Work Sweden

Finding a Job in Sweden

Getting a job in Sweden is a very critical thing for you as a foreigner on a long term residence. With a job in Sweden, you will be able to get funds for meting your daily needs as well as get an opportunity to experience the nature and dynamics of …

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Malmø Expat Guide

Malmö Expat Guide

Malmö is one of the oldest cities  located South of Sweden which dates back to the 1200s. It was initially part of Denmark before eventually becoming officially demarcated as being a Swedish territory in 1658. Today, Malmö stands out as being the third largest city in Sweden with a connection …

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Trondheim Expat Guide

Trondheim can be loosely considered the home of the oldest religious civilisation in Norway. Having been founded in the year 997, Trondheim  has a long religious history evidenced by the towering Nidaros Cathedral. The Cathedral stands out not only in Norway but also the entire Scandinavia as the largest medieval …

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