Trondheim-Home of The Strong and Fruitful

The Rose of Trondheim

Since the Middle Ages, the Olaf-Rose have been used as the city’s symbol. A Icelandic sorcery book mention the rose as a reference to a knot St. Olaf carried around, as protection against temptation. Well, you’re going to need several roses if you want protection against all the fun Trondheim has to offer. But why would you want to do that?

Trondheim, is a paradise for a technology lovers and a dream for those interested in history and architecture. The city has been and remains a popular pilgrimage, an ecclesiastical center, a regional capital, and a center for trade and industry. It is a focal point for education and research.

Trondheim-The Green City

It is in Trondheim, the SINTEF Research Centre develops environmental-friendly technologies, an important task on an international level, renowned over the whole world for their work. The city is home to the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral from the 11th century, Norway’s national treasure, and the Royal Palace which  is the biggest wooden construction in Scandinavia. Trondheim has rich cultural and international influences. Every year in late July to August, the city celebrates the St. Olav Festival, a popular religious and cultural event that draws crowds from near and far.

Destination Trondheim

Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city, was Norway’s capital for 200 years, and was founded in 997  as a trading post by the Viking king Olaf Tryggvason (best known as St.Olaf). The city was a archdiocese in 1152 and that same year was also the cathedral school, the country’s first school, founded. The city developed rapidly to become a leading trading center for the district and the role of the city today.

Trondheim is today the main town of the county of Sor-Trondelag in central Norway. The city is popular as a cultural destination as well as a shopping destination- Trondheim is, as the largest city in the region, a natural trading center. You’ll find everything from small special niche stores to many major department stores and shopping centers.

Trondheim by Night

Climate & Nature

The northernmost regions of Norway have no darkness from mid-May to mid-July, this also applies to Trondheim. Trondheim has a mild and humid, maritime, climate , which is characterised by the city’s location on the edge of the westerlies . The city lies within the temperate climate zone , but not so far away arctic climate zone. Although the city is far north – only 500 kilometers from the arctic circle – it is also beneficiary of the gulf stream warmth. Its location between the warm air in the south and the cold of the north gives a somewhat unstable climate.

In the winter season this is beneficiary, as good skiing can be had in the surrounding areas. The skiing opportunities nearby is in the league of the best in the world. Regulary, the best of the best meet here to challenge for medals, when the World Championships is arranged in Granaasen. In contrast, it can be very warm in the summer and people crowd to the water and beaches. The forest and mountains surrounding Trondheim is fantastic for hiking, with trails leading to cabins scattered over the whole area.

The Old Town Bridge Trondheim

Where to start

Start out your experience at the tourist information. It is located downtown, in the city’s pedestrian zone usually bustling with life, Nordre gate (Northern street). In the city’s downtown zone you will find niche specialty shops as well as larger retailers. In the tourist information you will find inspiration and information through modern technology and personalized service of friendly tourist hosts. They give you the best tips for your days in Trondheim and Trondelag. What to see, Where to eat, where you can sleep and how to get around. They can help you plan your stay and show you the way forward. A special card to use the city bikes you can also hire there. You can pick up free brochures and discover exhibits from the region.

What to do

In Trondheim there is a wide choice of good restaurants. The proximity to the sea makes it a short distance to great seafood experiences. Trondheim is the city where the local cuisine is just that – local. An increasing number of the city’s restaurants serve local dishes, based on the finest ingredients the region has to offer. You can eat and drink your way through a huge variety of restaurants, eateries, cafes and bars, and be charmed by a rich nightlife.

The boat trip to traditional The Monks Island is a great opportunity to experience Trondheim from the seaward side, while the view from the top of the 120 meter high the Tyholt-tower provides a good overview of the city and its surroundings. The tower also contains a restaurant so you can get a little snack while enjoying the view.

The Monks Island in Trondheim

Trondheim is living history and contemporary life together in harmony. The city’s architecture and location creates a nice frame around everything, whether you want to spend the day on a tour of the cathedral or to stroll through “Bakklandet”. Not to mention all the festivals that are arranged throughout the whole year, you can’t miss one.

Baklandet Skydsstation Trondheim

Do not forget to stop by the city’s rich variety of galleries and museums. There are many opportunities, whether you want a guided tour, or prefer to go on exploring on your own.

How to get around

Trondheim is the hub between the railway, Hurtigruten and European route 6. The city has always been an important hub in Central Norway. In medieval times, people came along roads into the cathedral and royal estate which then lay in Trondheim. Today the railway-station also serves as a hub for regional buses. A tramline is under way, where the goal is to relieve the city from increasing traffic by cars and pollution.

Hurtigruten has two daily calls on Brattora carrying fast-ferry passengers to and from towns as far south as Kristiansund.

Local buses in Trondheim uses North Sea Gas as fuel and shall as soon as possible adopt climate-neutral biogas.

Trondheim Airport Vaernes is located in Stjordal in Nord-Trøndelag, east of town. A number of airlines connect to Trondheim, including SAS, Norwegian, Wideroe, KLM, Icelandair, Wizz Air and Estonian Air

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