Stavanger Expert Quick Guide

Stavanger is a Norwegian city located in the south-eastern part of the country. It is administered by the Stavanger Kommune which essentially controls virtually all the activities and preserve some of the city’s unique heritage dating back to the 20th century. 

Stavanger city has both natural and man-made attractions which will likely carry you away. On a adventurous day you can explore the city’s landmarks such as the Lysefjord, Sola beach, and the breathtaking Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock). You can also reconnect with the history of Norway evident in the preserved in the more than 170 white wooden houses. 

Stavanger is a city of many things that is why it is a good place for job seekers, students and tourists. For instance the Stavanger is a university city and Europe’s oil and energy capital. This uniqueness makes Stavanger attractive to international immigrants resulting in a booming multicultural activity. 

Housing in Stavanger

In Stavanger like the rest of Norway, must residents own their homes but still some of the rent them out. Again, as an expatriate, you can find a good housing in Norway with proper heating systems. 

Types of housing Properties

Enebolig – Standalone/detached house. May come with or without a garden.

Tomannsbolig/Flermannsbolig – Semi-detached house where there can be 2 or more apartments in the same house. Common areas like the garden and laundry area can be shared.

Rekkehus – house in rows.

Leilighet – apartment. Do note that leilighet refers to apartments in a block and also to apartments in a semi-detached house (tomanns/flermannsbolig).

Bofelleskap – shared house/apartment where you have a bedroom to yourself but share the other areas of the property.

As a student in higher education within Stavanger, there is always no assurance that you will get accommodation within the areas arranged by the universities. Therefore, it is important to make prior arrangements before reporting to the universities. In case your application for housing is rejected for any reason including constrained spaces, it would mean you have to make private arrangements at and

Child welfare, Schools and universities in Stavanger

Higher Education 

As an immigrant scholar in Stavanger, you are just right city with some of the premier universities in science and technology. In Stavanger, you can register for cutting edge courses at  Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media, University of Stavanger and VID Specialized University. 

As a resident of Stavanger with children, you are always sure that their welfare is well catered for by the Kommune. Some of the important services you will get for your children are Day care centres, Day care facilities for school children (SFO) and Schools

Day care centres

Here you will find application forms and a list of all the day care centres (barnehager) in Stavanger. You must apply electronically to obtain a place or to change a place in a day care centre. This applies both to municipal and private day care centres.

Day care facilities for school children (SFO)

These facilities are available before and after school hours for 1st to 4th grade children and for disabled children up to the age of 12. 


General information about schooling and a list of all the primary and lower secondary schools in Stavanger and their websites. 

Primary Schools

Find secondary schools and school districts on the map

Other types of schools

High school

Schools sorted by municipality

Working in Stavanger 

Stavanger city has various types of jobs which are open even to international applicants. The maritime industry, manufacturing and engineering sectors in the city offers the bulk of jobs. In case you have competencies then you have heads up to get a job in Stavanger. To help you get a job in the city as an international job seeker, it is important to read through these pages:

You can also contact a recruitment agency in the city. The two major recruitment agencies in Stavanger are as follows:

Adecco Norge AS, Sjøhagen 6, 4016 Stavanger
Phone: 23 29 00 00

Manpower AS, Forusbeen 78, 4033 Stavanger
Phone: 22 01 80 00

We also made an article deicated to finding work in Norway – with a lot of useful information.

Shopping in Stavanger

you can always look to Stavanger for the best shopping experience. You can get some of the best quality products including utensils, clothing, and groceries that meet your expectations.  Some of the places you can walk into and buy your items of choice in Stavanger include:

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