Malmö Expat Guide

Malmö is one of the oldest cities  located South of Sweden which dates back to the 1200s. It was initially part of Denmark before eventually becoming officially demarcated as being a Swedish territory in 1658. Today, Malmö stands out as being the third largest city in Sweden with a connection to the Central Europe via the Øresund Bridge. The connector underwater bridge which connects Malmö and Copenhagen is a unique architectural structure to behold. In Malmö, you will have the chance to see some of the tallest architectural structures as well as medieval day public parks. Being a coastal city, there is much more to learn about the present day Malmö as well as its long history. The city provides a perfect blend of modernity and history in such an elating way. Being a coastal city, Malmö experiences onshore winds with warm summer and relatively temperate winters. 

Attractions in Malmø

There are various attractions in Malmö, some of which reflect the long history of Sweden. On such attraction is the Malmöhus Castle. It is the oldest renaissance castle. Historical records show that the oldest castle was originally build as a citadel in 1436 but got wreced by war after which it underwent reconstruction to its current state. The catsle stands as a grim yet informative feature in memory of the wars which ensued between the Swedes and Danes then. Cureently, the building which is an emblem of medieval Swedish hsitroy hosuses the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium aquarium. Another such historical building in Malmö include the City Hall. 

In Malmö you an also enjoy the ambience of Folkets Park  which is akin to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.  The Folkets Park  holds the record as the oldest public park in the world with spaces which can actually act as health spas and relaxation. You can also see the animals in the park and just get to blend with the beauty that nature provides.  The Stortorget square will also refresh reignite your sense of history and keep you connected to the happenings of the renaissance. In case you just want to have an easy day out, drinks and eating,Lilla Torg is the place for you. With retaurants, bars and cafés of all kids, Lilla Torg  is a location worth a visit in Malmø. 

Housing in Malmo

As an expat in Malmo, you need to consider several factors before deciding which housing option to settle for. For instance, you need to know the monthly rent, number of rooms, available indoor fittings, and proximity to the bus stops. Nonetheless, you should be confident that all houses in the city are approved by the municipality meaning that they are suitable for habitation. 

There are various housing companies that you can contact directly or via their websites, make application for a reservation of housing or get allocated a ready one provided that you have all the required documentation. Irrespective of the kind of house you want to find in Malmo, it is advisable that you broaden the search which will give you a complete overview of the offerings. With this information, you are unlikely to make quick choices which may turn out  less impressive. 

In case you have any contacts of friends, relatives or any other in Malmo, you can easily get reviews about neighbourhoods in the city. From this, you will have multiple informed choices to make which then increases the chances of getting your desired housing. Some of the housing websites to contact in Malmo include Qasa, Bostad Direkt,,, and The Swedish Student Accommodation Association. Something interesting with Malmo is that you can easily live in Denmark and work in the city or vice versa. 

Working in Malmo

Being a port city, Malmo has various maritime activities, tourist related jobs such as local tour guiding, part time jobs, food deliveries, professional jobs including IT developer, engineering, medicine, and dentistry. Ability to speak Swedish is an important factor which will increase your employability in Malmö’s, especially for the professional jobs and those that require regular interaction with the Swedes like restaurant jobs. Part time cleaning jobs or deliveries are often less demanding in language proficiency. Depending on the type of work you have landed in Malmo, you will be sure to get adequate living wage. The employers pay salaries which allow you to earn a descent giving. For instance, a service or cleaning job earns you a monthly salary of between  16,000 and 20,000 SEK monthly. The monthly salary typically raises based on your competency and demonstrated skills. 

Just like the rest of Sweden, it is important to keep job contacts since referrals are a great way to get a new job. Your C.V should always be updated and job applications tailored to meet the specific position you intend to apply for. While most of the jobs are often advertise, you can as well  cast your job search net wider by making unsolicited application to a company of your choosing. 

Some of the job websites that can help you includes;,,,,,,,,