Trondheim City

Trondheim City

Trondheim  city is about seven hours by train from the Norwegian capital of Oslo, and many guides actually recommend that you take the time out of your vacation to enjoy the ride. It is one of the most breathtaking train rides in Europe since it passes through some of Norway’s most interesting natural formations. Nonetheless, even if you bypass the train ride, there is plenty to love about Trondheim.

Fun Facts about Trondheim City

  • Trondheim city is the historic Viking capital of Norway. This means that much of the Viking activity – including trading – happened right here.
  • Nidaros Cathedral, located in the center of the city, is one of the biggest landmarks in the area. It was Northern Europe’s most popular pilgrimage site for Christians during the Middle Ages.
  • One thing you will notice about Norway right off is the hills. Because so many people travel by bicycle, traversing these hills is certainly a chore. Trondheim is home to the world’s first bicycle lift, and several still exist around the city today.
  • Trondheim is home to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is home to 30,000 students during the school year.

Trondheim’s Main Claim to Fame

Although Trondheim isn’t one of Norway’s most popular cities for tourism, it should be. The Kristiansten Fortress is probably the most popular tourist spot, and you can access it using the aforementioned bike lift. A fire devastated Trondheim city in 1681, prompting the construction of the fortress. In turn, Kristiansen Fortress protected Trondheim from invasion by Sweden in 1718 and again between 1940 and 1945, during the period of German occupation. However, today, the main reason to visit this fortress isn’t for its history – it’s for the view. From the top of the hill, you can see the entire city of Trondheim – and beyond – sprawled out before you.

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

For an experience you won’t forget, book a room at the massive Britannia Hotel that was constructed back in 1897. There are almost 250 individual rooms, and with its 4-star rating, you can rest assured that all of the luxuries you need will be provided. For those on a budget, Trondheim is home to a number of hostels, including the Nidaros Pilegrimsgård with basic amenities and free Wi-Fi access. The surroundings are beautiful and serene, which provides the perfect respite after a day of walking, hiking, or seeing the sights.

One of the best restaurants in the area is Credo Restaurant and Bistro (link in norwegian). The first floor boasts an upscale restaurant where there is no a la carte menu; the chef chooses the menu each day based on the freshest local ingredients available. Upstairs, you’ll find a bistro serving different wines and three-course meals in a more laid-back environment. For those on a budget, Café Løkka (link in norwegian) is a real treat. Here, you’ll find an antique atmosphere and plenty of food – both familiar and unique.

As far as attractions are concerned, you won’t want to miss out on the Ringve Museum, which caters to music lovers of all ages. The owner of the property collected hundreds of unique instruments from throughout the ages, all of which are on display. Pirbadet is an indoor water park that is amazing for family vacations, and the Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum gives you a chance to experience old-time Norwegian culture.

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