Hookup culture in Scandinavia

The dream of relocating to Scandinavia is one which so many bear but only a few really actualize. To set foot in Scandinavia means a lot to many. For some, Scandinavia means a land of great opportunities, excellence and prosperity while to others it’s a place one can explore curiosities while at the same time creating new realities. But it could as well be a chance for adventurous singles to explore the hookup culture in Scandinavia.

Of all the things that people always think loudly about on an impending trip to Scandinavia, love life, dating and romantic relationships never feature much. But the truth of the matter is that any single person entering Scandinavia could just be plunging self into an ocean of other adventurous single men and ladies willing to mingle. It is for this reason that learning a little about hookup culture and what it would mean to you as a newcomer in Scandinavia makes a lot of sense. Not so? No…lets get down to learning more.

Nothing out of the ordinary for Scandinavians about hookup culture 

Majority of Scandinavians come out as  always sharp-eyed when it comes to hooking up – their hookup culture is not as easy compared to the western culture. Just like any ordinary human, Scandinavians often wish for successful relationships after hookups.

However,so many may bear forth the fact thatScandinavians remain timid compared to for example Britons or Americans who literally express what they want whatever it takes. Unless cosy with you or tipsy, a Scandinavian man or lady may billy dally to really accept a real date or approach you even if they so deeply crush on you. 

All love and fun here, nothing freaking serious

This timidity and meekness which play out among the Scandinavians could explain their penchant for going the online dating route. Online dating helps them create a good atmosphere beforehand then they can easily open up for a one on one date later.  However, these dating apps are effective depending on the country an interested person is in because most Scandinavians do not prefer hooking up with a foreigner. 

Take a walk in the streets and try stopping a lady to have a chat with. You’ll see how embarrassing or hard it can be. Of course, nobody likes to be stopped by a stranger just to be asked for their contacts. 

Dating apps prove to be effective because one will not waste their time and money going for a blind date. You first bargain for what suits both parties before starting to invest money and emotions on the whole thing. Obviously, the people who want to be hooked up through the dating apps are good looking to impress the eyes of the heart searcher. 

Be bold, a little more daring and explore your romantic limits in Scandinavia

If you are a foreigner, don’t be disdainful of yourself because you will certainly not get a person to fall for you. The hookup culture in Scandinavia is pretty simple – be simple to court the ladies easily. Even though people assume that ladies love materialistic things, Denmark, Norway, Finland. and Swedish people are likely not to be enticed by that because they cringe at exaggeration. Rather, the time or attention you spare for your relationship matters. 

Walk around  with your partner-to-be, go for nature walks, ask them how their day was, be appreciative etc. However, this highly applies to the adventurous young people, probably less than 40 because as they age, the interest fades away and tends to be more reserved about themselves and their culture. 

Generally every person loves people who they can connect and bond with easily and sometimes going for a foreigner might not be an option. Even though love has no boundaries, some believe in maintaining their culture for the sake of peace and understanding your partner. That is why you will mostly find Scandinavians dating among themselves. However, this does not discourage foreigners from shooting their shot because they might be the next love or partner jackpot winner. But this cannot be possible without the dating apps loved by Norwegians, Finns, Danes, and Swedish.  

Join  the frenzy of parties and fun for surely your catch could be right there

Generally, young people love partying and have enough energy to look for the people their heart desires. Scandinavians party to reduce stress or for enjoyment and probably not to date. If you are looking for your potential partner in a club, then you may find her there or not. Maybe you will get one for sex but not for long term dating.

The club floor may also just provide an initial meetup opportunity from where conversations can be made serious and taken to other dating environments like hotels or nature. Not so many people in Scandinavians believe that a spark of real long term dating can be lit at a club but it does happen these days. Only be a little cautious to understand if the person you meet at a club is really interested in any serious relationship or only having some short lived fun.  

It may start off as a random hookup but then becomes full blown dating and even marriage

You might think that those who don’t give in to love proposals easily live in the past but the truth is that everyone just doesn’t want to appear easygoing or cheap as they call it. Even if already fallen head over heels, she will still play hard to get at least so you pull more strings.

While the western dating culture has a lot to do with the use of materialistic things and exaggerations to please or court a lady, the opposite is true in Scandinavian countries. Don’t you think this is caring for oneself and for your neighbour?

Owh, yes hit and run and one night stand also happens in Scandinavia

If planning for a hit and run – action preferred by joking men or playboys, then also think again. With that, you may well have to bet only on chances that could be you get a serious single guy or just meet some equally naughty person only out for enjoyment. Chances remain high that if you meet at a club and get a little naughty, he or she may just lay you and that’s it. No changing of contacts or making follow ups on one another.

But if you intend to start a serious relationship and still play around with small girls or ladies, they will spare no minute with you. The rules of the game are simple. Choose to settle or enjoy life first then get down on serious dating later. The Scandinavians once they decide to settle down, value loyalty. Should you happen to be the careless types and end up impregnating a Scandinavian lady on casual dating, she can abort it, keep it or look for you to take responsibility. But mostly those who open to such casual sex will always take care not to get into murky situations as that.

No pregnancy on one night stands

A lady or guy who agrees to a one night stand with you in Scandinavia will not get pregnant for you. There’s never something like accidental pregnancy from a one night stand with a stranger in Scandinavia. In the unlikely situation that a woman gets pregnant for you over hookup and one one night stands, be ready that the husband, if serious, will not accept to take that child in as his own. 

So, you must be responsible for it somehow or somewhat. But such cases of unplanned pregnancies rarely happen since everyone is very careful not to end up bringing an unplanned child. You know  life in these countries is very expensive and raising a child as a single parent might be very challenging, which makes women afraid of carrying a stranger’s child carelessly.