Exciting details about Malmö by bike

Scandinavia in general of which the country Sweden is part leads in promoting a healthy lifestyle alongside supporting reduction of fossil fuel use in transport. No wonder you will always see so many electric cars moving around plus people riding their scooters, skateboard, bicycles without giving a damn about what a newcomer may think of them. To the Swedes and Scandinavians, cycling a bike or using any non motorized means of transport counts as among the many little acts of championship towards greening the world. So this basis sets pace for a talk about Malmö by bike. 

Get the full experience of Malmö by bike

As you may guess, Malmö by bike simply means an avenue for promoting non-motorised transport in the city of Malmö. At the end of it, cyclists also end up in good physical shape and avoid plunging into the challenging chronic and cardiovascular illnesses. 

A little bit about Malmö

When mentioning Scandinavia regions and particularly the cities in Sweden, Malmo stands out as one of the best cities. The former capital of Sweden, Malmo, is pleasant with eye-catching features such as beautiful gardens, lovely old houses, a phenomenal arcade graced with coffee shops and shopping malls, fantastic block houses and attractive constructions. 

So many reasons can explain why you need to spend at least a three-day vacation touring this stunning city. You will have an incredible encounter in the shopping and leisure spots, the port city of Malmo, sandy beaches, and beautiful nature. 

Being the third-largest city in Sweden, Malmo is home to more than 700,000 residents making it to be contemplated as a gamma-level global city by World Cities Research Network and Globalization. 

Traversing the full length and breadth of Malmö needs a bike

Moving around in all these fantastic places in Malmo can be tedious, especially if you are walking around. Rather than owning a car and having insurance in Sweden, using bikes is another exciting transport you can use to move around Malmo. You do not need to worry about purchasing a bike, mainly if you are a traveler only visiting Malmo for a few days.

 Malmo by bike has got you covered as it hires bikes you can use to move around Malmo, even as an expat touring the place for some days. With the rental bikes, you can use them all year round. 

Rent a Malmö by bike and off you go

If you have an annual vacation in Malmo, you can buy a yearly ticket, and the same applies if you have a three-day trip where you get access for three days. One thing you will enjoy the most about bikes in Malmo is that most people here like cycling to explore the place. 

This is how Malmö by bike operates

Like many ways of applying for things like getting your transport tickets, getting a bike will require you to have specific details and to undergo steps to access one. Malmo by bike is a bike rental system in Malmo that can assist you in accessing a bike while in Malmo for easy movement in the city. You better be keen on these steps because they will assist you in renting bikes, which are cheaper means of transport around Malmo. 

1. Put your card on the column to have a bike

You first need to utilize your ID and PIN code from the Malmo by bike to begin the checkout of a bike. From the screen, you can read the embankment digit from where you hired the bike. The screen will show the nearest locations where you can access a bike if the station is empty.  

2. Evaluate the specific bike you’ve  chosen

The structure gives 2 minutes to help you evaluate how the bike functions effectively. If you are not content with the bike, you can return it to the stations and begin the checkout process to find another bike. Like the computer, this system is interesting as it can remember and not provide you with the same cycle you rejected. 

3. Start the cycling and there you go….Enjoy your trip

Malmo has already arranged for you to have a unique and memorable cycle. You will enjoy over 510km of cycle paths. The bike can be used one hour at a time. Before you exhaust your time, it will be paramount if you locate a bike station where you can return the bike. You will rent a bike again if you feel one hour is not enough for you to move around places. 

Returning the bike from Malmö by bike

You should ensure that the place you return the bike is powered and connected. Before you give out the cycle, search for a free spot with a green light. Then you put the bike pillars in the holes and wait for the light to stop shimmering and turn red. You should ensure the bike is correctly locked in place for security purposes. 

Place your card on the reader to lock the bike . To ensure your bike is docked correctly, use the user ID and PIN code you embedded when you first took the bike. The screen should indicate a message that the bike was safely returned. You can also contact customer service from 0770-78 24 24.

Subscriptions and prices for Malmö by bike

Depending on the duration that you will use the bike, the subscriptions and prices are different. This means that before you rent your bike, you should ensure that you have enough money to guarantee you to hike a bike for a few days or even a whole year.

Annual Subscription

365 days: 250 SEK

  • Bona fide 365 days from the time it is rented.
  • Subscribers automatically every year to limit turbulent interruptions.
  • Boundless 1-hour rides in a 365-day time.
  • You can also make loans using Malmo by bike card or PIN code.
  • Purchase a helmet for 75 SEK.

Short Term Subscription

24 hours: 80 SEK

72 hours: 165 SEK

  • Bona fide for 24 or 72 hours from the time it was hired.
  • Boundless 1-hour ride in a 24/72-hour time.
  • To make loans, you can use a PIN code.
  • You can access the website or chosen stations to rent or return the bike.  

Know your Rights when using Malmö by bike

Knowing your rights before renting a Malmö by bike is also important. You can take a bike and be charged heavily. This mostly happen to those not well conversant with the prices and subscriptions. Subscribing to Malmo by bike needs you to rent one rental bike for a limited time while in Malmo at any given time. 

You can rent the cycle as often as you need to move around the city during your subscription time. However, on every ground, you have the right to use the bike for the utmost 1 hour.