Norwegian viking heritage sites to explore

If you’re interested in viking culture and norse mythology there’s no better place to visit than Norway. The country is a natural part of Viking history and several heritage sites are still possible to visit today. So, if you want to walk in the footsteps of famous vikings Norway should be on your list of destinations.

But before you alter course on your longboat and set sails for Norway, let us summarize what you should visit in this magnificent country far north. This article is only a taste of what you’ll find in the country that previously housed famous vikings such as Erik the Red, Harald Hardrada and Harald Bluetooth.

Norwegian viking heritage

As a major part of the Scandinavian countries Norway together with Sweden, Iceland and Denmark collectively amount to most of Viking history. Kings and queens of the Scandinavian countries shared adventures, raged war against each other and introduced christianity to the headens of Scandinavia. Today the rich history of the region makes it a popular destination for viking fans from all across the world and several highlighted destinations makes for a perfect vacation into the old habits of the brutal viking population from the North. Today we explore four destinations you should add to your list next time you visit Norway or want to explore the history of viking kings further.


One of the most famous destinations in Norway and a certain favourite is Vikingskipshuset in Oslo. Here you’ll find three original longboats in full size, together with a vast selection of antiques from ancient times. Osebergskipet is one of the most well kept longboats in the world and the famous design has been the inspiration to a vast selection of movie replicas, slot machines, videogames and historical content.

Midgard Vikingsenter

In Horten outside Oslo you’ll be able to enter into a full size replica of Gildehallen. This is a replica of the largest known viking hall found by historians. Explore the daily life of scandinavian vikings including their handcrafts, food and economy in this perfect viking destination.


In the west of Norway you’ll find the small island of Karmøy and Avaldsnes. The area is one of the richest in viking history and often dubbed “the home of viking kings”. This is where Harald Hardrada had his seating and several kings are buried in the sacred grounds on the Island. On top of this you’ll also find one of the oldest churches in the kingdom of Norway right here in Avaldsnes.


Sagastad has one of the newest viking museums in Norway and have rapidly become one of the most favoured destinations for viking fans in Norway. Here you can explore a vast collection of historical artifacts and the more than 30 meter long ship Myklebustskipet. The museum also has a brand new collection of interactive entertainment which makes it exciting for children and adults of all ages to learn more about the viking history of western Norway.

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