Coming to Denmark Under the Au-pair Scheme

There are so many people out there longing to have an experience of Denmark, even if for a short period. There can be never a better way to satisfy curiosity about any destination than just visiting it. A chance to interact with the people, get a feel of the culture and then moving back home can be good enough.

In the best interest of Denmark, the authorities will not just admit and issue a Schengen visa to someone from abroad who does not prove what their trip will yield. For any trip, visit or stay in Denmark, one thing that a traveller must painstakingly convince the visa officers. They will be keen to see that getting that permit will have personal benefits to you or to the community. But a close look at things show that fewer people meet the set criteria for issuance of Schengen visa to Denmark.

Various schemes exist that someone abroad can use to come to Denmark including Positive List, seasonal work, education, fellowship, accompanying family, family reunification, research, cultural exchange and many more. But one scheme that has enabled so many young people from developing countries to move over to Denmark is the Au-pair. Some of those who use this scheme end up getting engaged with and marrying Danes, studying and even getting a longer stay in Denmark. No wonder this article is dedicated to it. 

Basics to know about the Au-Pair scheme

Have you ever wondered how you can travel to Denmark but live in one of the Danish homes? Worry no more since the Denmark government has some of the best programs where you get to live with a Danish family and get paid. This is made possible by having a program called the au pair scheme. You get to live there for a certain period of time and enjoy the benefits of the program. Let us look at the program in detail.

You can become an au pair in Denmark by applying for it. Through this scheme, one gets to live with the host family, learn their language and culture for help with childcare responsibilities. You also get accommodation, regular meals and pocket money for your personal expenses.

The purpose of the au pair is to improve language or other professional skills and also broaden other cultural horizons by being amore acquainted with Denmark.

How long can I stay in Denmark as an Au-pair?

As an Au-pair you can be granted a residence permit for two times in Denmark. In addition, the residence permit is also limited to a validity period of the au pair contract or to the day when the youngest child in the family attains 18 years of age. If you change your host family, you will not be granted 2 additional years. You are permitted to stay in Denmark for a period of 2 years as an au pair.

Conditions for living as an Au Pair in Denmark

You need to make sure to have the chance to improve your professional skills, language and cultural knowledge. The authorities must be convinced that you already have the necessary cultural and language foundation. This is a requirement for you to receive the full benefit of your stay in Denmark.

Below are the conditions that you and your host family must meet. They are an elaborate requirement that you are able to fully benefit from your au pair stay.

What conditions do you have to meet as an au pair to go to Denmark?

  • You must first contact the host family and make an agreement about being an au pair with them.
  • You must not be married or have any children.
  • The Danish family must sign a contract. The agreement between you and the Danish family must be set by a binding au pair. The agreement establishes the framework for your stay as an Au pair with the family.
  • The au pair needs to be able to speak Danish. Alternatively, they must be able to speak either Norwegian, English, German or Swedish.
  • Your stay in Denmark should be in accordance with the purpose of the scheme.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old and not above 30 years. This age limit is checked at the time of the submission of application.
  • If you are changing your host family and apply for a new residence permit, you are allowed to have turned 30 at the time of the submission of the application.

The conditions Set  for an Au pair host family 

Your Danish host family must have at least one adult and a child under the age of 18. Additionally, the host family must be registered at the same address.

  • The host family is only allowed to have one AU pair at a time. 
  • The host family must not have been mistreating the au pair scheme.
  • The Danish family has to finance your Danish lessons.
  • The host family must take insurances to cover you. These include insurance against personal injury outside work, insurance against industrial injuries. You also need an insurance covering transportation to your home country in the case of your death, serious illness or injury.

Other terms and conditions that Apply as an Au-pair

  • You and your host family must agree to the au pair contract. The contract is designed and made available by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.
  • You should assume a role as a member of the host family. This means that you should carry out chores related to the family’s daily housekeeping.
  • You are entitled to a minimum monthly allowance of DKK 4350. This stipend must be paid to you by your host family as well as free food and lodging.
  • You are entitled to your own bedroom in the family’s home during your entire stay as an au pair.
  • You must carry out daily chores for three to five hours per day for six days per week.

About your residence permit as an Au-pair in Denmark

  • You must be registered as a resident of your Danish host family’s address five day after arriving at their home.
  • The relationship between you and your host family is considered as that of an employer/employee. So, it is subject to the holidays and holiday pay as per Danish regulations.
  • Tax-you are subject to taxation as per the Danish taxation laws.
  • Family members-as an au pair you cannot bring your family members to Denmark.

Deciding to take the Au Pair route to Denmark can be a great success. However, be advised of the above conditions so as to enjoy the benefits of an au pair to the max.