact private recruitment agencies. This would mean you sign up with a private recruitment agency that has contact with potential employers. From this, they will intervene for you to get a job. You can get the recruitment agencies in Norway by searching for “vikarbyrå”.

Some jobs in Norway can be found in the informal job market. This does not mean that they are illegal. Such jobs are not registered with any organization or advertised. As a result you can only get them by making a random or unsolicited application to a company of interest. After sending such an application, it is good for you to make follow up calls just in case they received your application or any chance is in the offing for you. You will need to attach your qualifications including certificates, diploma and C.V.

List over sites to vacant positions

You can always check available job placements in these portals’ and be sure to get responses from the potential employers.


Jobs in Oslo: .

Jobb Direkte

Career Jet



Tips for a job search breakthrough in Norway 

  • Be confident about your qualifications
  • Be creative when applying for jobs
  • Familiarize yourself with the job market

Write a good CV which captures your main capabilities, tailor it to the job at hand
Know about the job and adequately prepare for the job interviews.

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