Tromsø City Walk

People settled in Tromsø, Norway some 9000 years ago, and since then it has grown into a rich hub for culture, food, and geological beauty. It is the northernmost city in the world that maintains a population greater than 50,000 people, and thanks to its student population, there are usually 75,000 people calling Tromsø home at any given time.

Harbour in Tromso
Harbour in Tromso

Fun Facts about Tromsø

  • Smack dab in the city center, you can find the most wooden houses anywhere in northern Norway. The oldest dates back to 1789.
  • The Arctic Cathedral (aptly named for the city’s location) is arguably the hottest tourist attraction in the city.
  • The city takes its name from the island of Tromsøya upon which it is built.
  • The mountain views in Tromsø are some of the most spectacular in the world, particularly when you view the snow-capped mountains reflected in the bright blue bays and oceans.
  • It doesn’t get dark in Tromsø from late April to mid-August, and it stays dark from the 18th of May until the 26th of July.
  • Thanks to its location in the middle of the aurora borealis zone, tourists and scientists alike gather here to study the northern lights.

Tromsø’s Main Claim to Fame

Despite the city’s modern development, active nightlife, and abundance of restuarants, the tourists come to climb mountains in the Midnight Sun. Many also come for the world-renowned fishing in the bays, fjords, and lakes, and some even enjoy the dog-sled trips. Tromsø also hosts many unique celebrations, and people from all over the world plan their annual vacations around them. The Tromsø International Film Festival and the Bukta Tromsø Open Air Festival are two of the most popular events in the city.

People at a mountain above Tromso (Tromsø)
People at a mountain above Tromso (Tromsø)

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

Because of its influential nature and the sheer number of people who travel to and from Tromsø, there are plenty of hotels from which you can choose. The Edge Clarion Hotel is always a great choice with fantastic reviews, and the views from the rooms are simply breathtaking. The Comfort Hotel Xpress is another fantastic choice with its concept design and budget-friendly rates. The location is perfect and makes walking to all of the major attractions a breeze, and with simple, small, yet clean rooms, you aren’t likely to find a better deal. Restaurants are also numerous throughout the area, including fine dining establishments like De 4 Roser with its complex but unique food choices and vast assortment of wines. It is one of the few fine dining establishments in the area that also serves up a gourmet breakfast. Budget diners might prefer Kaia Bar, particularly in the evening when they are ready to wind down with some value-priced pub food and a couple of local but delicious Norwegian beers. Late night lunch is what Kaia Bar does, and they do it well.

Couple with kayak at a beach in Troms
Couple with kayak at a beach in Troms

The Arctic Cathedral is a must-see while in Tromsø, but there is certainly even more to explore. For instance, you could check out the Polar Museum which highlights the early years of Arctic expeditions and research, or you could head over to Mack Brewery via a dog sled and enjoy one of 18 different types of beers. Tromsø is home to Norway’s oldest film house, the Verdensteatret, where you can find movies old and new in classic Scandinavian style. There’s also the Blå Rock Café, which is arguably the best club in town. Each evening has its own theme, and you can choose one or more of 50 different beers.






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