Gothenburg City

Gothenburg City

Gothenburg City is settled on Sweden’s west coast, and more than half a million people call the city proper home. It is the second largest city in the country, second only to Stockholm, yet it still maintains quite a bit of rustic charm. It was founded by King Gustav II Adolf in 1621.

Fun Facts about Gothenburg City

  • Many people call Gothenburg City “Little London”. This is because during the industrial boom in the 1800s, many Scottish and English businessmen moved to the area to start factories and manufacturing facilities. Even today, a great portion of the city has an English heritage.
  • 30% of all Swedish foreign trading passes through the Port of Gothenburg City.
  • Gothenburg is home to Europe’s largest shopping mall, called Nordstan. There are more than 180 shops and 150 offices on 320,000 square meters.
  • You can take a short tram ride away from the city center in order to view one of the world’s most breathtaking wilderness areas with more than a thousand inlets and islands.

Gothenburg’s Main Claim to Fame

Despite the fact that Gothenburg City is only about the quarter of the size of Stockholm, it is just as important to Sweden’s economy. Because of this, it is one of the most easily accessible “small” cities in all of Europe, with more than 100 non-stop flights and trains from 65 different destinations across Europe. In fact, people from all over Sweden travel to Gothenburg for its shopping scene because prices for goods and services are well below the European average. What’s more, tourism satisfaction in this city peaks at 6.7 out of 7, one of the highest in the entire region.

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

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If you want traditional Swedish cuisine kicked up several notches on the modern scale, you won’t want to miss out on Swedish Taste, which truly lives up to its name. Although the dishes here are quite traditional – including the loved herring – you will also find plenty of unique dishes like bleak roe and raw prawns alongside a halibut smoked in fennel. For a quick bite or a budget dining experience, the city center is home to numerous street vendors serving up everything from Swedish to American, French, Italian, Chinese, and even Mexican fare.

While you are in Gothenburg City, make sure that you spend at least a few hours at Liseberg. This amusement park is perfect for the whole family, but couples and adults will enjoy it, too. The Gothenburg Museum of Art is a real treat with its Nordic collection dating back to the 15th century, as well.  Or simply the Gothenburg City Museum is a real treat, showing the history of the museum in a new and exciting way. You might want to spend a day (or two) perusing Nordstrand, the largest shopping mall in Europe, or even visiting the Garden Society of Gothenburg City. This preserved 19th century park is a beautiful blast from the past.

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