Malmo-Third Largest City in Sweden


Malmo (Malmö in Swedish) is the third largest city in Sweden and joins with nearby Copenhagen to form the Oresund (Øresund) Region, which is the most densely populated area of the Scandinavian region. Despite the large size of the city and the region surrounding it, Malmö is a very clean city with a lot of bicycle paths and open areas.

The city and the surrounding region are both home to terrific shopping prospects, breathtaking attractions, and many other great opportunities for tourists.

Oresund Bridge Malmo
Oresund Bridge Malmo

Oresund Bridge

 One of the most traveled but still incredibly breathtaking sites in Malmo is the Øresund Bridge. This five mile long bridge is a double-track railway and motorway bridge that crosses the strait between southern Sweden and Denmark. In order to traverse the strait, the bridge ends in the Drogden Tunnel, which is a two and a half mile long underwater tunnel that emerges in Denmark. The Oresund is the largest combined rail and road bridge in all of Europe and offers great sightseeing opportunities as well as an easy way to connect the different Scandinavian countries. Both the architecture and the surrounding natural views have drawn rave reviews from many tourists, with sunset being a particularly popular time to visit.

Malmo Skåne
Malmo Skåne

Technology and Maritime Museum

For people who have children and wish to combine some educational activities with their tourism, the Technology and Maritime Museum in Malmo is a great place to have it all. This museum has a great many sea-oriented attractions, including the opportunity to go into an old submarine. Kids will love the combination or exhibits and hands-on activities, and adults will have plenty they can marvel at as well. For those who want to split the day between multiple exhibits, the Technology and Maritime Museum happens to be right across the street from another terrific museum, the Stadsmuseum. These two sites can be visited separately or combined for a full day’s worth of fun and learning.

Gustav Adolf Park – Malmo


Also known as Willowpond Park, Pildammsparken is a scenic neighborhood and park that is more than 100 years old. The park is a large open area that covers about 45 hectares and has lots of open space for running and other outdoor activities. Anybody visiting this park for the first time can easily spend an hour or more exploring the area, and it is a popular place for picnics and outdoor get-togethers. There is a great deal of wildlife, including wild geese, that make their home in the park and are brave enough not to be frightened away by tourists who get close. The park’s location to nearby shopping centers also makes it a great way to relax after a fun day of shopping or in between excursions.

Malmo Skåne
Ribersborg Beach


Sweden is home to many different handcrafted wonders, and people who want to get the fullest shopping experience possible in the area should stop by the Stortorget neighborhood. Also known as The Big Square, this is a public square not far from Malmo that includes dozens of small shops and larger brand stores. The area also has lots of eateries, cafés, and other places where you can get some delicious local cuisine. Stortorget is visited by more than 10,000 tourists on an annual basis, and with good reason. If you want variety and interesting handcrafted goods, you can easily spend several hours to a full day seeing all the goods that this area has to offer.

Emporia Shopping Center

The Emporia Shopping Center is the largest mall in all of Scandinavia, boasting more than 200 different shops. It is located very conveniently between such areas as the Malmo Arena and the Hyllie Train Station. With so much variety, the shopping center has more than enough for everybody – including, surprisingly, the chance for some peace and quiet. Despite its mammoth size, the center has a “green” area where customers can enjoy some relaxation, complete with some birdsong to help soothe the nerves. In addition, there is a large outdoor roof area for people who want some fresh air. This is one of the top shopping centers not only in Malmo but in the rest of Scandinavia as well.

House of Fakse – Malmo


One of the most popular eateries in Malmo, Vollmers has a terrific lounge atmosphere and extremely high-quality food. The environment is designed to make sure that all attendees are happy and comfortable during their wait, and the food is presented in a manner that is both visually pleasing and extremely delicious. For those who want to try some fine wine, Vollmers offers a great selection at relatively reasonable prices. The prices at this restaurant are a little higher than at some competitors, but this is largely due to the fact that the food is at such a high level of quality. Whether you want a simple night out or a four course meal and a fine bottle of wine, this is one of the best dining experiences you can have.

Other Tourism Advice

Travelers who want to take a trip to Malmo will find themselves most satisfied if they enjoy cities more than the countryside. While there is a lot of beauty to be seen throughout the city and its surrounding region, the major attractions in the area are largely contained in large cities like Malmo and Copenhagen. Malmo makes a terrific base of operations during a Scandinavian getaway, since it has all the conveniences one would expect in a large city and the chance to travel to any number of other picturesque regions in Scandinavia. Those who would like to avoid the time-consuming travel across the Oresund Bridge can book a ferry to save time and money if they are more interested in getting where they are going very quickly.

Malmo is one of the most intriguing regions in Sweden because it serves so effectively as a hub to the rest of Scandinavia. With a rich sense of history, lots of shopping and dining opportunities, and the chance to view landmarks and scenery that can’t be found anywhere else, this is one of the most amazing cities you will see in your lifetime.
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