Cigarette brands you won’t miss in Norway

Smoking counts among the generally acceptable lifestyle choices in Scandinavia. While it may come as a surprise for a conservative, Norwegians don’t mind smokers. The only expectation is that a smoker does it responsibly and not affect those who hate the puff. To be honest, both men and women in Norway freely sample their cigarette brands, smoke it and just feel cool.

Nothing wrong with someone making smoking as a lifestyle choice but it may look strange for someone not used to. But if you plan to visit Norway and are a smoker, life will turn out to be so comfortable for you as cravings for the cigar will see you buy from the many cigarette brands stocked in different stores around. 

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Norway can get extremely cold and quite a number of people experience bouts of winter depression. Good clothing and indoor heating systems will be a good way to keep warm but as smokers will tell you, a single puff will lift the spirits as well. This should not be taken as promoting smoking but as an honest reality of what happens. 

Interesting reasons behind the smoking lifestyle in Norway

For once, someone may be wondering why anyone would make smoking in  Norway a topic of discussion for its something so common. The fact of the matter remains that in so many cultures around the world supported by religion and science, smoking isn’t talked about well. Like one has the freedom to choose what to do even if it means smoking but then upon making that choice, the society begins to look at you differently. But then in Norway, smokers get their space like anyone else without people raising eyebrows. More to this is that young sweet ladies, women and teenagers also smoke so freely like it’s not supposed to bother anyone.  

Anyone interested or having plans to visit Norway should be careful not to make that move in Winter. This suggestion becomes even more important if you come from tropical or averagely warmer temperatures. It may be difficult to cope with the new culture and biting cold all at the same time. 

Extremely cold weather, social factors and genetics

In fact, the extremely cold winters and generally chilly weather experienced all across Norway from Sørlandet in the south to Hammerfest in the north has been said to be among the reasons for the smoking habit. Although we can all agree that lifestyle decisions basically depend on ones; own choices, issues to do with genetic predisposition, peer pressure and other environmental reasons explain the smoking culture in Norway. 

Surprisingly, even immigrants who enter Norway as non smokers may over time end up smoking and just like that their lifestyle changes. So it’s not like anyone is about to victimize anybody for smoking. No, Norway is a free world where everyone has a duty to respect the other person;s rights and spaces even if they choose to be chainsmokers. 

Chances that once you  become addicted once you start smoking cigarettes in Norway are very high.  But never mind so much because nobody will be out there to judge your habit as long as it doesn;t make you disorderly or smoke mindless of those around. 

Some of the popular cigarette brands in Norway

Anyone who wishes to know Norway inside out may be interested to find out which cigarette brands are stocked on shelves there. It’s no secret that cigarette smoking is common in Norway and a smoker would love to know whether the preferred brands exist there or they need to expect to make new choices. So, this explains why we answer this question here and now. 

Before getting to know of the cigarette brands being sold in Norway, any smoker needs to be first aware of the existing regulations on public smoking in Norway. The government authorities have put restrictions to prevent smoking from being a nuisance. So, be aware of these rules so as not to end up being fined or arrested for violation of smoking laws. 

Snus as a popular alternative for rolled cigarettes in Norway 

Today, snus has become so popular among smokers in Norway. Its a best alternative to rolled cigarettes and one can smoke it in public areas since it has no restrictions and laws forbidding it.  You can freely smoke your snus  in restaurants, gas stations and other public places. 

If you like tobacco but prefer not to smoke, you can always purchase snus at the cheapest place at airports. You can also opt to dash across the border to Sweden to buy at a less cost than in Norway. For smokers who like puffing, some of the common cigarette brands in Norway include the following:

Marlboro cigarettes in Norway

The legendary Marlboro cigarette has been here with us for sometime now and Norway isn’t left behind. Although being an American cigarette brand, Marlboro is liked by quite a huge number of smokers in Norway.

It has a wide range of flavors from which smokers can choose. One can choose from the Flavor line, which are original red full-flavor cigarettes, the Fresh line, made of spiced-up cigarettes and the Gold line, the former lights.  If Marlboro is your favorite brand, you can find one package in Oslo at ~139 kroner.

Tiedemann’s Rød cigarette in Norway

Tiedemann’s Rød is another cigarette brand that you might want to try out if you are a smoker. One of the common types under this brand is Rolling tobacco Tiedemann’s Red No. 3. This one is a combination of dark fire-dried tobacco and ripe Virginia tobacco with a full-flavored taste. It’s also one of the oldest clear-cut tobacco brands in Norway. 

The smokers who started puffing their cigarettes as early as 1778 enjoyed this brand. With Tiedemann’s Red No. 3, you can get a taste of different components from various parts of the world. It comprises full leaves of ripe Virginia tobacco and dark fire-dried tobacco from multiple parts globally. The good news is that substitutes for the flavored one can be easily purchased and be shipped from Sweden.

Petterøes cigarettes

Petterøes is another common brand of cigarette that you can buy in Norway. It is a Norwegian type of cigarette founded by Halfdan Petterøe. After a decade of the launching of this brand, it became one of the largest tobacco companies in Norway. It was also one of the few newer tobacco foundations that managed to be successful. 

You can also find some other local brands such as prince mill-rød and paramount. 

The use of e-cigarettes in Norway

Digital advancement has indeed made us receive technology that we never knew could exist in the 16th century. Norway found another side to create a brand through e-cigarettes or also known as vapes. 

E-cigarettes are portable electronic appliances that operate on enriched oils that are evaporated. You just inhale the dried-up air to get their nicotine predicament. E-cigarettes are nowadays readily available, and you can buy them either from local physical shops or online.

know the rules about carrying e-cigarettes to Norway

Wondering about coming with vapes or oils the next time they visit Norway? Be careful as some rules apply and you need to adhere to them. It is also worth noting that in 2020 the Norwegian Directorate of Health implemented new policies related to e-cigarettes. Before this time, it was not allowed for anyone to manufacture, import and trade e-cigarettes or nicotine liquids in Norway. A frequent traveler and a smoker should at best keep updated with the latest guidelines related to smoking. 

Some things you should know include that e-cigarettes young adults, youths, pregnant adults ought not to smoke e cigarettes. If you’re not a smoker, e-cigarettes haven’t been invented to encourage you to start smoking now. It really targets to solve the iminent challenges with rolled cigarette smoking especially among chain smokers.

E-cigarettes are taunted as being beneficial to some people but also harmful to others. However, experts and scientists still invest in trying to learn whether e-cigarettes can successfully help adults give up smoking. Another necessary precaution is that if you have never smoked or used other tobacco products; do not start with e-cigarettes.