Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund also known as Norsk Buhund is a darling of many dog lovers. The dog is a marvel because of its various uses by the owners including herding , watch dog and a nanny dog. In actual sense, Norwegian Buhund is the to go to multipurpose dog.

Apart from Norwegian elkhound, the Norwegian Buhund is a popular dog that its existence can be traced back to the Viking Age. The Norwegian Buhund is medium sized, has a light frame, as well as a compact body. The Norwegian Buhund is an all-round dog as they acted as herders and guards.  

Buhund means homestead, thus, Norwegian Buhund can easily handle all kinds of sports and dogs job with ease. They also handle the humans with love and they even accompanied the owners as well as livestock herding and guarding farms. The Norwegian Buhund boy names are Duke, Charclie, Max, Jake, Cooper, and Bailey while the girl names include Lucy, Bela, Molly, Daisy, and Roxy.

Some short History about the Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund originated in Norway. History documents that the dogs traveled to Norway using the Viking ships as the breed has been found in the Viking graves from 900AD. Since the remains of Norwegian Buhund have been found in the Viking graves, they are believed to be buried along their master. Besides, the breed is linked to other breeds including Norwegian elkhound and Swedish Valkhund.

Appearance and size of Norwegian Buhund

Also known as, Norwegian sheepdog, Buhund’s size is medium. It is also a pure breed belonging to the spitz family. The dog has a wedged shaped head while the nose is black. The lifespan is from 12 to 15 years and they mainly come in two colors wheaten and black.

The height of the Norwegian Buhund depends with the gender. For instance, while the female are between 41 to 45cm, the male are between 43 to 47cm. Besides, although the female weigh between 12 to 16kgs, the male weigh from 14 to 18kg.

Health  of Norwegian Buhund

Despite being a healthy breed, the Norwegian Buhund may suffer from hip dysplasia and eye disorders. In some cases, it is prone to von Willebrand’s disease, which is a bleeding disorder. As a result, before purchasing a Norwegian Buhund, one has to ask for the paper work indicating the tests of the three diseases. The tests can be done using inbreeding coefficient calculators, screening schemes, and DNA tests.

Uses of Norwegian Buhund

In the past, the Norwegian Buhund was used in herding. The main animal that it would assist to herd was the sheep and that is the reason it is also known as Norwegian sheepdog. Apart from herding, the dog would help the owners to hunt as well as other home purposes.

Due to their obedience, which is unique as compared to other breeds, the Buhund do play a major role in the detection of drugs as well as guiding people. Its playfulness makes it to be loved by many people and they do enjoy playing with them.

Worldwide Breeding

Apart from Norway, other nations have shown interest in breeding this kind of dog. Therefore, some of the countries that are successfully breeding the Norwegian Buhund include Sauda, United States, and United Kingdom.

Protective Ability

The Norwegian Bihund are so friendly. Consequently, they do not have the capacity of guarding an individual. It means that instead of chasing the intruders hey will be friendly and play with them. On the other hand, some of them bark vigorously meaning that they might take the duty of protecting humans from the intruders carefully.


Being among the spitz family, such breeds are usually challenging to train. Another breed that is difficult to train is the Northern breed. Nevertheless, the Norwegian Buhund are a bit easier to train May be one of the reasons is because they are friendly and playful when it comes to human beings

Although it is challenging to train them because they usually want to retain their trait of being independent, they are highly motivated towards foods. This helps them to learn things like clicking. In addition, since they want to do most of the things on their own, convincing them as well as making them to maintain their focus may be a bit difficult for the trainer.


The Norwegian Buhunds do not have any diet requirements meaning they eat a well-balanced dog food. They should also be supplied with fresh water frequently. Regarding feeding, they should be given meals at least twice a day. Besides, because they love eating, they can become overweight. Thus, they should not be given too much treats.  


A family that a friendly new member of the family should look no further. They should consider Norwegian Buhund, as they are full of energy, cheerful, and affectionate. The Norwegian Buhund need a large room to play because they are always busy doing what they enjoy.

The advantages of having Norwegian Buhund at Home

  • A keen watchdog because it is not aggressive as compared to other dogs such as The Fila Brasilerio and The Pit Bull Terrier.
  • It is a cheerful, talkative, and hardworking dog
  • They are also a fearless breed and they enjoy trying new experiences
  • Norwegian buhund is not huge, it is middle sized
  • The dog has a great hearing because it has well developed senses and this enables them to hear things well several miles away
  • Since the Norwegian buhund enjoy and love playing
  • The breed is loyal to its family and that is the reason some of its remains were found in the Viking graves

The Disadvantages of having Norwegian Buhund at Home

  • The Norwegian buhund barks a lot as opposed to Norwegian elkhound because they are usually conversational
  • This type of dog not usually do well with the other pets including the other dogs, they enjoy being by themselves
  • The other Norwegian Buhund are usually hard to find when making a comparison to the other Norwegian dogs and this means that they are highly priced
  • Since they love exploring and has the desire of being independent, training them can be challenging at times
  • Norwegian Buhund not being a hypoallergenic breed means that shedding is a major issue as they go through two coat cycles yearly.

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