Sneak peek of Brundby Hotel

After long periods of cold and rainy seasons, soon it will be Summer again. But even if not about summer, business executives, merry makers and adventure travelers make it to Denmark each day and there’s no better way to feel comfortable than checking into an exotic yet affordable Brundby Hotel. Of course the term affordability can be interpreted differently. But, in the hospitality industry, all one needs to do is compare the standards of hotel and services given. Any reasonable person will not only be taken aback by the excellent services given but by the attractive ambiance through and through.  

An exclusive guest experience of Brundby Hotel in Denmark

For anyone checking into a hotel for a single night or longer stays or even just to drink before leaving, experience matters a lot. You can easily walk into a top tier hotel but walk out disappointed by the kind of treatment the attendants give or nature of services. For a hotel like Brundby to keep attracting guests all year round, it has something to do with consistency in quality of services that endear many. 

Only beautiful memories and nostalgia from Brundby Hotel 

When you go to a place, all good experiences will remain a beautiful memory that you hold dear to your heart  for as long as you live. It is just the small things that we do, see, experience that often make us complete  if not extremely fulfilled. 

One of the best ways to actively create such exciting moments to behold would be checking into Brundy hotel. It doesn’t matter whether you visit the hotel as a solo guest or a pool of guests. The treatment guests receive at the hotel remains outstanding and highly personalised.

While in Denmark, you will realise that absolutely everything seems to be working well and unison to keep anyone who wants perfection to experience it. The Danish hospitality culture and hotel industry works with the best standards and professionals of high experience to ensure that guests get real value for money. As understandable as we can’t lack hotels that do not pay so much attention to ensure the best experience for their customer but such negligence backfires big time as low  check-ins significantly send them out of operation.

After a long day in the office from having staff meetings or conference meetings, you must surely retreat to your happy comfort for a long night or weekend rest. This is probably for you visiting Denmark on a short stay visa maybe to attend a conference, research, work, or even tour. You will have to identify a comfortable hotel to stay where quality will add value to your money of course. At this juncture, you can now picture the Brundy Hotel, Denmark.

The popular Bundby hotel- Danish Rockhotel

Situated in the village Brundby on Samsø, is the only known Danish rock hotel. Turid Guf Handevold Nielsen is a true inspiration that defines love for nature and the intrigue to nurture it for the longest time possible. Having discovered an abandoned hotel on Samso, her love for it was limitless for she already saw something that no one else could see. Now I for sure believe that your dream is yours alone and no one else can see it other than yourself.

This hotel should have for a long time been one of the finest hotels on this island but was completely left in shreds and was in a terrible state. But the saviour arrived very early and at dawn, she transformed the hotel to become the only rock hotel in Denmark. A lot of hard work in a span of 8 months yielded a cosy and homely atmosphere that would embrace your presence with great solace. 

Brundy hotel should be at the top of your list when trying to locate a place for your precise accommodation in Denmark. I cannot acknowledge that it is one of your very famous and huge hotels around Denmark but rather know of its spacious guest rooms filled with luxurious amenities. Your stay in a Brundy hotel is bound to be more comfortable however, there are no large common rooms for having meetings or festive gatherings.

Typical beds for guests checking in at Brundby Hotel in Samsø, Denmark

What Brundy Hotel has in Store for its curious guests

The staff around Brundby Rock Hotel are often presenting a service minded personality coupled with a high degree of love for what they do. Seems more like the owner has over time infused employees with great passion for perfect hospitality Your first time being here even just for a night is enough to have you come back to stay at Brundby Rock Hotel once again. 

The staff are exorbitantly friendly and will go to great extent to make you feel welcome. The services at Brundby Rock Hotel are equally top notch. The hotel prides itself with classic 16 theme-rooms equipped with 5 bathrooms in the hallways. But if these sorts of arrangements don’t sit well with you, you could help yourself by occupying the 3 garden rooms, or have one of the two new rooms that have private bathrooms. I bet most people would love it more private hence would opt for these two new rooms. 

Simple but classy

Brundby Rock Hotel is very accommodative for people who love just a simple life and quite away from the expensive and noisy capital. You can come and have the idyllic henhouse all to yourself and at the top floor there is a stairway leading you to a suite. The suite can accommodate about 2 to 6 persons, just enough to accommodate a full family or friends or even a group of colleagues. 

There is so much in store for you and a lot to choose from but all that matters is the ability to stay comfortable and satisfied. Just above the stage, there is also a very charming apartment “backstage” with its own kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. In addition, the apartment has itself a fireplace and a big terrasse giving a very beautiful view of the surrounding warm serene. 

Why not come and stay in the “Stable” which is a huge apartment again with its own kitchen, bathroom, but this time laced with a romantic bedroom and a big living room. Just 25 m from the hotel, you will also find the hotel’s brand-new luxury rooms.

About the Restaurant and Concerts at Brundby Rock Hotel

Moovit App will definitely help you get to Brundby Rock Hotel, Samso, Denmark with the help of step-by-step directions from your nearest public transit station. Even in your private car, Moovit will still get you here safely. After a long journey up here, depending on where you started from, branch by the Brundy Rock Hotel’s restaurant. Enjoy a sumptuous variety of Danish dishes made from fresh, local ingredients and herbs from the hotel’s own garden.

Guests at Brundy have time to sample different foods inspired by cuisine from across the world

The hotel kitchen has a priority for organic ingredients which well blends in with the Danish slow but sure inclination towards organic foods. You get to take some of the sweet soups around while holidaying in Denmark. Away from the meals, the concerts at Brundby Rock Hotel are one of a kind. Very intimate while at the same time famous and guarantees you some high degree of a unique experience.