Education mobility programs in the Nordics

No doubt, education by whatever name opens up greater opportunities to anyone who dares go the full hog and acquire the skills plus knowledge it brings. In Europe generally and in particular the Nordics, education has a central place in the society which explains the great investments made in providing necessary support. One outstanding thing about the Nordics regarding education is that no penny gets charged directly on students to acquire an education in public schools and universities. Instead, ambitious and forward-looking students benefit from so many opportunities in education mobility programs.

From Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and offshore territories like Iceland, the funding of education remains the role of governments which they so diligently perform. To also keep pace with internationalization and knowledge sharing the Nordics have generous education mobility programs that support students to study outside their initial university or even outside the home country, This arrangement can never be more amazing to say the least. 

Sheer commitment of the Nordics in advancing education and research

A quick check on various Nordic universities’ profiles will reveal to you the many distinguished scholars who’ve studied in them. In fact, some of the acclaimed policy and political experts we have around or in history trace their roots back to Nordic education institutions. So in case you’re still unsure or reluctant to apply for studies in the Nordics, Please feel encouraged and go right ahead for greatness lies ahead. 

With an economy that ranks as 11th largest globally and a dedicated workforce whose preoccupation is to deliver nothing but the best, Nordics have over time opened its borders to internationals to study. Previously the Nordics appeared so closed to internationals yearning to learn there due to teaching offered only in local languages but that that isn’t the case anymore.

In any case, a quick run through the prospectus of most Nordic universities will reveal to anyone interested that a couple of courses are actually taught in English. Although most of these courses are at masters level, we can all pose and big up the Nordics for embracing internationalisation of education. 

Learning is all fun in the Nordics

A signature mark for the Nordics is that at whatever level of education, fun and thrill never slip away. To spice up learning and make higher education fun-filled, the Nordic council and agencies have made it possible for students to study in different universities or countries and transfer the credits to where they initially enrolled. 

Diversity and inclusion in learning

The mobility programs remain an amazing way for infusion of diversity into the learning environment and enrich the perspectives of students. In  fact, mobility programs in the Nordics can be seen as a perfect way to facilitate effective integration and labour transfers across its borders. 

Admittedly, the Nordics has some of the most educated people in the world and do all it takes to remain at the top. Research, innovation, invention and development remain a key component of each Nordic university. Exchange programs across countries and universities help to really transfer the best of perspectives and push scholars off their comfort zones. 

Collaborative research and learning

Collaborative research and developments that mobility programs have created keep industries and business in the Nordics ahead of the rest. Should you get a chance to benefit from the available programs, it quickly hits that being part of an exchange isn’t only to lace your studies with fun, yes that’s partly it but the gist is to challenge you beyond..

If there’s one thing that keeps expats and immigrants in the Nordics for longer even if deep down they feel like leaving, its the nature of education. Your child, if ambitious enough and focused to be a real scholar, the Nordics provide just the perfect environment and facilities for actualization of this dream. 

No selling of education, its free as candy gifts in the Nordics

Across teh world, there;s hue and cry about how much quality of education has gone down amidst insensitive moves to commercialise education. In some countries, the role of universities as centres of research and development has long diminished. Students may just be sitting in class, get inundated with theory upon the other and then boom! its graduation time. This isn’t anything like the Nordics. Practical and experiential learning is what the Nordic Universities focus on giving its learners and you’ll feel it upon commencement of studies there. 

Across the Nordic states, education is free and mainly funded by the state. Even in higher education studies, no need for worrying about your tuition fees for it’s already catered for. All these revolve around the principle of same education opportunities being made available and accessible to all regardless of their background or class.

Support for university students in the Nordics

All higher education students have an entitlement to a certain degree of unconditional financial support, a major factor that has had most people from this region increasingly educated. Given the fact that Nordics is one the most equal regions in the world, gender equality is a key contributor to the region’s economic success. Many women are recording notable success on the educational ladder as a high number of women had completed at least a master’s degree by 2021.

The Nordic smart mobility and connectivity has a humongous contribution by ensuring that operational transition aims towards a sustainable future. There is in fact a huge benefit for the Nordics on  innovative mobility and connectivity solutions. Movement and connections between places and people within this region have greatly changed for the better. Now the Nordic region boasts of great actors working with smart connectivity and mobility for both the private and public sectors especially in education.

Educational Programs Across the Nordics for you

Once you enrol at a govern university of choice in the Nordics, its not a must that you earn all your credits from there. Instead, you can participate in any of the exchange programs. You then can transfer earned credits to your university of domicile. In this way, you get to learn from different environments, pick diverse perspectives, develop partnerships and contacts which broaden your horizons and career path upon graduation. 

1. Nordplus mobility program

In the Nordics, this is one of the largest support programmes by the Nordic Council of Ministers and has existed since 1988. The main agenda of this educational programme is to ensure a lifelong learning, mobility, and language connectivity in education. 

When you go for this education program in the Nordics, you will get to experience of sub-programs supporting numerous activities and projects. Every year, Nordplus supports thousands of mobile activities, development projects, and networks across all age groups. This will also be applicable to all players across the Nordic and Baltic regions. 

According to the terms of Nordplus, if you are a student or a pupil, you have the chance to participate in the exchange programmes from the mobile activities offered. The only necessity needed is to have your educational institution participate in any of the Nordplus projects with the other Nordic educational institutions. Even if you are from the Danish minority in Germany, you can also apply under the Nordplus funding through a special agreement with Denmark. 

2. The Nordic Master Programme

If you are looking for a programme based on research, high quality, and excellence, then this is the best programme for you. The Nordic Master Programme entails a series of a 2-year English language Master’s programme jointly offered by two or more educational institutions from two different Nordic states. Through this programme, you also have the opportunity to partake in your master’s education that will need you to live as you study across the Nordics.

3. Nordkurs program

If you are a working person or even a student studying for other courses and happen to be free mostly during summer, Nordkurs programme is suitable for you. It avails a set of summer courses at the university level mainly in languages, culture, and literature across the Nordics. The key courses are based on the ECTS credit bearing offered annually in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Icelandic with some years also offered in Greenlandic, Faroese, and Sami.

This basically means that if you are a student or even working in one Nordic country, you will have the chance to spend your entire 2-4 weeks of the summer holiday in another Nordic state studying. You may choose to learn about the culture, literature, or language of another Nordic country.

4. Nordsprak

This describes a network of the native Nordic language teacher associations for teachers of Nordic languages in the form of foreign languages. The courses here include culture, literature, and also didactic for both the secondary and primary teachers. 

What the Nordsprak programme does is to mainly offer the teachers of Nordic languages with journals, conferences, and courses that gives them an opportunity to update their knowledge. You may consider being more knowledgeable on the culture and literature of other Nordic states while at the same time improve on your teaching skills.

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