Trondheim-Home of The Strong and Fruitful

The Rose of Trondheim Since the Middle Ages, the Olaf-Rose have been used as the city’s symbol. A Icelandic sorcery book mention the rose as a reference to a knot St. Olaf carried around, as protection against temptation. Well, you’re going to need several roses if you want protection against all the fun Trondheim has … Read more

St. Olaf’s Final Resting Place

The Legendary St. Olaf Close to Trondheim lies the burial site of the famous St. Olaf, the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral. St. Olaf, also known as Olav Haraldsson , was the king of Norway in the period 1015-1028. St. Olaf led the unification of the country ahead and played a fundamental role in the introduction of … Read more

Nidaros Cathedral-A Major Tourist Attraction

The Nidaros Cathedral was built in the 11th century and marks the burial site of Saint Olaf, who ruled the nation during a portion of that era. Originally a Roman Catholic Church, it moved to Lutheranism in 1537 during the Protestant Reformation. Nidaros is one of the most historic buildings in all of Norway. In … Read more