Surviving as an Expat in Kristiansand

Kristiansand is located in the southern region occupied by five municipalities including Kristiansand, Venessla, Iveland, Lillesand and Birkenes. Just like most parts of Norway, the city is bright with enthusiastic and charming inhabitants, mostly of white descent. The city is widely known for its great tourism offers and attractive places that are excellent for family holidays. Being the largest city in the Southernmost part of Norway, Kristiansand is an embodiment of a history dating back to the 1641 when it was founded. When you visit Kristiansand zoo and Amusement park for the first time, you will be awed by the greatness of nature. The animals, the community and visiting tourists are all charming. Kristiansand is surrounded by water on the three sides thus making it almost an island city. With a population of approximately 112,000, Kristiansand is the 5th largest city in Norway . As a sunlight city, people often move there to enjoy the sunshine and warmth during summer. 

Traveling to and Around Kristiansand 

Kristiansand has access to various mobility systems which will ensure that you always reach your destination comfortably. The train, buss and air and air travel system are well linked to make sure that you never waste time along your journey. The most popular railway line linking Kristiansand to the other parts of Norway is the Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger  route. It is always possible for you to buy a valid travel ticket for the trains in Kristiansand at

Apart from the rail transport in Kristiansand, you can also enjoy your daily travels around the city by busses. The buses have daily schedules of departure and arrival from the rest of Norway as well as intracity travels. For a local travel ticket in Kristiansand, you can visit Remember, without a valid travel ticket, you will not be allowed to travel using any public means of transport. The ticket controllers will impose a hefty fine on you in case you are caught boarding a train or  bus without a ticket. In any case, it is advisable to desist from trying to free-ride on the public transport because the consequences when caught may just make your stay in Kristiansand less enjoyable. 

The Kristiansand Airport which lies only 17 Kms from the city also increases the accessibility by air. You can always be sure to get daily flights to Kristiansand. Some of the regular flights landing and talking off from the airport include Scandinavia Airlines (SAS), Widerøe and Norwegian Airlines. 

Kristiansand being a port city also has access to some of the best ferry services. It has the second largest port in Norway which has a regular and reliable water travel provided by the Color Line and  Fjord Line

Attractions in Kristiansand 

Apart from port activities, tourism is the largest economic activity in Kristiansand. This fact alone tells of how much attractions the sunlight city has to offer for anyone craving for the best adventure. Posebyen-the old town will thrill you with its large collection of wooden buildings which mirrors the great history of the country. As if this is not enough, a visit to The Aquarama.

The Aquarama is the biggest swimming pool in Southern Norway will not only give you a chance to mingle with families enjoying themselves but also  a picturesque view of Kristiansand beach and Christianholm’s Fortress.

Kristiansand Cannon Museum 

If you though you have had all the beauty and sounds of Kristiansand then the museum will prove you wrong. At the Kristiansand Cannon Museum, you will obviously surprise you. The second largest canon ever built in the world lies in the museum. This recast the memory of the Second world war in which Kristiansand played host to the Nazi belligerents. The few remaining fortresses around the city also harbours this tragic history of the city. 

Hiking in Christiansand  

If you are bored with just seeing nature and the other things that Kristiansand offers, you can go hiking in odderøya, Tømmerrenna in Vennesla which have some of the best hiking trails around. you will surely find the chance to flex your muscles are you hike down the trails and savour the great ambience of nature up there. 

Working in Kristiansand  

Just like working in any city in the Scandinavia, any employer in Kristiansand will first ask you for the legitimate documents that allow you to work in the country. It is not possible to go around the requirements of a work permit unless you get it from the Kristiansand Police Station immigration office . With the correct documents showing your eligibility to work in Kristiansand, the employer interested in your services must always serve you with an employment contract even if the employment is a temporary one. 

As an employee in Kristiansand, you start with at probation. A full employment requires that you work 40 hours per week. You are also eligible to get 21 days holiday annually.

Summer Jobs in Kristiansand

Summer is one of the seasons where you, as an expat is likely to find your job search easy. Most of the Summer jobs in Kristiansand do not necessarily require that you are able to speak Norwegian which make sit easier. Some of these Summer jobs which you can always seek as an expat include working as a bartender, tourist guide, hotel attendant, dishwashing and the entire hospitality industry which booms a this time.

Jobs in Oil companies

Norway is a oil rich country which makes it host some of the largest Oil companies including Statoil Hydro. The oil and gas industry in Norway is always seeking engineers and technicians in various fields of their operations. Some of these jobs are not so strict that you need to have proficiency in Norwegian language. To get jobs in the oil industry, please always check out  and 

Employers in Kristiansand 

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