The Vigeland Park, Oslo

Oslo – Beta World City


The economic and political center of Norway, Oslo is ranked as a Beta World City, which means that it is one of the best places to visit and live in based on several quality of life indexes. It is the fastest growing major city in all of Europe and still attracts tourists from around the world due to its beautiful scenery, excellent getaways, and wonderful resources. From fine dining to scenic cruises, Oslo is an excellent place to explore one of the best regions in all of Norway.

Vigeland Park

Also known as Frogner Park because it is historically a part of Frogner Manor, this is a 450,000 square meter park that contains dozens of different sculptures and stone structures such as bridges and fountains. The park is a wide open space that contains a combination of nature and art exhibits for tourists to enjoy on a walk or guided journey through the area.

Vigeland Park is also home to the Oslo City Museum, where more than 1,000 paintings and thousands of other pieces of art lie. Vigeland Park is a great place for people who enjoy scenery and exercise, but it is especially marvelous for anybody who enjoys artistic wonders, as there is a larger collection of art here than almost anywhere else in the world.

The Opera house – Oslo

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

A unique structure that rises out of the sea, the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet is one of the centerpieces of culture and art in Norway. The architecture itself is very unique and stunning, and the opportunity to see performances inside is even more entertaining.

You don’t even need to worry about catching a performance if you don’t want to – you can tour the entire building for free, exploring the art, architecture, and history that helped to shape Oslo. Because the tours are free, this is an excellent place to visit as part of a larger day or as a way of saving some money in between more expensive excursions. You can also combine a tour with a chance to see an opera or ballet during the evening.

Bygdoy Oslo

Bygdoy Peninsula

Like so much of the Oslo area, the Bygdoy Peninsula is home to a number of museums – in this case, five in all. The peninsula has a lot of activity around it, with many residential areas and even some embassies thrown in. Ferries sail along the coastline constantly, providing you with lots of options for transportation.

In addition to the architecture, sites, and sea travel, Bygdoy Peninsula is also home to lots of parks, forests, and open spaces. For anybody who is a big fan of scenery, this area has a lot of terrific photo opportunities. Whether you enjoy travel on the water, outdoor activities, or just picture taking and sightseeing, Bygdoy Peninsula is an excellent place to visit for a day or more.

Sightseeing at Aker Brygge Oslo

Aker Brygge

A large storefront on one of Oslo’s waterfronts, Aker Brygge is essentially a fine shopping mall combined with a cultural center. The center can be found right on the Oslofjord, which is the site of a former ship-building yard. It is home to a number of carefully renovated buildings that combine both old and new architectural styles.

Once you get inside the area, you’ll find a mix of shops, restaurants, pubs, theaters, galleries, and much more. There is something for everybody and plenty to be purchased, ranging from souvenirs to fine food to basic amenities in case you run out of something during your stay. If you’re a fan of shopping, you should take at least one trip to Aker Brygge during your stay.

Karl Johans Street and The Palace – Oslo

Karl Johans Gate

Beginning near the Norwegian Royal Palace, Karl Johans Gate is one of the most bustling shopping districts in the city. The streets are broad, open, and designed to cater to pedestrian traffic, making it very popular among walkers and bikers alike. In terms of shops, the district has hundreds of different storefronts, including bookstores, restaurants, bars, street vendors, and shopping complexes.

There is very little in terms of goods and services that can’t be found in this district, and the open air and warm reception from shopkeepers makes it a favorite place for tourists. Even if you don’t plan to shop, there are plenty of sightseeing and people watching experiences to be had here.

Seafood at Solsiden Restaurant, Oslo

Hos Thea

For those who want a fine dining experience where the presentation of the food is just as important as the taste, Hos Thea is the restaurant choice for you. This is a quiet boutique-style diner that caters to those who want a pleasant atmosphere as well as a fine dining experience. Located only a short walk from the tram station, it is easy to access no matter where you are in the city.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have a wide range of different dining options to choose from, all presented in a manner that will make you legitimately want to take a picture of your food before eating it. The range of fine wines the restaurant offers can be used to complement a meal or cleanse the palate when you are done.

Ekebergparken – Oslo


If you are planning to take a trip to Oslo, you should definitely consider stopping at a few of the different museums scattered around the city. Take some time to figure out where your interests lie and make sure to combine the museums with other options. This will allow you, for example, to enjoy an art museum while also getting a bite to eat or some shopping in during the midday. Oslo is a massive city with a lot to explore, and you should consider either hiring a tour guide or, if you enjoy taking trips by water, renting a ferry to take you along the coastline.

When you take a trip to Oslo, you will quickly see why it is repeatedly ranked as one of the best places in the world to live. Visitors can get a lot out of the region, beginning with some of the locations listed here.
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